Schmand – “Demo 2004″ CD-R (re-release)

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use115))) | september 2007 | last copies available for mailorder

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500 copies made


1.) The Dead Ones Ball-Room Dance
2.) Higher Levels
3.) Slavering Creeps
4.) Gewissen Haben
5.) Gewissen Kaufen
6.) Niemand Lacht

well – how to start my essay about this release?

first of all – the original version of this demo was the first sign of life of SCHMAND, the band band i later got involved by doing vocals for…

at someday in 2005 a friend of mine – florian wild – a southgerman hardcorepunk-dinosaur and guitarist in bands like regret, come closer and many others – talked to me about this two person project that he knows called SCHMAND. he told me that the two boys do “pat-music”, which was a term he used to catch my interest, haha – he also told me that he already told them that he was the opinion i should do vocals for them…

i knew simon and andreas – the two guys behind SCHMAND – for quite a long time.
their former band called LAST ORDER and my former band BLINDSPOT AD shared a rehearsal room for some month and also BLINDSPOT AD did a show with a project of them called SUBSONIC PSYCHOPANT.
LAST ORDER, SUBSONIC PSYCHOPANT, SCHMAND – yes – this dudes have a good taste for disgusting band names!

both simon and andreas were in my mind as real good musicians, also i did know that at least andreas was a big EYEHATEGOD worshiper back when we shared this rehearsal room – so i thought – maybe florian wild is right and this dudes do decent music now…

well, it was something like a year later, when i found a cd with the demo 2004 tracks on it in my letterbox.
there was not a single personal word written. just the demo-cd. i still had in my mind that this is the band that florian wild told me about. so – i was curious about to finally hear what is “pat-music”…

listening for the first time to this record i could not belief that this is a band from my hood…

bands coming out of the lake constance area that impressed me within the last decade can be counted on the fingers of one hand and so this was really a big surprise to me!

what can be heard on this cd is pretty much unique – it could be called progressive hardcore and if you want to there can be named a few bands that create a kind of similiar music – KEELHAUL, AMERICAN HERITAGE, BOTCH, CONVERGE, DISCORDANCE AXIS – yep this are the bands that i have to think of while listening to this demo-cd…

but – dammed – they have there very on style – it’s such an mad mixture of beautiful silent parts turning into discordant noise – yeah this is “pat-music”!
i was really a fan of what can be heard on this demo cd!

it takes a couple of months until i meet the SCHMAND boys in person and in the meantime they grew up to a three piece. at someday i got the chance to see them live – at least i came out to late this evening and only have seen the end of the last song, but that was impressing enough. at this evening they asked me if i could imagine to do vocals for them – and shit yeah – i need to be in a band again – and yes – this is exactly what i was waiting for after the end of BLINDSPOT AD. a few weeks later we start to rehearsal as a four piece, they did one more show without me and in january 2007 we did the first show as SCHMAND with simon on drums / andreas on guitar / bjorn on bass and me – pat – on vocals.

well – like you can recognize from the headline, this is a re-release of the originally made demo cd, that was only available in an edition of something like 50 copies and was passed away to friends of the band…

we already played a couple of shows when we was invited to play the TRAINSPOTING FESTIVAL in schweinfurt, that was organised from a couple of friends of mine – among them zistl of the GEEZERS – and since it’s always good to have some music to pass away on shows i did this new edition of the 2004 demo just a day before we went to the festival – without asking the other three of the SCHMAND four…

haha – in fact of not asking them, this is some kind of a bootleg release of “my own” band – possibly this can be handle as the reason that this release did not include a indicator, that this is a useless records release. to be honest – when doing the cover and stuff i was in a kind of hastiness, to get all things done until we leave for the festival and i simple forgot to include useless records infos like contact or cat.-#.

i changed a bit the packaging. the original version was packed in a cd-tray – while i used for this re-release a black plastic bag and put a logo sticker on it. also i included a new “designed” inlay using the original cover-art but included some more infos, like lyrics and stuff.

until now – february 2010 – useless and SCHMAND sold and passed away to friends 400 copies of this version and recently i made another 100 copies and decided that this will be the final ones – so 500 copies in total were made of this re-release.

last week on the way to a show in freiburg, were we played with our friends in GEEZERS, bjorn and i talked about the idea to do a vinyl edition of this sometime…

not a too bad idea, since i’m still a fan of this recordings!

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