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>>> ABSIDIA – “written in the minor key” CD (per koro) 9,00 EUR

this is 100% metal – think of swedish death-metal like carnage or dismember ad some hc driven mosh parts and you got absidia!!! one of my favorite south-geman bands…

>>> ABSIDIA / SIX REASONS TO KILL – split CD (per koro / bastardized) 9,00 EUR
again 100% black / death-metal influenced hardcore from both of this two german bands… if you are into metal and would like to have your music with some good, political lyrics – this would be the perfect deal… also a real eyecatching artwork!!!

>>> AGATHOCLES / UNHOLY GRAVE – split CD (bloodbath records) 9,00
AG cover UNHOLY GRAVE and U.G. do the same with AG sonx/great artwork

>>> APOX – “prevalence” CD (feardoom) 8,00 EUR

great atmospheric, slow-mo somewhere in between counterblast, dystopia and amebix!!!

>>> ARMA ANGELUS – “the grave end of the shovel” (let it burn) 8,00

racetraitor staff took over where damnation ad left off as far as writing really heavy, dark hardcore with depressing lyrics, but added their own unique style to it.

>>> ATKA – “demo” CD-R (diy) 4 EUR
well – no big words needed! this is my favorite german technical grindcore band with their first ever recordings. great greater atka!

>>> ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE – “s/t” CD (bloodlink) 9,00 EUR

this is the first full length of the amazing atom… sequencer dark-humour pop-punk!!! great!!!

>>> BAD INFLUENCE – “new age witch hunt” CD (skuld) 6,00 EUR

bombastic, atmospheric, crust hc from belgium…

>>> BIRDFLESH / CATHETER – split CD (civilisation) 9,00

total grindcore slaughter – CATHETER offer 6 sonx including a CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover and the swedish BIRDFLESH impress again with their unique quit funny grind style

>>> BIZARRE X / IRRITATE – split CD (life on the edge) 8,00 EUR

the live CD from tour in 2001, Malaysia Import

>>> BLINDSPOT A.D. – “Knowledge vs. Fear” (per koro) CD 9,00 EUR says: Finally the first album by this southern Germany band (…) they definitely developed their sound to something unique in these days because they add several hardcore and metal elements to form a blistering mayhem. Their sound ranges from old school sounding passages to death metal parts, grindcore madness and rare screamo sounds, they combine a lot different styles to one all overrunning thick sound! (…) mostly they thrash through their songs with neverending aggression and the singer is screaming at the top of his lungs. The lyrics of him are very critical and in German and English! (…) The layout was done by André Liegl and is like the music awesome as well and it’s the perfect packaging for this sound. I hope this band gets more attention in the future and with that album they’ll do for sure because they are one of the best German Hardcore bands and hopelessly underrated. Buy or Die!

>>> BROTHER´S JUSTICE – “total automation” MCD (prawda) 6,00 EUR

it´s incredible how many good records come out of south germany in the last few month´s… brother´s justice play rough and hard metalcore in the vein of arkangel an liar or stuff like that, without being so embarrassing like those… this one is full of pure hate, can´t belive such a great hardcore band is out of our area…

>>> CHAINS IN THE SHED – “s/t” CD (siloh) 9,00 EUR

cis is a solo projekt by nathan limbaugh, who was the drummer for karma to burn… this is really calmed down, slow rock music songwriter touch, all mixed with a sound that is somewhere between seventies music and desert/stoner-sounds, somewhere between energy and meditation… i like it a lot!

>>> COREY – “sacroniente” CD (heroine) 9,00 EUR

modern grindcore from italy with death metal and hardcore influnces – filled with hate and anger … this one is a perfect mix of bremen hc stuff like systral or acme mixed with relapse hc/grind like uphill battle and stuff… cool!

>>> CRAVING – “versus all” CD (blu noise) 9,00 EUR

southgerman hc band in the vein of these chicago-noise bands like shellac, big´n…

>>> CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION – “child as audience” CD/Book ((r)tmark) 5,00 EUR

co-operative release between political grindsters rreation is crucifixion, critical art foundation and the carbon defnese league. beautiful box with a cd/cd-rom and a huge perfect bound book. the book examines the reverse engineering of the nintendo gameboy and the concept of child as consumer. translated into french, dutch and german, as well as english. the cd contains 3 new tracks from creation is crucifixion, blazing super technical metal grind a la discordance axis, as well as 4 ambient tracks with voiceovers relating to the ‘child as audience’ concept by the critical art ensemble. the cd-rom portion contains development software by the carbon defense league. we offer this one as a cheapo in fact that all of the copies we received had a little damage on the box, but are still ok…

>>> CWILL – “nations” CD (prawda) 8,00 EUR

just great – switzerlands cwill are back on track with a brandnew record, that rocks my hifi day for day since weeks – 8 brandnew tracks that combines their early recordings know for the anger it spreads and some more modern crust influences in the vein of from ashes rise… get this shit!!!

>>> EVIL – “XII-XX” CD (malcontent) 8,00 EUR

Members of INFEKCJA and SELFHATE team up for this project. EVIL are from Poland and play a harsh combination of Death Metal and Crust with the intensity and power of such like BOLT THROWER at their “Realm of Chaos” aera…

>>> FACES OF DEATH – “s/t” CD (ecocentric) 8,00 EUR

deathgrind – sounds like with meat shits without this stupid porno image, m.s. are known for…

>>> FEAR MY THOUGHTS – “sapere aude” MCD (dioxin city prod.) 6,00 EUR

back in stock – first cd by my favorite german metalcore band – if you are into chaotic hardcore with a deep metal touch – this one will fit… fans of shai hulud, converge, old cave in and metal tunes like at the gates or anathema should not miss this…

>>> FROM THE ASHES – “mind vortex” (acoustic trauma) 7,00 EUR

FROM THE ASHES (not to be confused with FROM ASHES RISE) has forged one of the best extreme albums to mangle my eardrums in a long time. This is grind deeply influenced by hardcore thrash. Reminiscent in all the right ways of NASUM. great band. members now play in SLAKTRENS – check their USELESS REC. 7″EP!!!

>>> GEEZERS – “demo” 3″CD-R (diy) 4 EUR
yeah i found some of this demo at my catacombs called store-room. great straight forward / driving bulldozer wall of sound. hard hitting hardcore always underlined by catchy melodies. great stuff for fans of zeke, genocide superstars, etc. – check out the split with SCHMAND thats on useless!

>>> GOREFUCK – “lust for torture” CD (coagulated) 9,00 EUR

brutal grinding gore/death metal, always fast, always noisy, incl. a brutal truth cover version… probably one of the most brutal, insane metal bands from italy!!!

>>> GRINDSTONE – “s/t” CD (burntable) 8,00 EUR

brutal southgerman grindcore with some death influences – for sure a winner!!!

>>> GROINCHURN – “sixtimesnine” CD (happy hamster) 9,00 EUR

insane, bombastic grindcore from south africa…

>>> HARSH – “reality” CD (civilisation) 7,00 EUR

powerviolence hardcore from finland – doing this drum´n´bass kind of thing that reminds me on man is the bastard – great one…

>>> HAVOC – “s/t” (zas) 8,00 EUR

15 songs of fast hardcore punk from torino / italy

>>> HELLBORN MESSIAH – “wittness the decline of human kind” (diy) 5,00 EUR

HELLBORN MESSIAH from Freiburg / Southgermany deliever raging political crust-grindcore with crunching guitar and dual vocals. The vocals are painfully raw and pissed. Fucking great band!

>>> HIATUS – “old fashioned shit” CD (ataque sonoro) 9,00 EUR

the first ep´s and other old stuff of these belgium crust heroes…

>>> INANE – “kill ´em and grill ´em” CD (per koro) 9.- EUR

musical wise another great per koro release… brutal, hard hiting death-rock like a bastard between mörser and systral… incl. one of the best cover-versions i´ve ever heard, haha… ok, on the other hand – the lyrics, i don´t realy know what to write about them -they also write in the booklet that we should not take the lyrics to serious – but i think, ok sometimes they are funny, but sometimes i would call them just bad uninspired gore lyrics… but hey musical wise this is a must have for everybody into the new breed of german metalcore…

>>> JIM JONES & THE KOOL-ADE KIDS – “trustme / contrafusion” CD (common cause) 8,00 EUR

cool mixture of thrash/deathmetal and hardcore tunes… interesing for those hirax fans!!!

>>> JUNTA – “s/t” CD (diy) 8,00 EUR
wow – this one is a real blast… melodic metalcore teams up with chaotic hardcore on the one hand vs. distorted noise with black metal influences – you have to listen a couple of times to this fucker to find out his real beauty… imagine a weird mixture between bands like botch, converge, catharsis, dillinger escape plan and coalesce and you got the picture…

>>> KOMMANDO SONNE-NMILCH – “hässlich und neu” CD (schiffen) 9,00 EUR

solo-project of dackelblut´s vocalist jens – combines a lot of electronic beats w/ hc and punk, i allways loved dackeltblut for the great lyrix and this is the same shit… feat. a lot of different musicans, eg. the “kurt”´s…

>>> LAHDON AIKA – “s/t” MCD (northern hardcore massacre) 7,00 EUR

this is brutally fucking destructive metallic hardcore including some great sludge / doom parts – cool record!

>>> LEGION 666 – “scheisse christus” CD (yellow dog) 8,00 EUR

Misanthropic blackened HC/Crustcore from Canada

>>> LLYNCH – “the transformation…” MCD (scorched earth policy – 2002) 7.-EUR

heavy hardcore with great arrangements and lot of atmosphere – somewhere in between botch, coalesce and kiss it goodbye…

>>> LUZIFERS MOB – “discography” CD (repoman) 9,00 EUR
this german grind/power-violence outfit existed from 1992 to 1996 they were one of those european counterbalance to the power-violence scene in the states where bands as CROSSED OUT, NO COMMENT, LACK OF INTEREST did shape this type of music. this discography contains songs from the ”Close your eyes and see death”, ”Whispers”, ”Die human race”, ”Plot”, ”Up for grabs” Compilations, the rare Demo, the 7″ and the split LP with GOLGATHA. Nice designed DigiCD with linernotes, lyrics and flyer/photo-illustrations. CD is stricktly limited to 666 copies.

>>> MASSICK – “ten inch and more” CD (human meat for sale) 8,00 EUR

enthält die vergriffene 7″, 10″ und rare demo Tracks

>>> MC CARTHY BLACKLIST – “demo” CD-R (diy) 2,50 EUR

realy well done demo-cd from these fine, young men from south germany – think these guys have learned their lessions from uranus, his hero is gone and from ashes rise… dark, emotional hardcore outbursts dressed in a beautiful packaging – give ´em a try! you can find some of the members now in geezers and omega massif

>>> MISERY – “who´s the fool” CD (profane existence) 9,50 EUR

amebix influenced crust from minneapolis…

>>> MOHO – “20 unas” CD (throne) 8,00 EUR

doom / stoner / sludge from Madrid/Spain like HIGH ON FIRE, EYEHATEGOD, ELECTRIC WIZARD and GRIEF.

>>> NADA – “celmetra” CD (common cause) 9,00 EUR

a mix of industrial-hc and deep atmospheric sludge; imagine dead can dance and neurosis doing a jam-session…

>> NAILED DOWN – “resurrection” CD (first blood family) 9,00 EUR

wow – after some more or less boring recordings this aussie straight forward punks are back on map with some brutal attacks – reminds me a lot on rupture´s 10inch…

>>> OVERNOISE – “lethal ways to…” CD (throne) 9,00 EUR

i was realy impressed by this spanish grindcore force – i´ve never heard of them before i received this cd & it´s a real jewel – blasting grindcore in the vein of early nasum…

>>> RETALIATION  – “the execution” CD (headfucker) 7,50 EUR

retaliation feat members of dawn and thy promordial. but don’t expect black metal here – this is unadulterated grind from the early NAPALM DEATH / ASSUCK school of insanity.

>>> ROSA LIEBKNECHT – “s/t” CD-R (burn-out) 5.- EUR

something you won´t expect from the bass-player and the new drumer of blindspot ad – no noise – just beautiful, relaxed ambient sound – openminded boys ´n´ girls into instrumental sounds like tortoise with a more rokish touch wil love this band… look out for the up and comming lp they record in these days… by the way, yep it´s a cd-r, ´bout it delivers a good sound and comes with printed cover and inlay…

>>> ROT – “cruel face of reality” CD (morbid) 9,00 EUR

1st lp of the brasilian answer to agathocles… 21 studio songs + 21 from the first 2 ep´s…

>>> SEASICK – “bestie mensch” CD (pw-prod.) 8,00 EUR

german metalgrind with lots of punk roots – reminds me sometimes on agathocles and there more crust inluenced songs, also recharge poped up in my mind… kicks ass!

>>> SOCIETY GANG RAPE – “no fate” CD (sound pollution) 8,00 EUR

metallic hardcore of this female swedish terror unit. harsh guitars, hoarse, screeching vocals, and quasi-D-beat drum pummeling.

>>> THE KILL – “the soundtrack to your violence” MCD (no escape) 7,50 EUR

14 trax of sheer grindcore brutality, mixing up traditional grindcore with some metal influences – always fast to the maximum… i love this shinny little disc!

>>> THE KINETIC CRASH COOPERATION – “s/t” CD-R (diy) 3,00 €

great screamo/powerviolence/chaos – for fans of trencher, melt banana or even locuts.

>>> THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE – “get rid of” CD (sacro egosimo) 6,00 EUR

emo-punk from viena w/ male / female vocals…

>>> TIDAL – “moment” CD (per koro) 9,00 EUR

another great release by those south-german nice guys… this 7 songs a not easily described, because no one sounds like the other – but all in all you can imagine a mixture between modern metalic screamo and classic mid 90ies emocore… great band!!!

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE / S.C.U.M. – split CD () 9,00 EUR
japanese UNHOLY GRAVE with nice unreleased tunes and STUPID CACHEXIA UNHOLY MEMBERS is a totally grindcore project with MY MINDS MINE and I.O.G. members!!/ digipack !!

>>> UNSANE CRISIS / HASHASSIN – split CD (throne) 8,00 €
more spanish grindcore assaults – sounds like discordance axis versus brutal truth…

>>> UNSUNG – “nail in the hand of christ” CD (tetanus) 9,00 EUR

ultra-brutal hardcore from italy with strong metal and grindcore influences – dark lyrics and apocalyptic music, that has some german hardcore feeling to it – think of acme / carol and newer stuff like abisidia – bulldozing metal/hardcore with some grinding elements…

>>> VENERAL DISEASE – “mondo macabro” CD (genital herpes) 8,00 EUR

Venereal Disease play some sickening gore filled Death Grind music. The music is more on the Grind side, but you can hear lots of Death elements all through out. There are tons of blasts in their music too. The vocals are done in a low end Grind growl mixed with some low gutteral Death growls too. All our Gore Grind heads this ones for you!!!

>>> ZORNGOTT – “schmerzträger” CD (babelfisch)
9,00 EUR
intense, dark hardcore/sludge… reminds me sometimes on neurosis!

>>> V/A “BETTER TOMORROW? – VOL. 2″ CD (merwi) 7,00 EUR

disco, kastraatio, no support, sharpeville, totuus, wind of pain

>>> V/A “CAN´T STOP THIS TRAIN” CD (join the team player) 10,00 EUR

blue water boy, assück, mine, refused, boy stes fire, reversal of man, sabeth, seein´red +10more

>>> V/A “DREAMS…OF WHAT LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN” CD (psychodoomelic) 8,00 €

soulpreacher, fistula, grief, thee plague of gentlemen, negative reaction, ramesses, moss

>>> V/A “FUCKING NOISE TERROR” CD (sound pullution) 9,00 €

toxic noise, systral, jack with killer, in/humanity, hail of rage, wounded knee, genocide ss, damnable excite zombies, sarcasm, diassociate, visions, haymarket, society gang rape, frequent, diskonto

>>> V/A “HARDCORE CONNECTION” CD (zas) 7,50 €

threat of riot, f.p.o., milkadd. T.O.R.  play four melodic hardcore punk tracks. F.P.O. seven fast thrashy hardcore tracks, with obvious US hardcore influences. Milkadd do 8 trax of tight fast Torino HC thrash punk.

>>> V/A ” HEAVY HARDCORE HEADROOM” CD (profane existence far east) 9,00 EUR

drop dead, disrupt, devoid of faith, grief, hail of rage, coleman, a.c., toxic narcotic + 11more

>>> V/A “HURT YOUR FEELINGS” – Compil. CD (six weeks) 9,00 EUR

stack, benumb, capitalist casualties, charles bronson, harsh, ruido… 39 bands!

>>> V/A “Railroad To Apocalypse” – comp. CD (tetanus/zas prod.) 8,50 EUR

unreleased stuff by ALENACJA (grindcore from poland), BUD JUNKEES (stoner-crust from finland), DISARM (italian powerviolence-grind), MATKA TERESA (ultrafast grinding crust from holland), SPLEEN (stoner grind from belgium) and VERGE ON REASON (german grindcoreviolence) – about one hour of musickness!

>>> V/A “Rotten Fake” – comp. MCD (ecocentric) 6,00 EUR

huh – thought this one´s already sold out, but we still got some copies of this comp from ecocentric matt – rotten fake is a compilation featuring AGATHOCLES, (le) SCRAWL and SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA doing coversongs by pandemonium, de la soul, terrorizer, chic, elektro hippies, lärm and and and… especialy the scrawl trax are great and well – if you don´t know it you will not figure out that the 7mon songs are coversongs, haha…

>>> V/A “Rudi Rat vol. 6″ comp. double CD (ecocentric) 12,00 EUR

0disassociate, scrawl, scum noise, rotten sound, rot, deep, massick, skrupel, dahmer, basalt, beyond description, unholy grave, forced expression, rupture, chickenshit, captain 3 leg, ultimo rausea and many more…

>>> V/A “SUCK CITY vol.1″ – comp CD (suck city) 5,00 EUR

27 bands in nearly 75 minutes – feat. blindspot ad, cataract, devil inside, caliban, brothers justice, 100 demons, disrespect, schizma, lifeforce, miozän, downpour, copykill… mosh meets new school – old school meets grind, packed in a strange betty page alike booklet, i don´t realy understand…

>>> V/A – “THE END IS JUST THE BEGINNING” 3-way CD-R (puzzle rec.) 3,00 EUR

featuring: liberticide / feeling fine / bizarre x. liberticide are into grindcore – feeling fine reminds me on a micture between spazz and go! – and bizarre x doing this insane drum´n´bass fastcore thing they got well known for – by the way beside the upcoming split lp with godstomper their best stuff until now…

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