10″EPs / 12″EPs / LPs

Von useless, 2011/05/12 5:59 PM

>>> AGATHOCLES / KINGTERROR – split 10″EP  (useless) 7,50 Euro
Kingterror first release. Ex-members of SL-27, Vuur and Rubbish Heap blast out 8 tracks of stop and start hc not unlike Charles Bronson, Seein Red or Regret. Agathocles do what they are best at. Cult grindcore. Expect 8 NEW studio tracks with realy good quality. Check Releases Section for more info…

>>> AGGRENATION / NULLA OSTA – SPLIT LP (fucking kill) 9 EUR
AGGRENATION offer raw and very pissed-off D-Beat Crustcore from Gothenburg / Sweden, somewhere in between ANTI-CIMEX and WOLFPACK. NULLA OSA from croatia play Hardcore/Punk, driven by two extremely distorted bass-guitars, no six string guitar needed, another kick-ass band from the very active balkan Punk scene!

>>> AGUIRRE – “calvaire” LP (blinddate) 10 EUR
the french AGUIRRE offer doom riden sludge hardcre somewhere in between EYEHATEGOD and GRIEF – all executed in a real slow pace. Just massively loud, depressed and haunted. ltd to 500 vinyls, comes with a gatefold cover.

>>> ALPINIST – “lichtlaerm” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
“lichtlaerm” is crushing yet beautiful – heavy and atmospheric crust- and post-hardcore, bringing to mind the likes of FROM ASHES RISE, FALL OF EFRAFA, early ENFY etc.. They’re definitely an apocalyptic journey of sound.

>>> ANTI-CONTROL  “Picture Of…”   LP   (SWC)   8 EUR
great mixture of old school hardcore and crustcore. great anti-war, social aware attitude. good artwork with booklet, coloured vinyl. wow – i can’t name a band while listening to this – they are quit unique!

again some hard hiting tracks somewhere between orchid and uranus by the apoplexy… (by the way this band feat. members of the cheerleaders of the apocalypse…) on the other side the kinetic crash cooperation team up with some more rocking but also grinding screamo… great release with nice cotton-bag packaging…

>>> ARKTIKA – “heartwrencher” LP (narshardaa) 9 EUR
These five dudes from Cologne offer us two really looooooooooong songs (20 minutes) with some slower, really epic parts just to rock out faster and more energetic the very next second.You might could compare them to a mixture between bands like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Daturah and Neurosis, Envy, Fall of Efrafa. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Artktika sounds like a nuclear powered icebreaker. the record comes with a beautiful etching on the b-side and a downloadcode.

>>> ATKA / SHIMETSU – split LP (crucificados) 9 EUR
yeah – AKTA – is my favorite german grindcore band when it comes to technical skills. ATKA deliver 7 fantastic grind tracks – pure intensity assails the listener. The sheer level of invention is overwhelming appeals to fans of discordance axis, swarrrm or pig destroyer! SHIMETSU give 10 tracks of state of the art deathgrind. they play fast and more complex grindcore/metal that reminds on bands such as suffocation, gorguts, crowpath or pig destroyer. this lp comes in beautiful designed jackets with a nice glossy cover printing. limited to 500 copies. i like!

>>> ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN – “scumdogs of the forest” LP (RSR) 9 EUR
“scumdogs of the forest” is the platter of splatter from the pioneers of animalgrind! back from the rainforest they are ready to send the axeman packing and kick more human asses. this time you’ll get 22 awesome woodgrinding high speed tracks of old-school grindcore in the vein of NAPALM DEATH, REPULSION, TERRORIZER and bands alike, but with a treeload more of animal heart.

>>> BIZARRE X / GODSTOMPER – split LP (mssc / tvg) 8 EUR
they made it come true – two of the best drum ´n´ bass powerviolence bands teaming up to destroy everything – amazing guitarless fastcore brutality!!! 

>>> BLACK FRIGHTNER – “graves and monuments” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
black freighter’s sound is dirty, downtuned guitars, lots of feedback, brutal and aggressive vocals – you can hear influences from eye hate god to godflesh to coalesce and his hero is gone, a perfect mix of sludge / industrial / hardcore. comes with a nice gatefold cover.

>>> BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS aka B.SON – “s/t” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
B.SON (BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS) from the Mannheim area deserve on their 1st full-length 3 tracks (in about 45 min ) of massive doom inspired rock, mastered by James Plotkin (Old Lady Drivers, Khanate etc.). B.SON are pure doom, and take with them all of the familiar signifiers – down tuned bass, sludged out guitar lines, pounding drums, and a throat burned vocalist. Looking back to all their until now released records, it could be said that this is their most “rock” record until now. This is the long time sold out first press!

>>> BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS aka B.SON – “microbarome meetings” 2xLP (vendetta) 16 EUR
this time don’t expect any sludge or doom from my faves B.SON, it’s raw dark ambient-drone. B.SON take all their insanity and wrath one step further. more drone, less drums. more ambient and eerie soundscapes, less riffs. more noise and wretched emotion, less predictable songs. it is dark, mind blowing and at times hypnotizing. pressrun is 600 copies – one orange vinyl and one red vinyl, wonderfully packaged in a thick gatefold cover (even printed on the inside).

>>> BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS aka B.SON / CROWSKIN – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
split lp by two of germany’s best doom / drone / sludge bands around at the moment. both bands deliever 2 new songs of slow ultra heavy doom- and sludge-metal with obligatory vocals. all songs were mastered by james plotkin of khanate and old fame. great stuff!

>>> BLUE WATER BOY – “s/t” LP (dead end) 8 EUR

this one is a must have when it comes to intense mid-nineties emo… i have seen this bands so many times live and still love this record after so many years! i loved bands like indian summer and this was kind of a swiss counterpart…

>>> BRAINOIL – “s/t” LP (throne) 8,00 EUR

members of destroy, watch them die, lana dagales, etc. doing intense rocking sludge somewhere in between eyehategod and grief – great production, recorded at polymorph (tragedy, from ashes rise, neurosis…) & gatefold cover with great art… 

>>> BURN YOUR BRIDGES ” same ” LP ( Deep 6 ) 10 EUR

this two-piece collaboration between Chris Dodge of Slap A Ham/SPAZZ and Bob of Deep Six/LACK OF INTEREST offer us 23 fast and furious tracks with an angry spirit. Musically somewhat comparable to early D.R.I. or CONDEMNED TO DEATH on the one hand / INFEST,NO COMMENT or NEANDERTHAL on the other. Raw, aggressive, and angry hardcore.

>>> CARCASS – “demos 86/87″ LP (fanclub) 11 EUR
Limited on 600 copies! At last, the Carcass demos! Features the “Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment” Demo ’86 and “Symphonies Of Sickness” Demo ’87. A must have for any Carcass fan! Listenable / quite “good” soundquality – so get this release before it´s sold out!

>>> CHAINBREAKER – “hetzjagd im nichts” LP (vendetta) 9 EUR
after a demo, a 7″ and a split 7″ with monster, this lp offer 17 songs of aggressive hardcore – punk , comparable to heroes such as negative approach. beside their own songs we get a toxoplasma coversong a citizens arrest coversong. this record comes with a real amazing silkscreen cover. chainbreaker were members of Y, crude b.e. , crowskin…  this is pure, raging hardcore / punk, with absolute no metal or emo influences!

>>> COCHE BOMBA – “just another european bullshit” 10″EP (bad card/revolucion) 8 EUR

ultrafast-hectical grind/hc out of france. file under brilliant!!!

>>> COFFINS – “mortuary in darkness” 2xLP (kreation) 18 EUR
old-school Death / Doom Metal LIVES!! japan’s COFFINS have brought back the horrific sounds of this destructive form of metal with their crushing debut album “Mortuary in Darkness”! this is one of the most supremely heaviest albums ever, guaranteed to bring back memories of the classic best by pioneers AUTOPSY, HELLHAMMER, and WINTER! features morbidly wonderful cover artwork by death metal legend Chris Moyen (BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN, etc).

>>> COMADRE – “burn your bones” LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
regular pressing of comadres highly recomended 2nd longplayer.

>>> COMADRE – “burn your bones” LP with CD + DVD (adagio 830) 14 EUR
4th pressing and this is not only a repress of the COMADRE burn your bones LP. this record comes w/ a total new artwork and the gatefold cover holds a CD version of the LP and a DVD that has footage from most of their tours, including: U.S. Tour 2005, Japan Tour 2006, U.S. Tour 2006, Europe Tour 2007, U.S. Tour 2007, Mexico Tour 2008, Japan Tour 2008 and Europe Tour 2008. the LP / CD offer 10 songs that test COMADRE’s musical creativity while remaining loud, chant-filled, heart-felt, and punk as fuck. recommended for fans of Orchid, Usurp Synapse, PG.99, Reversal of Man, etc…

>>> COMADRE – “a wolf ticket” (adagio 830) 10 EUR
this is the first press / not the repress version- “a wolf ticket” contains 8 killer songs by COMADRE. with that record they found their own identity and continue to go their way in writing catchy pissed off hardcore tunes. b-side of the vinyl comes with an killer etching and all the artwork done by the band themself. recommended for fans of ORCHID, PG.99, REVERSAL OF MAN.

>>> CORRUPTED – “paso inferior” (vendetta) 12 EUR
japanese underground icons CORRUPTED create droning, sludgy, painfully slow doom-hardcore and ambient music along the same lines as bands like EARTH, BORIS etc.. this LP has just 1 song spanning over side a / b. side 1 has cookie monster vocals in unintelligible spanish from this japanese band. it is slow – it is monotonous, very listenable. side 2 shows droning ambient soundscape that is completely dissimilar to the crafted harmonies. this is not a vinyl press of the CD edition from 1997. CORRUPTED re-recorded and remixed this item in 2002 and released it on vinyl. vendetta records re-released this vinyl version in 2008. this LP comes with a black on black cover.

>>> CRAVING – “s/t” LP (diy) 8 EUR

this is cravings first / selfreleased lp from 1994. great math rock, post rock.

>>> CROM – “hot sumerian nights” LP (blinddate) 10 EUR
yep – this is the well known former power-violence band from Los Angeles. along DESPISE YOU, SPAZZ and all those other ’90s bands CROM was one of the most important genre-band back there. in 2008 CROM is back on vinyl with even more powerful doom, sludge and grinding metalsongs and yet again they prove their good sense of humour. this blind date records pressing is limited to 250 black vinyl copies.

>>> CROWSKIN / BLACK FREIGHTER – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
Split release by these two German downtempo/downtune monsters. CROWSKIN return rawer and uglier than ever with three painful slugde dirges over which the ferocious vocals by new singer Alexandra spit pure venom and sickness. Newcomers BLACK FREIGHTER combine the brutal complexity of COALESCE with the sheer slow heavyness of HIS HERO IS GONE and thus immure the listener with a massive wall of sound, causing feelings of isolation and vastness. Filling the void that the split up of PERTH EXPRESS and MEN IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT WEAPON left.

>>> CWILL – “nations” 10″EP (prawda) 8 EUR

just great – switzerlands cwill are back on track with a brandnew record, that rocks my hifi day for day since weeks – 8 brandnew tracks that combines their early recordings know for the anger it spreads and some more modern crust influences in the vein of from ashes rise… get this shit!!!

>>> DAITRO / SED NON SATIATA – split LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
this is the already sold-out european edition! whether you know or not, DAITRO and SED NON SATIATE are two of the most respected emo/screamo bands in france. DAITRO deliver their best tunes to date of emotive french hardcore – one the best bands today that see their band also as an instrument to deliver political statements and thoughts. on the flipside SED NON SATIATA surprised a lot with their new songs. they got much more melodic and interesting on this full-length. the tracks are more driven and powerful. if you like old classic french screamo-bands like FINGERPRINT you’ll love SED NON SATIATE as well. comes with nice screen-printed cover!

>>> DEAN DIRG – “four successive blast” LP  (prugelprinz) 10 EUR
these germans deliver 11 songs of sloppy punk influenced hardcore, most of which clock in at under a minute. the sound is somewhere between that of fellow REGULATIONS and stateside favorites TEAR IT UP, with nods to classic bands of yesteryear like DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG and especially CIRCLE JERKS, with a strong emphasis on catchy riffs combined with plentiful tempo changes and gang vocals. this record offer the songs from the out of print 10″, the “chimpanzee” 7″, the “whats new” 7″ and the split 7″s with HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE and BOMBENALARM

>>> DISARM / STOMACHAL CORROSION – split LP (no fashion hc) 8 EUR
great split record from brazil – DISARM offer – guess what – d-beat ridden crustcore, while S.C. do kind of punk/noisecore/grindcore and feat members of mighty SCUM NOISE. clear green vinyl.

>>> DISKONTROLL / CANCER SPREADING – split LP (grindblock) 8 EUR
Cancer Spreading coming from Italy and appearing on the third time on vinyl, presenting an obscure crustified stenchcore in the vein of Deviated Instinct, Axe Grinder, Hellbastard while they share this LP wax with the Sao Paulo’s d-beat chapter: Diskontroll. Political lyrics and hard passion for d-beat crust in the best Rattus/Masskontroll way, evolving into metallic riffs and real obscure sensations…

>>> EBOLA / JINN  - split LP (totenschiff) 8 EUR
The EBOLA / JINN split 12″ combines the last EBOLA recordings and the 1st JINN recordings. 24 tracks 12 from each band. each band with fast and furious CRUST / GRIND in good sound quality so it doesn´t lack brutality! a great start for JINN! Clear red vinyl.

>>> EILTANK – “stiller beobachter” LP (fucking kill) 9 EUR
cologne based EILTANK play a good mix of d-beat driven crust. bands like wolfbrigade or to what end come to mind – but yeah – theres some bolt thrower brutality, too. this LP is onesided and comes in coloured vinyl with a screenprint on side b – great shit!

>>> EMBALMING THEATRE – “sweet chainsaw melodies” LP (putrid filth conspiracy) 8,50 EUR
listen up you grinding maniacs – after a couple of split 7″s switzerlands grinders embalming theatre offer us their first lp and – hey – they don´t take any prisioners with this record… lyrical wise this record should be interesting for fans of impetigo or mortician – music wise i would call it a perfect mix of terrorizer, repulsion and early blood… 22 songs of wonderfully morbid grind with massive influences from death to mincecore – bizarre and macabre artwork grace this record…

>>> EMBALMING THEATRE – “exquisite cadaveric hormon cocktails” LP (power it up) 8,00 EUR
yeah – this swiss grindheads develop from record to record… this lp combines the recordings for the “hormones from the dead” mcd and the split cd with “tortured incident” on one vinyl record… harsh metal influenced grindcore that remind me a lot on traditional grindcore like righteous pigs, repulsion, defecation, carcass and so on – combined with a more modern nowadays metal sound… embalming theatre accomplish to mix brutal fast parts with catchy tunes, which is the point why I like these grinders so much… as always it comes with great artwork done by there vocalist…

>>> THE FALCON FIVE – “s/t” 12″EP (narshadaa) 8 EUR
WOAH! The boys from Wuerzburg with six fuckin’ amazing groovy post punk songs. Little weird and really melodic. Reminds me a little bit of LES SAVY FAV, but who the fuck cares ? Give it a try. Perfect record for the upcoming summer. Leckomio!

>>> FATZO – “s/t” 10″EP (revolution inside) 6,50 EUR
pretty nice emo w/ a xylophone intead a drum… ltd. 300/blue vinyl!

>>> FEAR MY THOUGHTS – “hell sweet hell” (silent stagnation/lifeforce) 8 EUR
With “hell sweet hell” FEAR MY THOUGHTS made the step to the major league of European melodic death-metal. Highly recommended to fans of SOILWORK, MASTODON anf THE HAUNTED. Straight from hell to metal heaven!!

>>> FETUS EATERS / BORSTELS RACHE – split LP (vulgar) 8 EUR
FETUS EATERS with 18 tracks of bizarre and obscure grindcore in the vein of bands like BAD ACID TRIP. They use harps,trumpets and other instruments and mix it with blasting hyper grind. Germany’s BORSTELS RACHE bring 8 tracks intense Punk / Grind. Pure energy tunes with excellent sound!!! 800 handnumbered copies in clear vinyl.

>>> FIRE TEAM CHARLIE – “s/t” 10″EP (adagio830) 10 EUR
the texas band FIRE TEAM CHARLIE have a very vintage sound reminiscent of 90′s melodic hardcore bands like Policy of Three, Inkwell, and Frail. great!

>>> FLUID TO GAS – “s/t” 10″EP (revolution inside) 8 EUR
yeah – cool emorock/hc from way back. a couple of years ago i read that in some fanzine – and yes thats true: “we love to call them FLUID TO GAZI, cuz they just sound like them!”

>>> FORA-DE-SI – “planeta terra s.a.” LP (rödel rec) 7,50 EUR
wow, a new release on rödel rec. – i´ve always thought this label dosn´t exist anymore… briliant, fast old school hardcore thrash from brasil – reminds me a lot on a mixture of old brasilian hardcore like olho seco and us hc like flag of democracy!!!!

>>> FORA-DE-SI / SKRACK – split LP (rödel) 8 EUR
again, great fucking fast old school hardcore from fds versus ultracrust from germans skrack.

>>> F.U.B.A.R. – “justification of criminal behaviour” LP (tvg) 8 EUR
23 new infernal tracks from hollands prime-grinders F.U.B.A.R. – heavy grind assault!

Sweden’s Carcass loving gore grind maniacs General Surgery make their comeback on this release. They drop seven tracks and about 20 minutes of raging death/grind full of sick vocal layering (growls, snarls, screams, you name it), churning guitars that definitely have that Swedish texture! The County Medical Examiners are back again with six tracks in 18 minutes. It’s no big surprise that their style also based heavy on the classic Carcass influences and over the top gargling vocals. The LP version of this split features a bonus track from General Surgery, a cover of the Xysma’s song “Foetal Mush”.

>>> GHOSTLIMB – “s/t” 12″EP (adagio 830/vendetta) 9 EUR
this one-sided etched 12″ comes with awesome silkscreen printed covers. GHOSTLIMB is the brainchild of GRAF ORLOCK’s main songwriter and riffmonger Justin Smith and these 11 songs make up their debut release. the songs are less grind than those of GRAF ORLOCK with more of a CATHARSIS, SWALLOWING SHIT, and HIS HERO IS GONE influence.

>>> GHOSTLIMB – “bearing and distance” LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
this is the 2nd installment by this powerful 3 piece from Los Angeles. GHOSTLIMB deliver 11 songs of powerful solid in-your-face hardcore with a melodic edge that reminds sometimes on BORN AGAINST and other early ’90s bands. they are fast and angry and they want kick ass. this record comes in a wonderful gatefold cover with an awesome layout by Adam Hunt and of course on colored viny.

>>> GLASSES – “s/t” (vendetta) 10 EUR
this is the first press with the original artwort – not the repress. what do you expect from a band consisting people of THE 244GL, TRAINWRECK, PERTH EXPRESS and THE F.A.? damn right – a monster of dark and brutal rocking hardcore-punk, razorsharp breaks, hyperprecise drumming and an angry female singer that you would not want to get an argument with. it’s 21min. of pure aggression on a one-sided LP with an etched b-side, coming in a very nice silkscreended foldout – diecut cover.

>>> GLASSES – “the ills of life” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
After their debut GLASSES deliver with “the ills of life” again the most pulverising, rock ‘n’ rolling hardcore that has ever been played in drop-c tuning. You’ll get 7 new killer songs by one of the best German hardcore bands at the moment. Those 7 songs are the heaviest shit they wrote so far and by the time the best ones they recorded.

>>> GODS & QUEENS – “debut” LP+CD combo (adagio 830) 12.50 EUR
here you gonna get super nice gatefold LP+CD combo of Gods and Queens’ debut, washes of reverb collide with echoes of shoegazer’s catchier moments, in other words: fast songs, slow songs, and one droning psychedelic blissfest.(translucent orange) Gods and Queens is a three-piece from Brooklyn/Philadelphia who tried in vain to blatantly steal riffs and song patterns from some of their favorite bands like Hoover, Lungfish, June of ’44 or Spaceman 3. Some have compared the band to depressed version of Fugazi, others to Quicksand without the stop-start timing.

>>> GODSTOMPER / DAYBREAK – split LP (at a loss) 9,00 EUR

godstomper is kicking out raw, two-man grind with just bass, vocals, and drums while daybreak won´t offer a let down by doing insane fast thrash with great screamed vocals… 

>>> GOLDEN GORILLA – “s/t” LP (prugelprinz) 8 EUR
this southern german outfit sound like a modern-day BLACK SABBATH version. what did you expect from a band named GOLDEN GORILLA? Features ex- and current members of DIAVOLO ROSSO, STACK, BASTARD KING, DEAD BEAT, F.I.T.P.T.T.D. etc.. Comes in thick 180gr vinyl and outstanding artwork. if you like sludgy and doomy stuff in the vein of FLOOR, BONGZILLA, NOOTHGRUSH or IRON MONKEY you should check this masterpiece!

>>> GRAF ORLOCK – “Destination Time Today” LP (adagio 830) 12 EUR
expect some siqq artwork that gonna blow your head off (thats why its a bit more pricey). Destination Time Today is the third installment of Graf Orlock’s chronology bending cinema-grind trilogy. GRAF ORLOCK brings you a ridiculous combination of brutality and creativity in this LP. This is a punishing, power-packed LP where the cover is actually gatefolg one with a die-cut! GRAF ORLOCK pushes the boundaries of the burgeoning ED-GEIN influenced metallic cinema-grind genre. The eyecatching packaging is beside the great outstanding modern grinding sound a shure winner, too!

>>> HAMMERHEAD – “cut the mellon” LP (per koro) 10 EUR
collection of all non LP material recorded by the infamous Hammerhead. includes their first two EPs, material from their split, compilation tracks and songs recorded before the band broke up and until now unreleased. without any doubt THE german hardcore/punk uberband! comes with gatefold-cover and 16 sided booklet.

>>> HALLOWED BUTCHERY – “funeral rites for the living” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
HALLOWED BUTCHERY is a one-man-project brings you bizarre soundscapes between ambient, folk, industrial, progressive rock and heavy doom-metal. Instead of the average doom repetitiveness, variety is the bottom line of this symphonic opus, ranging from soft melancholic acoustic passages to pure dark and slow funeral doom marches and weird synth fanfares. For fans of AHAB, EARTH, KHANATE.

>>> HALLOWED BUTCHERY / BATILLUS – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
BATILLUS consist of members of bands such as A STORM OF LIGHT and INSWARM. This band takes extreme doom to the extreme. The 3 installments by BATILLUS are epic and psychedelic doom inspired tracks, they have megaton weighted riffs, an almost ISIS and MINSK atmosphere in areas that is equal parts dense and melodic and a great variation of tempos. HALLOWED BUTCHERY is a solo prog-doom project. It’s NEUROSIS style slow and funereal sludge and doom riff assault complete with great bluesy riffs and solo bits thrown in that scream ’70s doom groove. Essential for fans of MINSK, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, NEUROSIS etc. A colossal and sophisticated dark and psychedelic/black/doom influenced masterpiece!

>>> HARAM – “drescher” LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
This is HARAM’s 2nd full-lengt and – well – this is one of the few indierock/post-punk records you will find here at useless-hq AND believe me, this is a killer-one! thre are only a few acts that can match the intensity and vibrancy of HARAM. HARAM is featuring members of MAJORITY RULE, PG.99 etc and remind on a reminiscent of DRIVE LIKE JEHU and SONIC YOUTH.

>>> HARSH / SHORT HATE TEMPER / QUILL – “3way” 10″EP (tvg) 10 EUR

all extreme, fastcore / grind. pink viny

>>> HATRED SURGE – “deconstruct” LP (rsr) 9 EUR
Texas grind- and power-violence masters HATRED SURGE cough up another heavy-hitting record 17 tracks deep with members of MAMMOTH GRINDER in tow. Trading off male and female vocals, they blaze at unrelenting speed, demonstrating blast-beat precision and guitar-shredding destruction.

>>> H.C. MINDS – “the beginning of the end” LP (blinddate) 10 EUR
H.C. MINDS from Oregon were started back in the early ’90s by Isamu (YOB) and Mikey (ALDEBARAN) and sporadically released a couple of records. Now H.C. MINDS are back with 5 of their slowest but not less apocalyptic doom songs. This vinyl LP is limited to a total of 380 copies. Get it now or never!

>>> HELLBORN MESSIAH / POST WAR DEPRESSION – split LP (fucking kill) 9 EUR
HELLBORN MESSIAH from Freiburg / Germany deliever raging political crust-hardcore / grindcore with raw and pissed vocals. POST WAR DEPRESSION on the flipside hail from Karlsruhe / Germany and play anarcho-punk. They combine intelligent lyrics with aggressive music, and their sound is peppered with male/female vocals.

>>> HIGHGATE – “shrines to the warhead” LP (vendetta) 11 EUR
the kenntucky trio play nasty sludge in the vein of BURNING WITCH, GRIEF, NOOTHGRUSH, WINTER or CORRUPTED. slow and droning music, hard hitting beats with a great groove! The LP is limited to 300 copies and handnumbered.

>>> INDIAN SUMMER – “hidden arithmetic” LP (adagio 830) 11 EUR
Do you remember the days when emo actually meant to be emo?! There has been a couple of bands like EVERGREEN, CONSTANTINE SANKATHI, ORDINATION OF AARON that gave you goose bumps while listening to them. One of them has been Indian Summer. Since all there old releases are kinda ebay gold and it seems like kids still care about their music and it’s great that robert / adagio 830 make all their songs available on vinyl again with this discography LP. All songs remastered for the first time on vinyl in a long time. Every record comes w/ inlays and a nice poster, printed w/ silver ink.

>>> INFEST – “demo 1987″ LP (fanclub) 11 EUR
INFEST was an influential American hardcore band, formed in 1986 and they disbanded in 1996. INFEST, while not coining the term power-violence, were beside NEGATIVE APPROACH and SIEGE pioneers of the  fast hardcore-style. This record contains their 25 song demo from 1987!

>>> INFEKCJA – “przegrani” LP (trujaca fala) 8 EUR
polish crust-core monsters with gut ripping sludge sound. super heavy, raw and raging punk core with great guitar melodies, angry screaming vocals and a bit scandinavian influence. for fans of bands like: Rattus, Hiatus, Amebix, Doom, Nausea, etc…

>>> INSUICIETY – “the cure for the truth (vendetta) 10 EUR
this multicultural berlin based band creates an ugly bastard of BLACK SABBATH metal, hardcore and sample-loaded atmospherical noise passages. Sheer heavy riffs, punishing drums and stomach-deep bass-humming over which a tortured female voice expresses both hate and desperation roll slowly, but unstoppable towards the overwhelmed listener. INSUICIETY are ready to take over the crown of heavy tribal punk – imagine “souls at zero”-era NEUROSIS meets DAMAD. Comes with superb foldout-cover.

>>> KEITZER – “As The World Burns” LP (7 degrees) 9 EUR
The third longplayer of this furious german Grindcore act. This band plays a deadly mixture of pure aggression, hardcore influenced guitar vibes and raging blastbeat fury. Doublebass driven moshparts and insanely fast blasts alternate with slower, gloomy melodic guitarlines. Think of a bastard of PHOBIA, NASUM, BOLT THROWER on speed and ACME, but still they play their very own style of  music. This LP’s hilarious artwork was painted again by the great NECROBOY.

>>> KERUM – “twilight of the apocalypse” LP (torture garden picture company) 9,00 EUR

hm, these Canadian grinders released a split 7″ with unholy grave on regurigated semen records a couple of years ago and I’ve thought they don´t exist anymore… so much better it is to hold this record in my hands, ´cause it’s realy a blasting one! fast forward hardcore mixed up with massive influences – can´t compare this band to any other – it’s realy outstanding fast grinding thrash… cool artwork with eyecancer producing neon colours + disgusting green/yellow puke coloured vinyl, haha… 

>>> KICK JONESES – “streets full of idiots” LP (flight 13) 8,00 EUR

cool german punkrock w/ some hc tunes. what the hell: published by schallmob/sony music.

>>> LEGION 666 / SICK TERROR – split LP (schizophrenic) 9 EUR
Brasil’s SICK TERROR are phenomenal brutal thrash. These songs pick up right where last year’s CD left off, and on their side we get covers of songs by ACAO DIRETA, NO FOR AN ANSWER and NUCLEAR DEATH, along with originals (14 songs in all). Canada’s LEGION666 are still metal – slow to fast and back again, total down tuned metal hardcore. Awesome stuff once again.

>>> LE KRAKEN – “exalt” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
french Canadian crushers LE KRAKEN with great apocalyptic doom and crust. expect musical madness somewhere in between from ahses rise and isis – great!

>>> LE SCRAWL – “eager to please” 10″EP (life is abuse / rsr) 9 EUR

well, that’s something you just need to hear for yourself – germany´s le scrawl shell out some interesting freak-out grind and manage to put their own unique stamp on it by fusing ska and jazz choruses – the 13 songs on this record are recorded in 2003 by harris johns (producer of sodom and kreator) and come along with a stronger metal influence in both songwriting and production than their previous releases… 

>>> MACHETAZO – “trono de huesos” LP (throne) 12 EUR
trono de huesos from spain’s infamous horror-grinders, MACHETAZO is the second full-length album! this one is long time sold out from the label – and this is propably your last chance to get your hands on this opus of horrifying old-school death grindcore. if your a fan of classic bands like REPULSION, TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH and MASSACRE you’ll love this record!

>>> MALIGNANT TUMOUR – “Dawn Of A New Age” LP (insane society) 8,00 EUR

ancompromising grind/mince core but now influenced by old scandinavian crustcore. 26 songs including Uncurbed cover and really good sound. cool artwork with embrased logo thick booklet… 

>>> MASSICK “s/t” 10″EP (hombre lobo) 7 EUR
massick are hard to describe – they nearly mix every style of punkrock to hardcore grindcore to garage to create the ultra hybrid & the best of it – everything is realy well and it all works perfectly… for fans of scrawl!

>>> MASTIC SCUM – “ephemeral cerebral butchery” 12″EP (rodel) 7 EUR
From 1993 (not a reissue), this 12″ EP was Mastic Scum’s first vinyl output. Harsh grind/death metal from Austria in the vein of Terrorizer and mid-period Napalm Death.

>>> MENEGUAR – “i was born at night” LP (narshardaa) 9 EUR
This is ex-SHERYL’s MAGNETIC AURA and BOOKS LIE. A harmoniousmelding of frantic energy and thoughtful composition; songs that beg to be heard, blared, and sung over endlessly. Incredibly eloquent and image-laden lyrics are delivered flawlessly atop both playful and soaring, driven melodies that quickly find a home in the mind and mouth of the unsuspecting listener. Great Indierock for fans of BUILT TO SPILL, THE VAN PELT and MODEST MOUSE!

>>> MESRINE/ DEPRESSION – split LP (power-it-up) 8 EUR
12 awesine grindcore tunes from meserine including a coverversion from depression and als 12 groovy grind tracks from depression including a mesrine and a turbonegro coverversion. get this ltd. lp now – this are the very last copies!

>>> MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY – “i just want it to be easy” LP (manufracture) 8 EUR
19 songs of whirlwind crazyness – MPA remain one of  most underrated bands from the ‘90s underground. they got a unique sound – somewhere in between hardcore / grindcore and free jazz! This now defunct canadian band feat Kev from the almighty NEOS, but don’t go expecting straight forward thrash. The excellent studio recording of this album shows off their prog-rock and metal influences, yet they take it much further than others of the same genre – MPA rock and – wow – MPA was probably the world’s only jazz-grind band with a clarinet player.

>>> MILLIONS OF THEM – “failures” LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
MILLIONS OF THEM from belgium play angry heavy hardcore that reminds me on all those end 90ies hardcore bands like BOTCH, meets NINE IRON SPITFIRE etc.. Brutal, heartfelt and dirty. Recorded at Fat Soundz, Mixed from Kurt Balou at God City and Mastered from Josh Bonati. This debut record (with people that played in AM I DEAD YET and REPLY) comebines noise, chaos, and unbridled anger in 10 songs. The record got mastered at Bonati is pressed on heavy vinyl and packed in 350gramm sleeves.

>>> MIND – “s/t” 12″EP (roedel) 6,50 EUR

this band impressed me a couple of years with there 5″ and 7″ releases and also this 12″ is a couple of years old – but it still shreds with it’s fast hardcore influenced grindcore – nice done gatefold cover… think it’s the last chance to get this record! 

>>> MINDFLAIR / SUPPOSITORY – split 10″EP (pw-prod.) 8 EUR

insane grooving grind vs. brutal death/grind from holland…

>>> MINDFLAIR – “green backery” LP (bones brigade) 9 EUR

15x brutal grooving grindcore from south germany – reminds me a lot on a mixture between righteous pigs and phobia… ltd. 500 coloured vinyl 

>>> MINION – “out of the carnage let me back in” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
members of mörser, carol and systral team up to sho the world that Bremen is still the home of the most brutal bands! this lp is produced by Goran Finberg ( the haunted, in flames, opeth… ) and has a – guess what – heavy Swedish death metal sound, mixed with the elements, Bremen is known for! so expect to get a mix of morser and late at the gates! the sound is violent, the voice is hateful and the riffs are keeping attention to the listener – there’s always something happeing, it’s like Nasum playing thrash!

>>> MINUTE MANIFESTO / URKO – Split LP (enslaved) 8,00 EUR

there were tons of good uk thrash/grind/hardcore bands i realy love to listen to – fore example suffer, hard to swallow, stalingrad and shank – and the two bands on this LP can be named just in the line of the before mentioned bands! this is absolutely raging hardcore – ultra fast crusty thrash with no comprpmise – very british… sadly it’s urko’s final release!

>>> MONDO GECKO / D9 – split LP (zas) 8 EUR
Two Israeli bands on here. D9 – a vegan, anti-zionist band that has taken their name from a Caterpillar bulldozer used to demolish Palestinian homes – plays powerviolence infested sludge (or the other way around), and Mondo Gecko rip it up with thrashing fastcore. These guys have been in a number of bands earlier, including Brutal Assault and Hummus Grinder.

>>> MÖRSER – “pure scum” LP (vendetta) 9 EUR
Do Mörser need an introduction? I don’t think so! Their first 2 full lengths 2 Hours To Doom and 10.000 Bad Guys Dead became cult albums and still rock today. In 2002 they released the mini cd Scum, the soundtrack for a comic with the same title. They were supposed to release another soundtrack for a comic called Pure but this release got postponed until it didn’t get released at all. This LP offer the songs of the Scum MCS as well as 5 new tracks. It’s heavy, mean, brutal and 100% metal and the two singers still grunt and scream like madmen. The new Pure songs have a better production than the old ones, which doesn’t make them sound less brutal.

>>> MÖRSER – “1st class suicide” LP (7 degrees) 9 EUR
bremens grinding death-metal powerhouse MÖRSER with a new LP! this album is the resurrection of what was called “bremer schule” in the late ’90s of the last millennium: a brutal bastard of groove, death-metal and grindcore making no compromises to alternate with instrumental parts and some painful dissonaces.

>>> MOUNT LOGAN – “s/t” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
hopeless and destructive doom / drone you’ve from wuerzburg band. 2 monumental songs, mastered by james plotkin ( khanate, phantomsmasher ). how to describe this unbelievable record? hm – mix the destructive atmosphere created by bands such as GRIEF with the monotonous elements used by EARTH ! they somehow remind of switchblade as well, but more brutal! there must be a fucking desert in wuerzburg. a desert where the sun never rises but the soil is cooking.

>>> NADJA – “clinging to the edge of the sky” LP (messer aka vendetta/adagio 830) 12 EUR
Limited to 400 black vinyl edition already sold out from the label. this record features one 16-minutes long epic track by this Canadian Ambient-Doom-Drone duo.’Clinging To The Edge Of The Sky’ sees Nadja taking a new (and unexpected) direction. it is not the Nadja most people are used to. it is a more scaled down, minimalistic and naked sound. there is almost a total lack of distortion, and it is not as heavy or noisy as most of their earlier releases. this song takes you on a sad and slow journey – it is hypnotic, it is soothing, it is Nadja! comes with a laser etched B-side.

>>> NADJA / OVO – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
Over the last few dogs days of summer 2008, Italy’s OvO and Canada’s Nadja, got together in their adoptive city of Berlin at Einstürzende Neubauten’s andereBaustelle Studio. With engineer Boris Wilsdorf at the board, each duo began two songs and had the other duo finish them, Bruno and Stefania adding heavy, pounding rhythms and harsh, eerie vocals to Aidan and Leah’s ambient textures and bass-heavy drones. With a final mastering by James Plotkin, this album sounds simultaneously harsh and lush, aggressive and warm.

>>> NASHGUL/ ANTIHERO – split LP (cooperaccion) 8 EUR
NASHGUL with 10 Grindattacks on these nice looking split LP, the flipside contains 18 tracks of infernal fastcore. Pretty good release.

>>> NECROPHILIACS – “primitive and uncultivated” 12″EP (roedel) 7 EUR

after a couple of years this classic german fastcore record is back on stock – it’s from the mid 90ies and one of the best european powerviolence records – ripping fast hardcore in the vein of infest / lack of interest… while the activities of the members nowadays bore me to death the music’s still great after all that years!

>>> NEUROOT – “macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht” LP (coalition) 10 EUR
this LP contains the original 1983 demo, remastered from the original tapes and packaged in a fancy gatefold with original artwork. NEUROOT existed roughly from 1981 to 1987, there’s not a lot known about them, the music speaks for itself: hard edge, rough, radical and very political. words associated with the band: trouble, riots, uproar and upheavel. they fought the law and disapeared…. this record is the 1st in a series of 3 LP re-releases that combine all NEUROOT’s studio recordings.

>>> NOISEAR – “pyroclastic annhiallation” LP (rsr) 9 EUR
NOISEAR is featuring current members of PHOBIA, KILL THE CLIENT and CEPHALIC CARNAGE! yeah you already mights guess it – this is blindingly fast grindcore! this record is their 3rd one and they deliever us 14 tracks along with a cover of HAIL OF RAGE’s “Priorities” – this is a amazing grind releases! the cover art is by jon santos (CATHETER, HIGH ON FIRE…)

>>> NYARI/JANE – split picture 10″EP (alveran) 7,50 EUR

cool artwork! n.: a bit like intergrity – j.: totall insane chaotic new school like converge! picture vinyl ltd and hand-# 666

>>> OMEGA MASSIF / MOUNT LOGAN – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
OMEGA MASSIF do their wellknown monumental heavy post-hardcore that lets the listener feel like watching an avalanche during the sunset in a lonely valley in the Alps. MOUNT LOGAN, the former SWITCHBLADE worshippers, surprise with their turn towards weird Albini-esque noise rock deconstructions, occasionally even with vocals added. This record comes with a printed (discobag) innersleeve and grey coloured vinyl.

>>> ORDINATION OF AARON – “discography” 2xLP + CD (adagio 830) 18 EUR
OOA were one of the leading bands ( together with indian summer , current , policy of three ) of the mid90′s emo sound. this discography is a double LP (A/B side comes on white vinyl & the C/D side on black vinyl w/ etching) and includes the LP, the 7″ and the split 7″ w/ INDIAN SUMMER – but NOT the acoustic 7″. All records come w/ nice booklets and an extra patch. one of the leading bands ( together with indian summer , current , policy of three ) of the mid90′s emo sound

>>> PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI – “de anarkistiske an(n)aler” LP (625/crucificados) 9 EUR
parlamentarisk sodomi is the perfect amalgamation of repulsion, napalm death, insect warfare, assück, and terrorizer! mind-blowing grindcore from scandanavia, you will not believe that this was put together by one person. ltd 500

>>> PERTH EXPRESS – “s/t” 10″EP (crucificados pelo sistema) 9 EUR

if talking about new d-beat hardcore bands coming from germany this is a band you have to hear… dark d-beat hardcore with some ripping metal influences – thing of a mixture between counterblast and tragedy and you can imagine how great this band is… recorded at kuschelrock (systral, mörser) and pressed on coloured vinyl!

>>> PERTH EXPRESS – “s/t” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
this one is not the regular edition – it seems to be a ltd. tour(?) edtion. it has a bronze screenprint on black paper cover. this songs a bit more tight and dirty straight in your face, than theri previous stuff. They added more dirty rock riffs and got a little bit away from the d-beat of their 10″ on Crucificados. Sometimes you can hear that the guitar players have an obession with pop doom – read catchy riffs en masse.

>>> PERTH EXPRESS – “harrowed and wealdstone” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
6 new songs and a monumental black heart procession cover song – If you like this new Doomriders/Lords stuff mixed up with some TRAGEDY and older MASTODON – this will burn your ears. Its BRUTAL and the sounds is just amazing! great artwork, too!

>>> PHOBIA – “grind your fucking head in” LP (roedel) 9,00 EUR
seventeen more tracks from Southern California’s grind masters, with an earache assault of brutal noise to back it up, Phobia doesn’t disappoint with this ragin’ assembly of power violence tracks and deep vocal growling. angry, political grindcore… nice done art + big poster…

>>> PLANKS – “s/t” LP (narshardaa) 9 EUR
dark and heavy apocalypstic hardcore which reminds of old classics like URANUS, HIS HERO IS GONE, COALESCE and modern bands like COLISEUM. Mastered by the amazing Jammes Plotkin. Comes with fullcolor and heavy cover and insert. First Press / Black Vinyl.

>>> PLANKS / TOMBS – split LP (prugelprinz) 12 EUR
TOMBS delivers 3 tracks of dark, black metal-influenced hardcore. Their experimental style of doom-metal borrows from both black-metal and hardcore, rocking brutally hard while appearing celestial and airy. Germany’s PLANKS serve up 3 heavy-duty tracks of down-tuned heaviness. Think HIS HERO IS GONE meets HIGH ON FIRE crossed with European bands like KNUT or BREACH.  This ltd. edition is a bit privy – but it comes with a extraordinary silk-screened cover.

>>> PLANKS – “the darkest of grays” LP (per koro) 11 EUR
“The darkest of grays” is PLANKS 2nd full-length. It features 12 songs that are pretty much different from their 1st self-titled record. Yet it is totally PLANKS. The band focused more on the dynamic aspekt in their music instead of sheer brutality. It’s somewhere in between mastidin, JOY DIVISION and DARK THRONE – harsh, melodic, dark tunes. LP comes with gatefold sleeve with reverse side printings, poster and black innersleeve.

>>> PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER / BIZARRE X – split LP  (useless) 9 EUR
bizarre x from germany with 11 violent drum’n’bass fastcore attacks. theis side is titled “my chucks in your face” – well not just in the face – this is a kick in the ass. plf from texas / usa with 11 tracks, too. full speed ahead oldschool grindcore with a little touch from old macabre. there’s a no security coverversion, too. this record is ltd to 600 copies and comes with yellow / red splattered vinyl.

The In Disgust side is 11 songs of violent HC grind and ghetto dislocation. Raw like the ugliness of real life, ID build it up and barrel through these tracks with a blasting, no bullshit pace, and a heaviness you expect from West Coast Powerviolence – ex members of UZI SUICIDE. On the flipside, PLF unleash track after track of relentless, thrashing grindcore. Tons of circle-pitting thrash metal parts and ultra tight stops punctuate the endless killing of this Gulf Coast Grind machine. Top notch recording, and cover art by Daniel Shaw (Insect Warfare, War Master).

>>> PRONE – “s/t” 10″EP (flowerviolence) 8 EUR
Three ex-member of Stack. Pretty chaotic, fast hardcore/grindcore/powerviolence… Fucking fast rad drumming great chaotic riffing, weird multible vocals. Great mix of stuff like Discordance Axis on the one hand and – guess what – Stack on the other.

>>> PROTESTANT – “judgements” LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
This lp deliver  9 songs of fas, dark and powerful hardcore. the music takes more than one turn with the occasional doom-laden riffs lurking around one corner and blastbeats around another. After a slew of releases over the last years, this is PROTESTANT throwing down the gauntlet and cutting the shit. Passionate sound influenced by bands like CATHARSIS, KYLESA, FROM ASHES RISE or RORSCHACH but still unique.

>>> PYGMY LUSH – “mount hope” LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
Pygmy Lush, whose members have cut their teeth in some of Northern Virginia’s most influential hardcore bands of the last decade including Pg.99, Majority Rule, Malady, City of Caterpillar and Crestfallen, return with their much anticipated second full-length, Mount Hope. Mount Hope was recorded at Godcity by Kurt Ballou. on this record PYGM LUS showcases their quiet personalitY. The songs feel haunted. Still filled to the brim with a sense of abandon, only here they have put down their angst for introspection, traded their aggression for a slow grit. Not bad for a bunch of punks. ltd. 500 copies / col. vinyl.

>>> REAGAN YOUTH – “s/t” LP (fanclub) 10 EUR
this is the classic REAGAN YOUTH Album! This release comes in the nice very big poster fold out cover like the original press! on side A you will finde the 7 original raw tracks, original mastered and in original order. on side B as a bonus the remastered and new ordered 10 song version. Some classic old REAGAN YOUTH songs for the most part played through a drug haze. Value for money!

>>> REGURGITATE / SURPOSSITY – split LP (badger) 9,00 EUR

brutal unstoppable fast gore influenced grindcore versus brutal death grind – comes along with in a gatefold cover – a must for every grind maniac… 

>>> RESURRECTIONISTS / BATTLE OF WOLF 359 – split 10″EP (7 degrees) 8 EUR
RESURRECTIONISTS are mixing chaotic grind/ powerviolence with brutal bremen style hardcore and elements of late 90′s screamoviolence . Sounds as if they were Discordance Axis’, Mörser’s and Orchid’s bastard child. Brutal as fuck!! BOW359 unleash another 3 songs full of atmospheric melodies, heavy mosh parts and dual vocal driven metallic emoviolence.

>>> RUPTURE – “lust and hate” LP (s.o.a.) 10 EUR
super fucking FAST ultracore punk from this over the top Aussie unit. 24 tracks of 500 mph blasting Hardcore raging through the immortal alcohol corroded voice of the legend Gus Chamber!!

>>> RUPTURE – “sex, drugs and” LP (hate ape) 9 EUR
nihilistic, dirty, brutal and fast material from the apes from land down under. don’t miss this masterpiece of the “Hate City” bourbon crew. better fasten your seat belts while listening carefully to this full on raging, unadulterated and just straightforward fast attack! ltd. 500 copies.

>>> SALOME – “s/t” LP (vendetta) 1st press gatefold cover 12 EUR
>>> SALOME – “s/t” LP (vendetta) 2nd press 10 EUR
massive, heavy doom / sludge metal somewhere between killing groovy riffing and the absolute lava viscosity of BURNING WITCH, hailing from virgina. SALOME take the obligatory SABBATH-influences in their riffing and transcend them into a monotonous, but no way lethargic monster that tends between pure hate and some hidden melancholy. think of 13 or SOURVEIN as references. unbelievable that it is only guitar and drums building this massive wall of sound and that it is an lady having this ugly voice from somewhere deep below. this shit is goddamn HEAVY!

>>> SANDOKHAN / KRUPSKAYA – split 12”EP (7 degrees) 9 EUR
clear vinyl – SANDOKHAN is two guys playing insanely fast Grindcore the old school way, feat members of almighty keitzer . Sometimes they slow down, playing some neat blastbeat, just to regain the highspeed again. And yet you get the impression of some melody (!) and recognition value within the 13 songs that they finish in 7 minutes! ROOOARR!!! KRUPSKAYA from the UK are already well-known in the Grindcore-scene and impress with a very unique style of extreme music. The riffing reaches from ultra fast shredding to noisy interludes with dissonant melodies that never lack of the right portion groove. Supported by a drummer who truly flips over himself and a voice screaming so intensely and fierce, KRUPSKAYA’s music stands out. One of the best and most innovative Grindcore-bands of our time. AMEN!

>>> SEE YOU IN HELL – “Umet se prodat” LP (insane society) 8,00 EUR

first SEE YOU IN HELL LP – 11 ripping songs. raw and angry hardcore/punk influenced by japanese hardcore school. guests appereances from MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS, GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE and SINUUM… czech hardcore fucking rules!

>>> SEE YOU IN HELL – “utok” LP (insane society) 9 EUR
this is the second LP (title appropriately translates to “Attack!”) of SYIH fast, raw, and powerful hardcore band from brno, czech republic. imagine classic Swedish style d-beat with the precision execution of DEATHSIDE and GAUZE. they show an amazing amount of restraint in not putting the guitar sound entirely up front and avoiding the whole “wall of sound” approach – meaning more like WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and less TRAGEDY! this lp comes in a thick gatefold cover. and yes – you also should pick up a copy of their split 7″EP with MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS i did cooperate on a few years ago…

>>> SHADOW OF THE TORTURER – “marching into chaos” LP (blinddate) 11 EUR
ultra doom. 5 songs of very slow, epic and thick music with freightening dual vocals. this album absolutely thrills and pushes you on the next rack to crush your mangy head. project with members of Aldebaran, Yob, H.C. Minds etc.. ltd 223 black vinyls!

>>> SHOKEI / KIDS EXPLODE – split LP (narshardaa) 10 EUR
KIDS EXPLODE come from Freiburg. they remind a little bit of bands like FUEL, CHALLENGER and early TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR. very energetic, melodic and full of fun and joy. SHOKEI are from würzburg. they are inspired by the likes of SHELLAC, UNWOUND and OFF MINOR. they’re just groovy, tight and amazing. oh and yes – shokei got mr. wehner have the drumer of fellow GEEZERS in their ranks!

>>> SINOLA – “s/t” LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
SINALOA deliver four new tunes in the vein of Native Nod / The Van Pelt – beautiful emo like it used to be. Those 4 songs are the most epic ones so far. Long driven emotive hardcore with reminiscent vocals. you will definitely get goose bumps while listening to that piece of vinyl. All records come with heavy card board covers and a sweet inlay. The B Side is etched.

>>> SMORGASBORD – “rythm through vaseline” 10″EP (lanugo) 7,00 EUR

you like shellac? so, you´ll love these norwayn rockers!!!

>>> SNIFFING GLUE – “i’m not alright” LP (barfight) 9 EUR
barfight is a PER KORO sublabel. SNIFFING GLUE have gotten popular for their tight and nimble approach to hardcore-punk. “i’m not alright” is another retro record that sounds fresh in the modern day sound scape – authentic, energetic, with lots of anger, and with speed by time. the 9 new tracks (plus one additional cover by a german punk-rock classic. “i’am not alright” is as good as any ’80s Reagan-era hardcore-punk record you’ve ever heard… think of CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG, etc..

>>> SOUND LIKE SHIT / HANGNAIL – split LP (tvg) 9 EUR
13 furious and manic, out of control and ultra raw fastcore cuts by japan’s Sound Like Shit. Hangnail on the flipside deliver 10 in your face power violence smasher from the us.

>>> SPLITTER / FUBAR – split LP (fast and furious) 8 EUR
Splitter with swedish grindcore at it’s finest. Eight new rounds of groovy chaotic tragedy grind for your pleasure. FUBAR – Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition! 12 new fast and furious grindcore songs with a crusty toutch!

>>> TAR FEATHERS/ HAPPINESS – split LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
Finally 5 new songs by Tar Feathers from Stockholm/ Sweden that remind on early Modest Mouse (when they have been writing good songs) and a lot of thise early 90s sub pop stuff. Happiness from Sweden are sharing not just members and the same city w/ Tar Feathers – they also share the passion for good pop songs. Those Happiness 6 songs remind me a lot on early Cure stuff or later Human League. The songs are strong and deep and just wanna let you dance. The record comes in a nice cover, a huge inlay and comes on pink vinyl!

>>> TEN VOLT SHOCK – “s/t” LP (x-mist) 9 EUR
14 driving noise-rock songs in the vein of UNWOUND, early DRIVE LIKE JEHU, and of course a bit similar sounding to KURT – since guitarist/singer Frank of KURT is as well a member of this band! this LP comes in DELUXE screenprinted fold-out cover!!!

>>> THE LAST MILE – “reflecting the ferocity of our thoughts” 10″EP (sabotage) 8 EUR
Raging, dark hardcore for the pissed off, left with a fragment of hope. “Reflecting the ferocity of our thoughts” delivers 8 politcal and emotionally loaded songs in the vain of HHIG, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise.

>>> THE NOW-DENIAL – “viva viva threatening” (prugelprinz) 9 EUR
this is the repress of the 2nd album from THE NOW-DENIAL wich was originally released on Scorched Earth Policy a couple of years ago. the record brings 12 harsh, pissed off hardcore songs. soundwise the production of this record is much better and more in-your-face than on the previous records.

this has it all: sludge, industrial, noise – but occasional haunting, almost melodic moments. inspired by the murders of robert william pickton this is a sick nightmarish lucio fulci soundtrack. rotten hopelessness and perdition dominate the album, adding blends of violent, grinding outbursts. lo-fi black metal aesthetic, but still produced healthy. ltd. edition of 316 black vinyls.

>>> THOU – “through the empires of eternal void” 12″EP (vendetta) 14 EUR
one of the best sludge – doom bands around these days cover four BLACK SABBATH songs… this one is be limited to 300 copies and was only available form the band or vendetta. i got the chance to pick up a few copies and since this record is sold out from the label – well – this my friend seems to be your last chance to get your fix!

>>> THOU / SALOME – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
vendetta did it again – two bands that simply had to come together on a split release on their urge to explore the depths of heavy sludge/doom. THOU ornament their noisy SABBATH worship with moments of quietness and melancholy that calms down the listener before dragging him down into the dark cellars of the mighty e-minor chord cathedral. SALOME concentrate more on the pure power of the repetitive guitar riff fundamented by earthquake drumming and topped by awesome hateful tormented vocals. Altogether a massive document of pain, despair and hate pressed onto vinyl.

>>> THOU / LEECH – split LP (vendetta) 10 EUR
Sludge/Doom Dementia vs. Black Metal Nihilism. You might know the sludgers THOU by now from one of their top-notch releases in the past – once again they bury the listener under a thick wall of downtuned heavyness, brutally, merciless and aggressive as reaction to the surrounding hostility. The Black Metal avantgardists LEECH evoke feelings of vastness, hopelessness and suicidal isolation with one atmospheric long track wandering from silent moments to raw frantic furiousness, turning high speed into ambient noise and deforming melancholy into depressing self-hatred.

>>> TODSCHICKER – “s/t” LP (wahnfried) 8 EUR
i already knew and liked their 7″ and split 7″s – but this lp was a surprise, the band realy made a big step forward. this is pissed, angry, fast forward but melodical anrcho crustpunk from germany at its best! comes with a gatefold cover. sadly this was their last record, since the band is now defunct.

>>> TRAINWRECK – “of concrete canyons and inner wastelands” (adagio 830) 10 EUR
yeah – 8 killer songs by one of the best german hardcore bands at the moment. this is the heaviest shit they wrote so far and by the time the best ones they recorded. TRAINWRECK rarely lets up their immense wall of noise, simply allowing it to swing from thrashy and blistering to plodding and doomy. recommended if you like stuff like BURIAL YEAR or COLISEUM.

>>> TUOMIOPÄIVÄN LAPSET – “discography” 2xLP (power it up) 16 EUR
the full Discography by these finnish legendary hardcorepung band, the double LP contains the ” POMMINPURKAJA 7″, RAUHAN AIKA 7″, the split 7″ with DISRUPT, EI KOSKAAN PERIKSI 7″, SAATANAN MURHAAJAT 7″, PAINUKKA VITTUUN 2×7″ and some unreleased compilation tracks, all together 59 tracks. comes in a noble gatefold sleeve with massive information / this is the first press edition – ltd to 500 black vinyl copies + 100 coloured vinyl copies and – huh – we managed to get some coloured vinyl for you, so be fast… 

>>> TRIGGER / RUN TIME ERROR – split LP (fucking kill) 9 EUR
TRIGGER plays of ultrafast  bass-driven (no guitars!) technical grindcore with a hint to trashy death-metal and harsh vocals which spit out the german lyrics. RUN TIME ERROR deliver thrash/hardcore –  13 fast and fabulous grinding hardcore attacks with gutteral dual vocals.

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE – “raw chaos” LP (fast and furious) 9 EUR
the title says it all. without any doubt, this demo from 2004 pressed now on vinyl does have the rawest sound you can think of. this one has a very good vibe and makes me think of 80′s underground demo’s. you get a few old and a few new songs recorded for this album. 15 tracks in total raging UG style grind!

>>> UNION OF SLEEP – “s/t” (per koro) 10 EUR
Heavy as fuck, these guys from Hagen/Germany love to worship SABBATH. UNION OF SLEEP blend metal and hardcore together, while throwing in some good old fashioned stoner/doom and of course a whole bunch of rock ‘n’ roll. This record contains 4 brandnew songs as well as 4 songs from their 1st demo (re-mastered). If you love relentless heavy music, dirty and loud – this full-length is for you! LP comes with 350gr thick inside-out cover, and inlay. For fans of SLEEP or DOOMRIDERS.

>>> UNION OF SLEEP – “death in the place of rebirth” LP (per koro) 10 EUR
After the 2009 self-titled debut, UNION OF SLEEP deliver their 2nd release “death in the place of rebirth”. Yet again they dish out uncomplicated, riff-based songs and solos which are obviously rooted in rock, but they come with a doom-metal, sludge and even a hardcore edge. Besides the essential sludgy, heavy riffs and fucked up atmosphere, you will discover a lot of subliminal grooves, too. Imagine THE MELVINS committing fornication with NEUROSIS and you’ll get a slight idea of what it’s about. LP comes with 350gr thick inside-out cover, and inlay.

>>> UNKIND – “mieliemme tuhkasta” LP (yellow dog) 9 EUR
amazing debut album of this furious dark crust’n'roll combo! a must for any fan of Scandinavian or TRAGEDY and FROM ASHES RISE-school hardcore!

>>> VERBAL RAZOR – “falling” LP (melmac) 7 EUR

2nd longplayer of this lake constance punk/hc band. members of verbal razor now play in CIVIL VICTIM.

>>> WHO CALLS SO LOUD – 2×10″EP w/ CD (adagio 830) 14 EUR
Who Calls So Loud from San Francisco are Matt & Dave from Funeral Diner and recruted two other friends for the new band. Who Calls so Loud kinda continues where Funeral Diner stopped. Those songs are epic, raw and melodic. On this double 10″ you will find 8 songs of epic emo if you are not scared of 8 minute long songs. Don’t be scared – cause those songs will hide in your ear with those tiny little melodies you will never forget. 50 minutes total – The record comes as a double 10″ on colored vinyl w/ a CD that contains the whole album.

>>> WOJCZECH – “Pulsus Letalis” LP (rsr) 9 EUR
This second full length length from Germany’s WOJCZECH. The album contains 12 tracks of high-speed manic chaos. Dissonant, monolithic walls of guitar on top of a tutorial in blast beats—monumental grind and metal with a crusty edge!

>>> WORMROT – “abuse” (TVG) 9 EUR
ultra brutal and harsh grindcore from singapore. WORMROT are one guitarist, a drummer, and a vocalist. if you like grindcore in the vein of KILL THE CLIENT, PHOBIA, and MAGRUNDERGRIND – this is a must have for you. after releasing this lp on tvg records they sign to earache and so theres a earache version of this record, too.

>>> WRECK OF THE HESPERUS – “sunken treshold” LP (streaks) 12 EUR
this record comes in a thick 350g cardboard gatefold. autopsy-esk, filthy and gloomy Doom/Sludge with a weaving drum work – mental funeral doom from dublin. the album has 3 songs, quite long and deadly built under a gloomy environment. this one is a crusher, highly recommended to fans of crusty, gnarly doom filth like Khanate, Moonshine, Grief, Noothgrush, Corrupted, Fleshpress, Eyehategod, Moss, and Graves At Sea. limited to 398 black vinyl copies.

>>> YACØPSAE – “tanz. grosny. tanz…” LP (useless) 9,00 Euro
fastest hardcore/punk of the universe – ltd. 500 grey marbled vinyl. check releases section for more info…

>>> ZANN – “3 years in the desert” (vendetta) 10 EUR
“3 years in the desert” is a 6 song full-length by this german heavyhitting hardcore band! metallic (in a positive and passionate way, not the testosterone-packed sterile stuff) screamo-hardcore. if you dig ACRID, URANUS, NEIL PERRY or the early “bremer school”, you’ll love this band. comes with a thick booklet with liner notes and pictures.

>>> ZANN / BURIAL YEAR – split LP (adagio 830) 10 EUR
BURIAL YEAR from san francisco offer their final recordings including a nice UNBROKEN cover song. BURIAL YEAR play once again metallic brutal hardcore like the did on their previous full-length. these final recordings kill everything. ZANN have one new pretty long tune and and a CHOKEHOLD cover to offer. you know they got stoked in the mid ’90s hardcore. this record comes with a nice gatefold cover with awesome artwork by adam hunt.

you gonna get 4 new songs by GHOSTLIMB, 2 new songs by ZANN, 2 new songs by TRAINWRECK and 2 new songs by PERTH EXPRESS. packed in an innovative 4-way fold-out cover; pretty amazing use of spot gloss throughout. great design, great bands, and a great label. take it or leave it!

>>> ZEROID – “2004″ LP (per koro) 9 EUR
8 depressive, dark and brutal tracks of their own! this record was produced by dirk kusche (kuschelrock fame). all over the record ZEROID created a dark and devastating mood with a crushing wall of sound as well as short melodic pieces that are over and over again interrupted by their shattering darkness of cutting guitar riffs and punishing drums and stomping bass lines. ZEROID could be called the pissed version of NEUROSIS, URANUS or the darker version of ACME.

>>> ZODIAC – “rasierter affe” 10″EP (7 degrees) 8 EUR
5 Tracks of intense raging Hardcore from Bremen/ Germoney! A furious bastard of 90’s Bremen HC and early 90’s US-HC ala Rorschach, Uranus etc. and a healthy dose of Metal in a timeless modern outfit. Dark and heavy! Great German lyrics about us – the shaved ape! Comes with a 12-pages booklet!

>>>  V/A “AMNESIA” LP (ebullition) 8,00 EUR

3 studies for a crucifixion, in/humanity, ordination of aaron, failure face, car vs. driver + 7more

>>> V/A “A fucking tribute to Slap-A-Ham” – comp. LP (fucking kill) 9 Euro
this record is featuring 2 exclusive SCHMAND songs! beside schmand you will find 17 of todays important bands out of the german diy fastcore / grindcore / hardcorepunk – scene… altogether this is a 18 bands / 48 songs compilation – some of my faves are: YACOPSAE, CYNESS, CIVIL VICTIM, BIZARRE X, NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, CROWSKIN, TRIGGER and CORROSIVE. this record is limited to 450 copies / white and red splattered vinyl and already sold out from FUCKING KILL RECORDS.

>>> V/A – “Gromiera & Paprika” comp. LP (fucking kill) 9 EUR
Fucking great 4-way split LP with: NULLA OSTA (Croatia/ Hardcore/Punk) CORROSIVE (Germany/power-violence), NAKOT (Serbia/crust as fuck) and MURDER DISCO X (Germany/fast Hardcore/Punk). The record comes in a very nice gatefold cover.

>>> V/A “Maximum subjectivityY” – comp. LP (flowerviolence) 8 EUR

fear is the path to the dark side / demon system 13 / stagnations end / amen 81 / diavollo rosso / man vs humanity and more … 

>>> V/A “Wear your smell” – comp. LP (diy) 12 EUR
long time sold out record. feat. hammerhead, stalker, active minds, sarcasm, ebola, dystopia, drop dead, hiatus, sm-70, state of fear and some others…

>>> V/A – “Wohlstandsneurose” comp. LP (harmony) 7 EUR

recharge, dunkle tage, dekadenz, porch, peace of mind, contempt, wishmopper + 11more

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