7″ EPs

Von useless, 2011/05/12 5:59 PM

>>> ABOLITION – “jesus was a fucking dick” 7″EP (equality) 3,00 EUR
intense hc from southgermany – pre-stack!

>>> ABRAXAS VÄKALIEN – “s/t” (thought crime) 3,00 EUR
angry lake constance hc, compareable to born againt and stuff…

>>> ACTIVE MINDS – “dis is getting…” (loony tunes + 4) 3,00 EUR
great, political diy hardcore/punk-thrash from england… every time a plessure!!!

>>> ACTIVE MINDS / UMBRELLA TRIBE-split (lack of idea(l)s + more) 3,00 EUR
u.t.:international hc/punk project w/ members from swiss, greece, francce and more…

>>> ACTIVE MINDS / AN-ATTA – split (capeet) 3.- EUR
a.a.: great new skoolish hardcore from france… ltd. 100 capeet records edition

>>> AGATHOCLES – “minced in piracicaba, brasil” 7″EP (bringer of gore) 3,50 EUR
11 mincecore trax – totally fucking insane crust/ grind, recorded live in brasil during their 6 week sout american tour

>>> AGATHOCLES / KADAVERF*CKER – split 7″EP (power it up / n:c:u) 3,00 EUR
4 new mincecore smashers from belgiums agx – recorded late 2003 / 2 fucking intense slow grooving sludge/grind trax by kf – especialy the second song reminds me in some ways on early norway black metal \m/

>>> AGATHOCLES / TSUBO – split 7″EP (ecocentric / zas / others) 3,50 EUR
4 more trax from belgium premium grinders versus 3 death/grind songs from italy

>>> AGATHOCLES / SAKATAT – split 7″EP (bringer of gore) 4,00 EUR
total must have for every grindfreak – sakatat is my favorite band from turkiye. ltd and hand-# 333 copies!

>>> AGATHOCLES / KUOLEMA – split 7″EP (agromosh) 4,00 EUR
hard to find split ep – belgium mincecore versus finish raw punk

>>> AGATHOCLES / VRV – split 7″ (bringer of gore) 3,50 EUR
6 raw mincecore hits from agx recorded in 2007 including my faves razor sharp daggers an lay off me – on the flipside a couple of goregrind songs including a cover of agx song “majesty of fools”

>>> AGONY CONSCIENCE – “mass demented” (perverted taste) 3,00 EUR
ectreme mixture between industrial, grindcore and death…

>>> AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE / ROSKOPP – split 7″EP (crucificados) 4,00 EUR
aboslute great extreme grind in the vein from discordance axis – killer artwork!

>>> AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / CROM – split 7″EP (rsr) 3,50 EUR
red col. vinyl from the most brutal drummachine grind band versus powerviolence veterans – must have!

>>> ANUS PREATER – “eimer or die” (perverted taste) 3,00 EUR
crusty grindcore w/ some cool rythms…

>>> ASMODINAS LEICHENHAUS / CHOREA – SPLIT 7″EP (flowerviolence) 3,00 EUR
both brutal fast hardcore/grind from germany incl. 2 lyric sheets. chorea feat. stack personal – you know what to expect?

>>> ASSHOLE PARADE – “Say goodbye” 7″EP (no idea) 4,00 EUR
transparent blue or transparent red vinyl. “Say Goodbye” collects the two lost AP recording sessions done in the late 90′s. think of CITIZEN’S ARREST with the speed of early Slam-A-Ham bands like NO COMMENT and CROSSED OUT. great shit!

>>> ASSHOLE PARADE – “welcome fucking home” 7″EP (no idea) 4,00 EUR
transparent orange vinyl. ap crank out another 7″ of Floridian power-violence-inspired hardcore. 7 shards of thrash fury, both raging and devastating!

>>> ASWANG – “s/t” (new lifeshark) 2,50 EUR
new skool hardcore somewhere in between strife and abc diabolo…

>>> ATTACK AND DECAY – “squirrel sonatas…” (spam dagger) 2,50 EUR
cool touch and go like hardcore with some crisis of faith members…

>>> AZURE / CERULEAN – ” split (smith&nephew) 3,00 EUR
new skoolish emocore…

>>> BABY HARP SEAL / KOSJER D – split (gemet) 3,00 EUR
cool emo/hc stuff…

>>> BANDOG – “ziegel11″ (anomie) 3,00 EUR
intense hc from hamburg w/ a ny touch…

>>> BANGSAT / DEHUMANIZED EARTH – split 7″EP (rotten to the core) 3,50 EUR
Canadian grinders DEHUMANIZED EARTH offer 4 tracks of politically grindcore witrh a crust hint including a STATE OF FEAR cover. BANGSAT hail from Indonesia and offer 4 attacks of a more thrash influenced grind sound including a HELLBASTARD cover. Strictly limited to 550 copies.

>>> BATTLE OF WOLF 359 / JUNE PAIK – split 7″EP (adagio 830) 4,00 EUR
Battle of Wolf 359 from London offering some blistering and heavy as fuck tracks unlike the One Eyed God Prophecy , Acrid or Uranus. with their unique female / male double vocals. June Paik combines dark, emoviolent parts with admirable long instrumental parts, peppered with lyrical vocals.

>>> BIO CRISIS / SLAKTATTACK – split 7″EP (bad people records + more) 3,50 EUR
bio crisis are from tijuana mexico and sound like they have a blood soaked axe to grind!!heavy,galloping stench crust with crucial guitar distort and growling vocals. swedens slaktattack sound like what you`d expect from sweeden,just take all the d-beat bands from the last 10 years and put them in a garbage disposal. feat. ex-members of wolfpack and skitsystem!

>>> BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA / WOJCZECH – split 7″EP (fucking kill) 3,00 EUR
german grindcore machine wojczech, contribute to this split with two quite good, nihilist grindcore tunes. on the flipside is black hole of calcutta, coming from california. doing trashy grindcore on the 3 tracks they gave . have a blast!

>>> BLINDSPOT / PACKRATTEN – split (vulgar) 3,00 EUR
fast grinding hc from the lake constance area vs. harsh punky grind from eastgermany…

>>> BLINDSPOT A.D. – “pain is not the cleanser” 7″EP (useless) 3,00 EUR
blindspot ad have found an awesome raw and heavy sound hardly comparable to any other band… it rages from slow and spasitc to fast breakdowns. atmosphere & emotions – anger & frustration creates this mindblasting 7″ep! take the best from chaoscore & grindcore, add some death-metal & some new schoolish elements and you got an idea what blindspot ad is all about…

>>> BLINDSPOT AD / UNHOLY GRAVE – split 7″EP (vulgar) 3,00EUR
blindspot ad deliever 4 unreleased trax fast grinding metalcore / unholy grave blurrrr out 3 trax of pure grindcore madness >>> be fast and get some coloured vinyl!!!

>>> BOBBY PERU – “the x-file conspiracy” picture 7″EP (strange fruit) 3,50 EUR
two great rochish emocore songs some where in between refused and the make up – comes on extra, well designed, thick picture vinyl + great looking cover…

>>> BOLZ`N 7″ (self released) 3,00 EUR
a new band from Berlin mix Chaotic Hardcore with massive Metal influences, think of newer relapse records stuff

>>> BOMBSTRIKE / LEGION 666 – split 7″EP (schizophrenic) 4,00 EUR
crust as fuck – great stuff by both bands! raw, dark, metallic d-beat  – bombestrike from sweden vs. legion 666 from canada. welcome to hell!

>>> BOOT DOWN THE DOOR – “s/t” (sacro egoismo) 3,00 EUR
powerfull, angry bavarian-hc/crust…

>>> BOOT DOWN THE DOOR – “amigos” (spock) 3,00 EUR
found some copies of the classic first ep…

>>> BORIGOR / CEREMONIAL EXECUTION – split 7″EP (erode) 3,00 EUR
wow – there´s just one word to describe this little fucker: b.r.u.t.a.l.! both bands offer two intense death-metal songs, sounding like dismember, carnage, or entombed in the early 90ies… b. with members of the cheerleaders of the apocalypse, louis cyphre, arsen aka könig der monster and 1000 others / c.e. with the jam session members…

>>> BRAIN POLICE – “bullet” (red stream) 3,00 EUR
rockis, straight forward industrial/hc from the usa…

>>> BRUTAL DEATH – “s/t” 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
fast and furious grindcore assault from this calfornian 3 piece… another great rsr release!

>>> BRUTAL TRUTH / S.O.B. – split 7″EP (fanclub) 3,50 EUR
ltd and hand-# 520 transparent red vinyls. the brutal truth side contains studio recordings from japan that were supposed to be released as a split with S.O.B. but never came out.the S.O.B. side was recorded live in tokyo in 1995 at a tribute show for tottsuan who had just committed suicide. vocals were handled by kevin sharp of brutal truth and lee dorian of cathedral/ex-napalm death.

>>> CAPER – “punks vs. goverment” 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
4 new tracks featuring the vocalist of legendary RIGHTEOUS PIGS. a good way to describe the music would be a heavy hardcore-thrash-style. cool to know he is still active!

>>> CATHETER / WOJCZECH – split 7″EP (haunted hotel) 4,00 EUR
special ltd. 500 mexican tour release. catheter offer their usual brand of kick-ass fast grind and slower sludge.  wojczech with tight brutal grind with great hardcore influences!

>>> CERULEAN – “…is the delta connection” (smith&nephew) 3,00 EUR
great emo-core, somewhere in between indian summer and rusty james…

>>> CHASTMENT – “s/t” (kastrations kommando) 2,50 EUR
cool southgerman hardcore, hm, take the first zorn ep and add some metalish parts…

>>> CHUCK NORRIS – “s/t” 7″EP (thrown into disorder) 3,00 EUR
high-speed thrash out of brazil – 14 tracks of out of control, ultrafast thrashcore inferno…

>>> CIVIL VICTIM – “s/t” 7″EP (affenfaust) 3,00 EUR
ltd. and hand-# 500 copies. here is the first ep from the dudes civil victim from konstanz – which is pretty much the area i live in – they offer us crushing, crude 80s hardcore tunes. think of feel the darkness-era poison idea with a hint of bl’ast and add some more anger!

>>> COCHE BOMBA – “viva la dereliccion” (bad card) 3,00 EUR
great, intense hc from france… reminds sometimes on crossed out… great artwork…

>>> COLE QUINTET (the) – “flamingo” (cum grano salis/paracelsius) 2,50 EUR
cool, intense scremo from northgermany, reminds me sometimes on swing kids…

>>> COMRADES – “s/t” 7″ (soa) 3,00 EUR
the new output,strong stuff again – drop dead style fastcore!

>>> CONVICTED – “s/t” (new wave) 3,00 €
some nice punk-tunes from france…

>>> CORROSIVE / BOHRHOLM – split 7″ (fucking kill) 3,00 EUR
corrosive play pissed powerviolence inspired hc not unlike citizens arrest mixed up with heresy. bohrholm crank out 6 songs of slap-a-ham styled hardcore grind – think of drop dead having a session with crossed out!

>>> CONTRASTE BIZARRO / NAUZO – split 7″EP (diy) 3,00 EUR
i traded this ep in 2002 on the rot tour with a rot member, as far as i can remember he told me he is also in cotraste bizarro. both bands are from brasil, doing political fastcore/crust. great packaging with glued pictures on an envelop and also including a booklet… somewhere in the net i found the information that nauzo is feat. execradores members.

>>> CRIME KAISERS – “s/t” (hail rock) 3,00 EUR
some more southgerman noise-rock in the chicago vein…

>>> CRUDE BE / GHL – split 7″ (tvg) 3,00 EUR
both fast german powerrviolence-hc… crude be feat. y / solide decline / crowskin personal!

>>> CRUSH MY CALM – “vol. one” 7″EP (dioxin city prod.) 3,00 EUR
>>> CRUSH MY CALM – “vol. two” 7″EP (dioxin city prod.) 3,00 EUR
ex – blue water boy – doing some great oldschool mid 90s emocore like julia, current or indian summer… two songs on each 7″ – the unusal kind of format – 2 seperate 7″s – is a kind of reminisence to greyhouse, who has done some kind of vol.1 & vol.2 7″ releases in the early 90ies…

>>> CUL DE SAC – “s/t” (malarie) 2,50 EUR
fine hc/punk w/ some real great lyrix…

>>> C.U.M. (SW) – “s/t” (your own jailer) 3,00 EUR
graeat crust-tunes from upsala…

>>> CUT – “s/t” (theatre) 2,50 EUR
great emo/hc from france…

>>> DANDRUFF DELUXE – “lethal be bop” (x-mist) 2,50 EUR
swinging, jazzy hc tunes – cool luxirious cover…

>>> DAWNCORE – “we are young…so we scream…just to feel alive” 7″EP (cappet) 3.- EUR
political, metalic hardcore from hungary ¯ great! somewhere in between darkest hour and refused alike elements…

>>> DEBRIS – “attrition” (maximum voice) 3,00 EUR
some great political motivated crust tunes from scotland…

>>> DECHE CHARGE / TUMOUR – split 7″EP (bringer of gore) 3,50 EUR
ltd. and hand-# 331 copies. canadian noisecore veterans versus machine goregrind from holland. this is pure noise!

>>> DEPRESSION / FLESHRIPPER – Split 7″EP (morbid reality records) 3,50 EUR
With band names like FLESHRIPPER and Depression it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that these guys play brutal music… both from germany DEPRESSION do grooving death/grind (incl. a GUT cover)while feleshripper do old school influenced thrash…

>>> DESPERATE CRY – “purpurrote träume” (sacro egoismo) 3,00 EUR
hm, not easy to describe – some punkrokish tunes mixed w/ some new school hardcore influences… it works…

>>> DIEHARD YOUTH / LINES OF SCRIMMAGE – split 7″EP (survival) 3,00 EUR
usa versus germany – great hardcore, great lyrics, great attitude! positive,but PISSSSSED!!!!

>>> DIE SCHEUERHADERS – “s/t” 7″EP (trummer pogo) 3,00 EUR
this is really east german punk from Dresden,without compromises and big fuck off message,incl.KALTFRONT cover and limited and hand-# to 500 copies

>>> DIORRHEA / PROLETAR – 7″EP (grind block) 3,00 EUR
proletar hail from indonesia and offer old school noisy/crust grindcore. remember me a lot of early napalm death and agathocles – great band! italys diorrhea sound take the best of old school influences mixing it up with modern unrelenting grindcore – i’m total into the druming…

>>> DISARM / DIRTY POWER GAME – split 7″EP (tetanus/zas prod.) 3,00EUR
these two political italian extremecore bands team up for one powerhouse … disarm deliver ones more ultrafast crust/grind with great lyrix ´bout the war for oil – great song titles like “bush laden”, too… d.p.g are a little bit more thrashy with solid black metal influences…

>>> DISMACHINE / CUMBRIDGE – split (your own jailer) 3,00 EUR
dismachine are great shit!!! some cool mixture between uptempo crust and grind, c.: cool dis-core!

>>> DREAD 101 / FASTARD – Split 7″ (insane society) 3,00 EUR
dread 101 from czech republic is top quality crust in the vain of skitsystem / wolfpack, while fastard from scotland is a grindcore band offering 7 songs in 6 minutes…

>>> DREGS OF HUMANITY – “lessons never learnt” 7″EP (dry retch) 3,50
grinding crust from australia – comes wit a patch and a pooster cover…

>>> DRUNKEN ORGY OF DESTRUCTION / S.A.A.E.I. – split 7″EP (agromosh) 3,50 EUR
usa vs holland – d.o.o.d. again with thrasy, fast forward grindcore violence, sometimes they sound like catheter on this record… s.a.a.e.i. blurr out a fast grindcore mayhem, too…

>>> D.S.G. – “hallo mr. rothschild” (an´sbeinpissen) 3,00 €
hey, this is realy cool political, melodic hc from bavaria… nice booklet-cover…

>>> DYSMORFIC – “born to be fucked” 7″EP (uxicon) 3,00 EUR
insane grinding mincecore from italy released on the agathocles drumer´s label…

>>> EINER MUSS TOT – “grossstadttraume” 7″EP (diy) 3,00 EUR
members of calling gina clark / a fine boat that coffin were playing here… the band existed only for 1 year and they only released this seven inch! 14 songs of ultrafast chaoscore!

>>> ENTROPIA / AUT OF STEP – split 7″EP (tenia) 3,00 EUR
fast brutal italian old school hc attack – entropia doing a indigesti coverversion – fucking great!

>>> EXTORTION / SEPTIC SURGE – split 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
transparent blue vinyl. Extortion are so brutal and pissed as they´ve never been before! Septic Surge give you also a taste of violence mixed with Hardcore.

>>> EYES OF WAR – “the spirit lives on!” (???rec) 2,50 EUR
great anarcho crust-punk from berlin…

>>> FARGO – “zug um zug” 7″EP (adagio 830) 3,50 EUR
ltd. 300 first press on brown marbled vinyl. FARGO play pissed angry Hardcore that reminds on bands like Uranus or all the famous bremen bands like acme, systral…  get this!

N.V.= 3x groove grind + G.G.Allin cover from the usa versus F.I.= 3x intense political thrash / hardcore from the ukraine

>>> FARICAL – “s/t” (thought crime) 3,00 EUR
great psychodelic slomo, sludge w/ some rockish elements… some counterblast and g-anx members here…

>>> FUCK U IS MY NAME – “s/t” 7″EP (x-mist) 3,50 EUR
debut by this german band from Trier & Cologne – a punchy, emotive and rocking sound, spiced up with an organ… musically somewhere in between LES SAVY FAV and the PANTHERS!

>>> F.U.B.A.R. / MATKA TERESA – split 7″EP (power it up) 3,00 EUR
brutal grind in the vein of early brutal truth from the neatherlands vs. fast forward hardcore from poland/dutch…

>>> FULL NOISE NINE – “progress” (civilisation) 3,00 EUR
southgerman grindcore w/ some hc influences…

>>> GATE – “soon to be sodomized” 7″EP (selfish fucker / bad people) 3,50 EUR
my friend fonsy of hombre-lobo records recommended me this record and i got hold on a couple of copies of this 7″ without hearing a single tune or word of this, for me yet totally unknow band from japan before… ok, a look at the labels who released this little disc promise a grindcore assault and – well – that´s exactly what you get… ten songs of brutally, hyperfast brutally and devistating grind that will continue keeping you angry – if you are into grindcore with a metal hint – i´m sure you want this record, haha…

>>> GARBAGE DISPOSAL – “s/t” (perverted taste) 3,00 EUR
insane grindcore w/ drum-machine…

>>> GLOBAL HOLOCAUST – “no more!” (tobacco shit) 3,00 EUR
harsh, grinding crust tunes from canada…

>>> GNOSIS – “another selfmade luminary” 7″ (diy) 3,00 EUR
great thrash/avantgarde metal in the vein of coroner or voivod – limited and numbered on 400 copies!

>>> GOREDROME – “endzeit” 7″EP (equality) 3,00 EUR
great hardcore from the koblenz area, sounds like a slowed down version of infest!

>>> GRIEVANCE – “s/t” (diy) 3,00 EUR
cool new skoolish hc tunes from italy…. reminds me sometimes on all that per koro stuff…

>>> GRIEVANCE / H.R.W. – split (prank levyt) 3,00 EUR
again, new skoolish hc from italy vs. crusty tunes from brazil…

>>> GRIMNESS / VISCERA – split 7″EP (ecatacombe prod.) 3,00 EUR
intense gore grind from italy vs. gore stuff with rough screamed vox from australia…

>>> GROG – “96 stab wounds…” (born to booze) 3,00 EUR
total sick portuguese gore/grindcore…

>>> HAEMOPHAGUS / SPIRAL – split 7″EP (zas) 3,00 EUR
spiral hails from japan – the drummer from this band used to play in vivisection & i.r.f. – sounds somehow like early napalm death or s.o.b.. haemophagus from italy crank out some harsh death/grind the old school vein like repulsion meets sweden – a great record!

>>> HAISHA – “true love never dies” 7″EP (rescued from life) 3,50 EUR
fast and furious grind from this two-man project, short fast grindcore tunes, that let the hardcore/thrash/punk influences show through from time to time – always harsh to the max! nice done anemie styled artwork done by seanocide, with lots of japanese schoolgirls and anime characters all over…

>>> HALFMAN – “no choice but to learn” (buried alive) 3,00 EUR
political hc from the u$a…

>>> HANGING ROTTEN / VERGE ON REASON – split 7″EP (useless) 3,00EUR
pure grindcore from germany team up with sludge infiltrated grindcore from the states.colored wax!

>>> HARTSOEKER / EYEHATELUCY – split 7″EP (useless) 3,00EUR
both from germany. ehl play monotoneous sludgecore that will make you puke and hartsoeker sound like intensee degree meets spazz. extraordinary packaging!

>>> HARTSOEKER – “one sided” (useless/transfixional) 4,00 EUR
4 new tracks from the same recording session like the “dealing…” ep + intense degree cover + industrial remix created by anemone tube… handmade cover – ltd. 204!!!

>>> HEADACHE / RECUSANT – split (flatearth) 3,00 EUR
get this one… headache is a must have for everyone into bizarre sounds… can´t realy discribe their sound… it´s a kind of hc/anarcho-punk but it´s so weird, never heard something like this before… look out for their lp!

>>> HEALTH HAZARD – “not just a nightmare” (minstrel) 3,00 EUR
political, fast hc from the uk, pre-suffer…

>>> HELLKUSHER – “victims of hate” 7″EP (skuld releases) 3.- EUR
wow, this band seems to exist for ever, think they are around for a decade right now… one of the most unique crust bands from the uk – think everybody knows them…

>>> HELP – “s/t” (revolution inside) 2,50 EUR
intense, rockish, melodic emocore w/ some ex spit acid members…

>>> HIBERNATION – “s/t” (malarie) 3,00 EUR
dark hccrust…

>>> HYBERNOID – “world of ruin” (displeased) 2,50 EUR
doom-metal-hardcore from the uk…

>>> HYPOCRITICAL SOCIETY – “pyre” 2×7″ep (equality) 6,00 EUR
great german sxe hardcore… somewhere in between screamo and stuff like neurosis…

>>> INSECT WARFARE / HATRED SURGE – split 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
clear vinyl. this is a great release from two of the best grindcore bands around. sadly insect warfare split up but this split fucking kills.

>>> INSPITE – “only the dead” 7″EP (torture garden picture) 4,00 EUR
clear vinyl. thrashing hardcore with a grind edge – think of a more modern version of infest!

>>> IRON BUTTER / 2 MINUTA  DREKA – split 7″EP (grind block) 3,50 EUR
2 Minuta Dreka returns with unreleased goregrind studio songs. Iron Butter sickos answer with their chaotic grind noise madness as they prooved to keep the confrontation to high levels with their last splits 7″s

>>> IRRITATE / BUD JUNKEES – split 7″EP (vulgar) 3,00 EUR
ltd. edtion 500 transparent green vinyls. two of finlands finest underground bands. each band offer  2 killer songs. irritate do grooving grindcore with great riffing. bund junkees blur out sludge styled grind.

>>> IRRITATE / HATED PRINCIPLES – split 7″EP (vulgar) 3,00 EUR
grooving grind / sludge / rock frim finland versus the powerviolence legend from usa. must have release from vulgar. already sold out from the label!

>>> JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE / DAS KRILL – split 7″EP (silent stagnation) 3,50 EUR
both bands from germany – grindpunk from jaka versus chaotic grindcore from das krill.

>>> JOLLY ROGER – “we cal it war” (diy) 1.- EUR
quit cool punkrock somewhere in between social distortion and negazione… cheapo!

>>> KENT BROCKMAN / BIZARRE X – Split 7″ (useless / hombre lobo / mssc / scrotum) 4,00 EUR
kent brockman doing 4 songs in the vein of their 7″ or split lp with edora but for my taste it sounds more unique like i.e. the split lp… bizarre x again with fast to the max hardcore using bass, drums and vocals only without missing a single guitar-tone… coloured vinyl

>>> KILL FLAVOUR – “s/t” (rex rotari) 3,00 EUR
some ex-abc diabolo and ex-buchenwald members doing some more melodic stuff… some old farts call it post-grundge…

>>> the LAST MILE – “designed motivation (diy) 3,00 EUR
angry, dark and politically aware bastard Hardcore band like H.H.I.G., FROM ASHES RISE but still going their own ways

>>> LILLEBROR – “s/t” (diy) 3,00 EUR
cool hardcore/punk from germany

>>> LYCANTHROPHY / NESOUCAST STROJE – split 7″EP (div. diy) 3,00 €
czech grindcore / extreme hardcore just short and fast songs and extreme hardcore like crazy japanese bands. lyc. offer six ultrafast grindcore – n.s. come along with 6 fastcore tracks

>>> MAC GYVER / RAINBOW REVENGE – split 7″EP (drachenwerkstatt) 3,00 EUR
two fast thrashcore bands from germoney – MAC GYVER plays it with some moshing/ grind elements. they have four (!) screaming, shouting and “evil” vocalists. RAINBOW REVENGE smash their songs right in your face. they

>>> MALIGNANT TUMOUR /SZARGYEREK /ANUBIS / CRITICAL MASS – 4 way split double 7″EP (skud / undisslessed) 6,00 EUR
full grindcore injection from the netherlands, france and hungary – delivering four different styles of grindcore all fast to the max – col. vinyl…

>>> MANFAT – “s/t” 7″EP (a-wat) 3,00 EUR
great hardcore feat. bri from crust legend DOOM.

>>> MELTING PROCESS – “tiefschlafleben” 7″EP (fucking kill) 3,00 EUR
great new school hardcore healing from the southgerman darkforest area, know for great bands like kurt or corrosive… great cover

>>> MEAT SLICER – “all will be revealed” 7″EP ( ) 3,50 EUR
fast to the maximum drum computer grind from the states – sounds like a mixture between autopsy, mortician and agoraphobic nosebleed – it’s fast – it’s brutal – what did you need more… comes on coloured vinyl.

>>> MESRINE – “shot to death” 7″EP (agromosh) 3,50 EUR
sick grindcore from quebec feat. dahmer personal – there is no relaxation possible here, only blastbeating – but it´s yet more catchy and heavier than before…

>>> MESRINE / NEEDFUL THINGS – split PICTURE 7″EP (psychotherapy) 4,00 EUR
canadian downtuned grind – dahmer style! needfull things offer harsh straight forward grindcore compareable to phobia!

>>> MINDLESS – “human conditioning” 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
MINDLESS comes at you full force with 7 songs in just under 8min – driven hardcore with very present grindcore and power-violence influences. eEach song is layered with tempo changes ala CROSSED OUT, SPAZZ and specifically INFEST.

>>>  MISERY INDEX / MUMAKIL – split 7″EP (power it up) 3,50 EUR
clear vinyl. starting off this split by 2 brutal death/grind bands is the American band MISERY INDEX. This lot have 2 full length albums and numerous splits with various other bruisers behind them. This mixture of death and grind has strong production with very dominant vocals as you would expect from this band. the MUMAKIL half of this split is a pure blastcore barrage. both bands recording their tracks exclusive for these output.

>>> MIXOMATOSIS / ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE – split 7″EP (jenifer grind) 3,50 EUR
the most bloody bands of south europe finally join together! mixomatosis are the spanish grind-bastards who smashing brains from almost 20 fukkin’ years and here they are with a new long and torturing track who will make you bleed along with the bonus live song. ultimo mondo cannibale hail from rome/italy strike back with two tracks plus an enthralling Impetigo cover.

>>> M.O.M. – “war” (rödel) 3,00 EUR
japanese hc-crust w/ some good live-recordings…

>>> MOURNPHAGY – “thy word abideth” 7″EP (noise squatch) 3,50 EUR
indonesian grindcore on us label – brutal hyper-blasting progressive grind attack, with influences from anything cool – from harsh noise to jazz-fusion music! “thy word abideth” was originally released on cassette by tht-records, this version is slightly different, replacing an existing track with an entirely new one…

>>> MUTANT GODS / FEEDBACK RECYCLING – split (ecocentric) 3,00 EUR
pretty god geman hc – mutant god´s “new homes for the rich” is a real hit…

>>> MY OWN LIES – “Sounds Like …” 7″ (hombre lobo) 3,00 EUR
new Tracks of pure raging Mannheim-Thrash feat. stack and nyctophobic personal…

>>> NAB “Collage di un delirio” 7″ (Useless) 3,00 EUR
amazing new grindcore outburst from italy feat. Ohuzaru oersonal – imagine terrorizer having a jam session with lock up… red vinyl!

>>> NO MORE / BAKUNIN´s CHILDREN – split (skunk) 2,50 EUR
fast political, sometimes melodic hc…

>>> N.O.Y.F.B. – “skirts raised & asses hazed” 7″EP (agromosh) 3,50 EUR
none of your fucking business’ funniest release yet. more noise. harsh and fast noisecore with members from HATED PRINCIPLES

>>> OPPOSITION PARTY – “brainfucked” (newwave) 2,50 EUR
hardcore w/ some punkrock tunes from singapur…

>>> OPUS DEAD / TROPIEZO – SPLIT 7″EP (div. diy) 3,00 EUR
opus dead from spain offer fast thrasy hardcore while tropiezo from puerto rico playing straight forward hardcore.

>>> OSTROV P – “neverte” (insane) 2,50 EUR
political hc/punk from slovakia…

>>> PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI – “regnskog, fred og vegetarmat” 7″EP (crucificados / 625) 4,00 EUR
following up the last full-length, the one-man grind unit is back with 6 blistering new tracks. PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI combine great song writing without sacrificing any of the unrelenting ferocity of 1000mph grindcore. needs to be heard to be believed. limtied to 500 copies, great artwork and a folded insert.

>>> PERMANENT DEATH / PISSDEADS – split 7″EP (bringer of gore) 3,50 EUR
P. D. was the noisecore bands of agathocles tony, who passed away way to early (rip!) – this recordings are from 2002 and sound like old school noisecore like sore throat or buka. pissdead from russia is a great one-man noisecore unit. awesome!

>>> PERTH EXPRESS / HELLSTRÖM – split 7″EP (flowerviolence / crucificados pelo sistema) 3,00 EUR
dark Portland influenced hardcore similar to bands like tragedy / from ashes rise team up with fast forward in your face hardcore feat. members of my own lies…

>>> PROFIT AND MURDER – “on our way to…” 7″EP (trummer pogo) 3,00 EUR
great crustcore from bremen. this has members of a.o.b and if i’m right also of a.s.e!

>>> PROGRAMM C / KOBAYASHI – split (capeet) 3,00 EUR
some guys from austria listened to much to bands like drop dead… hey, that´s great stuff…

>>> QUADILIACHA – “keeper of the 7 bass players” (denied a custom) 3,50 EUR
this is the real deal, partly melodic, partly old schoolish – mostly fast… you like charles bronson? you will love quadiliacha… is there somebody who got their 10″??? please get in touch and do a tape for me… hudge kisses guaranted!!!

>>> QUEERFISH – “capri bar” (semaphore) 3,00 EUR
great melodic-emo meets some hc tunes… remember their lp on per koro???

>>> RAMESSES – “s/t” 7EP (psychedoomelic) 3,50 EUR
great doommetal feat. electric wizard members damage with a more venom-y and frost-y kind of music – comes with a gatefold cover

>>> REGURGITATE / SKULLHOG – split 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
swedens grindforce regurgitate with 3 new blasts of infected and gore soaked splatter grind. hollands skullhog with 3 tunes of grind / sludge / primitive death metal. a split of brutality!

>>> REMISSION – “fetus the code” (power ground) 3,00 EUR
crust from the u$ of a, reminds me sometimes on deformed concience…

>>> REPULSIONE / KOMATOS – split 7″EP (audio lession) 3,50 EUR
Italian fast-powervilence with double-basses vs. russian brutal metallic grindpunk

>>> REPULSIONE / ISOLAMENTO – split 7″EP (de rok) 3,50 EUR
repulsione again with fast and raw powerviolence. 90s style grindcore meets thrashcore, for fans of rot, unholy grave or even dri. isolamento is a a thrashing hardcore band in the 80ies vein not unlike black flag, minor threat, or also dri.

>>> REVENGE – “s/t” (abp) 3,00 EUR
thrashy hardcore punk from bavaria – great stuff!

>>> RPG 7 – “macht” (verdammten) 2,50 EUR
political diy punk-hc from germany…

>>> RUIDO DE ODIO / KKF – split (tvg) 3,00 EUR
earbleeding noiscore…

>>> SAKATAT / CUT YOUR THROAT – split 7″EP (grind block) 3,50 EUR
both bands play old school grindcore exectly as it should be: raw, fast, short, angry! best turkish grindcore band i ever heard. theres a lot of unholy grave meets early napalm death / cut your throat come to kill you from greece. try to get their full length as well – this one is a must have!

>>> SCUD – “s/t” (lunar valcron) 3,00 EUR
sounds like jesus lizzard from southgermany and i like ´em…

>>> SEASICK – “rache” 7″EP (pw-prod.) 3,00 EUR
again punk influenced grindcore with a huge metal touch – sometimes they manage to deliver great swedish metal riffs mixed up with straight forward punk druming – cool…

>>> SEE YOU IN HELL – “s/t” (diy) 3,00 EUR
transparent red or black vinyl available. furious japan styled hardcore from czech republic.

>>> SEE YOU IN HELL / MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS – split 7″EP (useless) 3,00 EUR
yeah – furious japanese hardcore-punk team up with swedish metallic d-beat hardcore… ups – both bands are from the czech republic – but hey i could swear they are from japan and sweden, haha… see you in hell continue where they stopped with there brilliant lp – in your face hardcore-punk with massive influences from japan, while mass genocide process put more and more metal influences into there d-beat hardcore and and beat you down with a long lasting, dark, emotional track… definitely two of the most promising bands from eastern europe in these days… this slab of vinyl comes along in a nice packaging and we can offer a few coloured copies for mailorder… please check out the useless records web site http://www.useless-hq.com/ for more informations about this record…

>>> SEE YOU IN HELL / MINDLOCK – split 7″EP (div diy) 3,00 EUR
s.y.i.h. are ex mrtva buducnost and play cool political fastcore… mindlock rockin´ along with some great crusty-grind in the vein of phobia… both come from the czech republic.

>>> SEUCHENHERD – “s/t” (civilisation) 3,00 EUR
manic and fast hc/trash grind from bavaria… a real winner… 1st press!!!

>>> SHEEVA YOGA / NOT 7″EP (hyenyzm) 3,00 EUR
both bands heal from czech republic and play extreme hardcore, SY is ex Social Deformity doing a mad Spazz/Scrawl mix – NOT play political grinding fastcore, nice booklet…

>>> SHEEVA YOGA / MORE BAD NEWS 7″EP (hyenyzm) 3,00 EUR
SY again with extreme hardcore like Spazz mixed up with Reggea and Jazz parts – MBN with dark hardcore like Catharsis – great artwork and booklet

>>> SHITSTORM / THE GENTLE ART OF CHOKIN – split 7″EP (rsr) 3,00 EUR
shitstorm from the usa feat members of torche doint brutal in your face grindcore. gentle art of chockin from hamburg/germany blast out fastcore feat. the drumer of stack and remind  me a lot on them!

>>> SLAIN / STATE OF FILTH – split (enslaved) 3,00 EUR
two great fast and angry hardcore bands w/ that uk-flavour… i love it!!! yes, i do…

endless demise consists of ex- nausea la guitarist, current members of retaliate and former excruciationg terror  vocalist, sounds like a crusty grindmachine. s.o.t.i. plays old school grindcore and they take it to the point,short, fast and extreme. showing no mercy at all!!!

>>> SOUNDFISH – “s/t” (green hell) 2,50 EUR
>>> SOUNDFISH – “nur gaskammern fehlen noch” (earth beat) 2,50 EUR
fast, angry german hardcore-punk…

>>> SPACE TO BEING / TASTE OF FLESH – split 7″EP (mssc/firstbloodfam./undislessed/…) 3,00 EUR
Taste Of Flesh from Malaysia are playing hellish top quality, mad and fast skate thrash! Faster than fast! Space To Being from czech. republic play fast thrash hc. five songs including a cover of Charles Bronson. Yeah…they will kick your ass!

>>> SPIT ACID / STEP INTO NOWHERE – split (per koro) 3,00 EUR
two more great geman hardcore bands… this time w/ a emo touch… not the usal per koro stuff…

>>> SPLITTER – “s/t” (short egg) 2,50 EUR
great straight forward hardcore from germany…

>>> SQUASH BOWELS / NEEDFULL THINGS – split 7″EP (psychotherapy) 3,00 EUR
s.b. from poland with 3 grindcore tracks of pure madness – needfull things with 3 buldozing grindcore hits – harsh and raw!

>>> STRAHLER 80 – “das kann jeder…” (sacro egoismo) 2,50 EUR
cool melodic punk from austria, in the vein of boxhamsters, muff potter and stuff like that…

>>> STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER – “fuck the kids” 7″EP (undislessed) 3,00 EUR
ex- hate mail killers wirth raw, fast hardcore/crus with extreme pissed off female vocals / eleven fast and brutal songs!

>>> STROBO DEATH – “hot dog” (tvg) 3,00 EUR
extreme noise/grind tunes, don´t know exactly, but i think there are some extreme smoke members…

>>> SUBKUTAN – “s/t” (mac gyver) 2,50 EUR
if you like geman punkrock like boxhamsters or muff potter and also like diy hc – you will love subkutan!!!!!

>>> SUBMERGE – “in gold we crush” 7″EP (shogun) 3,00 EUR
modern metal HC, already compared to Cattlepress and Employer, Employee. so you can guess the german emo metal style turns into straight noise metal, very tight and fast.

>>> SUFFER – “s/t” (flat earth) 3,00 EUR
ex-health hazard… hm, sometimes comparable to the almighty drop dead and it´s good, yeah…

>>> SULLESPALLE DELLEPIETRE – “s/t” 7″EP (diy) 3,00 EUR
slow apocalyptic hardcore in the vein of man is the bastard – sounds good to me… one sided ep with a scratching on side b!!!

>>> SWARRRM / CROWPATH – split 7″EP (crucificados) 3,00 EUR
japan/sweden split for an absolute tech grind triumph. one long song each band.

>>> SYLVESTER STALINE / INSIDE CONFLICT – split 7″EP (bones brigade) 3,00 EUR
both of this france bands are into fastcore – syl stal. more into manic thrash / inside conflict do grind with some mosh influences… and hey both of them realy kick ass!!!

>>> TEARS OF A DOLL – “s/t” 7″EP (alternativnoise) 3,00 EUR
hardcore/punk from france.

>>> TEN VOLT SHOCK – “s/t” 7″EP (x-mist) 3,00 EUR
feat. members of kurt and also sound like a more straight and rocking version of kurt – great heavy but also melodic hardcore… nice handmade cover, too…

>>> THE JUKEBOX SCENARIO / NEVERENDING – benefit split 7″ (strange fruit / five stars / black star foundation) 3,00 EUR
swedish and german rokish, melodic emo-hardcore team up with this benefit for the rote hilfe… buy this!!!

>>> THE PUKE – “here comes” 7″EP (revolution inside) 3,00 EUR
some lunchbox and odball´s band guys doing some real cool sex pistols / clash like punk-rock…

>>> THIRD WORLD PLANET – “from isolation to desolation” (thought crime) 3,00 EUR
yeah – this is the real shit… great political motivated powerviolence teams up w/ some groovy tunes!!!

>>> THOSE POOR BASTARDS – “s/t” (reiterate) 3,00 EUR
ex-dissension / deformed conscience w/ great, powerful east coast hcthrash…

two austrian bands with incredible long names and realy cool punk-emo tunes…

>>> TODSCHICKER – “s/t” (anti copyright / wahnfried) 2,50 EUR
harsh crust tunes from dresden feat. ex- members of the great anus preater…

>>> TO WHAT END – “and history repeats itself” 7″EP (yellow dog) 3,00 EUR
feat. members of burning kitchen / second thought / asta kask / wolfbrigade / wolfpack… – doing what??? d-beat – what else??? this is their demo pressed on vinyl!

>>> TOXIC NARCOTIC – “2 oz slab of hate” 7″EP (ecocentric) 3,00 EUR
powerful, heavy hardcore from this boston trio that kicks some serious butt. original harsh hardcore/punk!

>>> U-HAFT – “kranke geister” (perverted taste-199?) 2,50 EUR
german punkrock from plauen…

>>> ULCERRHOEA / DYSMORPHIC – split 7″EP (putrid nausea – 2001) 2,50 EUR
germany´s ulecerrhoea are back with a total insane grind-assault – great fastcore like dropdead combinied with rage grind like old napalm death!!! dysmorfic from italy team up with great (a little screamo influenced) grindcore that hits…

>>> U´LL C – “gedankensplatter” (beyond) 3,00 EUR
some cool metalish hc-tunes from ex-ego trip members…

>>> UNAMUSED – “onward christian assholes” (desperate attempt) 3,00 EUR
great, crusty polit-punk fromportland…

>>> UNDERCLASS – “s/t” (refusenik) 3,00 EUR
cool fastcore w/ great political lyrix from the uk… reminds me sometimes on drop dead…

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE – “chaotic raw madness” 7″EP (agromosh) 4,00 EUR
official bootleg, 10 raw grindcore songs recorded live in cialia, california 2002. the sound quality is as equal good as there usual stuff, nicely done booklet with a tour diary…

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE / BLINDSPOT AD – split 7″EP (vulgar) 3,00EUR
blindspot ad deliever 4 unreleased trax fast grinding metalcore / unholy grave blurrrr out 3 trax of pure grindcore madness / be fast and get some coloured vinyl!!!

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE / KADAVERF*CKER – split 7″EP (useless) 3,00EUR
unholy grave deliever us again a ultra fast, relentless, fully raging grindcore assault, while kadaverf*cker team up with harsh horrorcore with a massive black metal hint…

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE / MITTEN SPIDER – split 7″EP (agromosh) 3,40 EUR
grind grind grind – ug deliever 6 trax out of unreleased recordings from 97 – ms on this recording reminds me a shit lot on fear of god…

>>> UNSETTLED – “s/t” (passive fist) 3,00 EUR
reminds me on the abc diabolo 7″… real rough hardcore from the states…

>>> VERGE ON REASON / SKR8 Split 7″ (self released) 3,00 EUR
new split from both east german Crust / Grindcore teams, limited 300 copies

>>> VOLUME FOUR / COPROPHAGICS – split 7″EP (agrosmosh) 3,50 EUR
californian brutal noisecore with some grindparts

>>> WARTOYS – “nachzehrer” 7″EP (lack of idea(l)s) 2,50 EUR
southgermany´s most outstanding fast crustcore band – full of rage and anger they do a concept ep spiting on macmurder – comes along with a great, printed cotton cover and a very well done inlay… don´t miss this one!!!

>>> WATCH IT FALL / BROKEN PROMISES – split 7″EP (a.o.u.r.) 3,00 EUR

>>> WBI – “stichpimpulibockforzelorum” (tvg) 3,00 EUR
re-release of this noisy masterpiece… i´ve heard this amazing record in the early 90ies and it still paints a smile on my face…

>>> WORLD DOWNFALL – “s/t” 7″EP (agromosh) 3,50 EUR
ok – what did you expect from a band called world downfall, with song titles like “before world obliteration”??? yes – these japanese grinders begin exactly there where terrorizer left off >>> brutal metal influenced grindcore straight to your face! even the the band picture is a 100% tribute to terrorizer…

>>> ZANN – “X” 7″EP + CD (adagio 830) 7,00 EUR
hailing from germany, zann have been creating passionate and punishing sXe hardcore for 10 years now…and this record is a testament to their energy. with a little nod to 90′s bands like unbroken, acme, rorschach and chokehold, they have forged a sound of their own and an international reputation for no-nonsense hardcore with brains and brawn. packaged in a beautifully printed and letter-pressed cover, along with a full-length CD containing 15 additional songs (previously released on perkoro records – every song that got released before the “three years in the desert LP)

>>> V/A “4-WAY” (born to booze) 3,00 EUR
contramination, no bois, uncivilised, intestinal desiase

>>> V/A “At War Now” comp. 7″EP (vulgar) 3,50 EUR
buoyancy, packratten, blindspot a.d., capitalist casualties, agathocles, unholy grave, bizarre x, yacopsae.

>>> V/A “Dark Thoughts” – comp. 7″EP (rabid dog) 3,50 EUR
what happens next?, municipal waste, caustic christ and holier than thou? thrasing down a tribute to corrosion of conformity…

>>> V/A “Every Twenty Seconds” comp. 7″EP (active) 3,00 EUR
active minds, suffer, boycot, human error, sawn off, …

>>> V/A “NO SPEED LIMIT” vol.1 (civilisation) 3,00 EUR
gomorrha, seuchenherd, irritate, hapto

>>> V/A “ONSLAUGHT” 7″EP (g7 / blind date) 3,00 EUR
international trash/grind/fastcore compilation feat.: ruido, b.s.e., asmodinas leichenhaus, insult, kobra khan, mehr wut, yacoepsae, chorea and more (20 bands at all!!!)…

>>> V/A “REVOLUTION INSIDE – #24″ (revolution inside) 2,50 EUR
steakknife, fluid to gas, wwk, help

>>> V/A “THE BOREDOM & THE BULLSHIT” (refusenik) 3,00 EUR
state of filth, voorhees, stalingrad, headache, one by one +5more

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