Yacøpsae – “Tanz. Grosny. Tanz…” LP

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use116))) | may 2009 | available

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cooperation with:

Vulgar Rec. / germany

705 copies made:
500 solid grey marbled vinyl
200 handnumbered transparent “amber” vinyl (sold out)
50 of the transparent “amber” vinyl housed in a silk-screened cotton-bag (sold out)
5 test presses on solid black vinyl (not for sale)

a1.) tanz, grosny, tanz…

a2.) bedeutungslos

a3.) drama

a4.) verbrannt

a5.) eiland

a6.) faulnis

a7.) a.(r)sch

a8.) profilneurotiker

a9.) themenabend

a10.) drahtseilakt

a11.) deutschnazional

a12.) adenauer

a13.) frost

b1.) narrenkappe

b2.) antagonismus

b3.) maranatha

b4.) kreislaufkollaps

b5.) erkenntnistheorie

b6.) herz

b7.) nebenraum

b8.) hassbatzen

b9.) metapysik

b10.) sch(w)ein

b11.) skalpiert

b12.) vogelfrei

i realy love it if someone is true to himself and that’s also what could be said about the long-lasting YACOPSAE.
YACOPSAE are a band that is true to itself. musical wise, band wise, also as individuals – and that is a fact that is missing at so many bands:
YACOPSAE are individuals!

yes – YACOPSAE are true!
and no – there is no band like YACOPSAE!

i’m not really sure about what to call the music style of YACOPSAE – some might call it powerviolence / fastcore – i prefer to call it hardcorepunk. at least YACOPSAE offer me what i did expect from a hardcorepunk band: fast music, brutal sound, political awareness without being strikingly. well musicalwise they might be a little faster, than your ordinary hardcorepunk-band…

…and now that i have your attention i have to admit in order to guard against misunderstandings: the absolute trueness of the musical work of YACOPSAE don’t mean that they remain in continuance of a position without a progress.
YACOPSAE constantly developed their musical abilities, always explore the boundaries of fast music. YACOPSAE are not only one of the fastest bands that have their roots within the hardcorepunk community – no YACOPSAE are also one of the few bands that managed to be fast as hell and also create rememberable songs!
yes they are even able to create catchy melodies while breacking through the sonic barrier… and no- this is not weak – this is one of the most brutal things you can try within the compaign for musical destruction!

you might have noticed my affinity to release records of bands that mean a lot to me.
well – sure this is what diy is all about, but diy in my opinion is also about friendship and that is what i truly (oh – we are back to the leitmotif of trueness!) feel about those guys in YACOPSAE!
i got in touch with stoffel for the first time in 1991, asking for tapetrading / buying the first rehearsal tapes and the split demo with NOISESLAUGHTER that YACOPSAE made back than… i think, also still own a tape of VOMITING CANCELLORS BELLY – that – if i can remember exactly – also features stoffel on guitar and vocals – i got search for this in my catacomb someday, to check if i’m right…
i also did a interview with stoffel for my fanzine SUPERFLUOUS and was constantly – sometimes more, sometimes less – in touch with him over all the years… if i can remember accurately we also talked back than about releasing a split ep on USELESS records back in 93/94 – don’t know why this never happens? it might be my fault…
another fact of the connection between YACOPSAE and myself is that i played the first concert of my former band BLINDSPOT with them back in 1995 and this night will keep in my mind for different reasons – but this is a story i might will tell in my autobiography, haha…

during the years we – BLINDSPOT – respectively BLINDSPOT AD played a couple of shows with YACOPSAE. 
in 2003 sille / VULGAR RECORDS used his good connections to the ddr-punks once again and thanks to him BLINDSPOT AD was supposed to play a show together with YACOPSAE and DAS OATH in bischofswerda (ddr) november of 2003, but BLINDSPOT AD already throwed the towel a month before…
since i thought this would be a great chance to meet YACOPSAE once again sille / VULGAR RECORDS and i decided to drove this 800 kilometer distance (one way!) to have once again a rememberable night with our favorite hamburg citiziens…
one thing i can rember of that night is that we talked to stoffel, emu and frank about releasing the next full-length record of YACOPSAE…
they were not sure about when this record should be released, also they did not know at this moment which label is going to release the cd version – but one thing that we all were sure about was: VULGAR vs USELESS will unleash the vinyl!

for different reasons the cd version saw a sooner release date / let’s call it way earlier…
but the vinyl truly (again – leitmotif!) was worth waiting for…

the recordings sounded so great on vinyl, the artwork of gunnar / blutbagger art look fantastic on the bigger size than on the cd booklet and at least the first press comes in cool looking vinyl-colorways.
YACOPSAE offer on this record everything i love them for… the ultrafast drumming, the typical hm2 guitar sound, the screamed out vocals – everything fits… 
also they manage to throw in some unusual slower songs/parts without losing any intensity – exactly the opposite happens – after the slower parts it seems even more brutal when the three come up with another blastbeat-part! also the germany vocals sound so great to the music – i wish i could imagine what it sounds like, if someone can’t understand german…

don’t know if we – VULGAR and USELESS – will do a repress of this sometimes, but speaking about the first press i have to point out that the record comes along with a great packaging – beside the regular cover it has a innersleeve that is as thick as a cover – you might know it by the term discobag. also the vinyl looks great. we did a regular press of 500 copies in grey marbled vinyl + another 200 in transparent “amber” colored vinyl – i realy love this colorway – it look unique! the 200 “amber” vinyl records are also handnumbered on the cover!

as some kind of a excause for the long time the YACOPSAE-dudes have to wait for the record we also did a special band and friends edition:
50 records out of the 200 “amber” vinyls are housed in a silkscreened / handcrafted fleece bag… the 50 fleece bags were split up between the three involved parties: YACOPSAE – 20 copies / VULGAR and USELESS – 15 copies each. thanx to matze / our world records for the screenprint job and my nerves for for standing the pain a.k.a. the nahmaschine.

beside the “einstweilige vernichtung” lp this is my favorite YACOPSAE release until now and hopefully i got the chance to work on a release with YACOPSAE again…

well if you ever got the chance to catch them on the road you should not miss the chance to see their impressive live-performance!
you might think the exactly stop and go parts are based on the fact of digital editing in the studio, but go and eyewitness for yourself – YACOPSAE are one of the tightest bands you can imagine!!!

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