Bizarre X / Pretty Little Flower – split 12″EP

Von useless, 2011/01/17 10:06 PM

use113))) | 2005 | available

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cooperation with:
M.S.S.C. rec., TOWERVIOLENCE rec. & VULGAR rec. – all from germany

508 copies on yellow / red coloured splatter vinyl
(useless paid for 125 copies)



1.) Smalltalk Dilemma
2.) My Chucks In Your Face
3.) Sorry
4.) Death And Destruction
5.) Summer Of Love
6.) Youth Of Today
7.) Bleifuss
8.) Träumer
9.) In The Army Now
10.) Dismissed
11.) Brainwashed


1.) Chosen Few
2.) Righteous Thumper
3.) Propaganda By Deed
4.) Men Behind The Sun
5.) Imaginary Invasion
6.) Sink Or Swim
7.) Dissollution Of Rights
8.) Untitled
9.) Satiate Of Oil
10.) Fuck Your Patriotic Pride
11.) Masskontrol (No Security)

did someone already recognized that i’m a huge BIZARRE X supporter???

when my buddy bert told me 2004 that he is looking for someone who could handle the pressing of a split 12″ with the texas based grindcore unit PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER i offered my help immedatly… since i was realy out of money at this time i searched for some labels that could contribute their help in finaciating and at least distributing this record… i was happy about to work on this with befriended labels like M.S.S.C., TOWERVIOLENCE and VULGAR, even if VULGAR is still owing me the money for this release, haha…

to be honest it took a long time to get this f*cker ready to send to the pressing plant – it’s not that easy to handle the communication to all involved parties if there are so many different wishes / ideas to fullfill – but at least in my opinion this turned out a great record… both bands offer great songs with powerfull recordings, that my friend markus from burnt-out studio toped with a brutal mastering; the artwork of both bands looks great; the vinyl color turned out beautifull – and at least both bands got great lyrics! it’s not that normal these days that harsh and fast bands have something more to say than just bleauuurrghh!!!

this is grindcore!!!

no fun – no mosh – no trends – just core!!!

use112))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use114)))

use112))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use114)))

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