Corrosive / Life Ends – split 10″EP

Von useless, 2011/05/15 2:10 PM

use123))) | march 2011 | available

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LIFE ENDS – “harmlos”:

CORROSIVE – “selbstkorrektur”:

cooperation with:
FUCKING KILL and KINK –  both from germany

520 copies made / 4 different versions – all handnumbered:

Version 1:
# 001 – 030 – Fucking Kill Records Edition – White vinyl, Fucking Kill Records T-Shirt / packed in a pizza box with glued on cover

Version 2:
# 031 – 100 – White vinyl packed in a pizza box with glued on cover

Version 3:
# 101 – 200 – White vinyl

Version 4:
# 201 – 520 – Black vinyl

Useless paid for 72 copies



01.) #14 aka Der Übergang
02.) Selbstkorrektur
03.) Inklusion
04.) Krise
05.) Amnesie
06.) Immer an diesen Tagen


01.) Fuck
02.) Armes Würstchen
03.) Harmlos
04.) Schlecht
05.) Lebender Toter
06.) Letzte Konsequenz
07.) Bad Habits
08.) Im Bettle there is no law
09.) Waste

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well – i was asked if i did like to spend some money for this release, when the CORROSIVE and LIFE ENDS dudes decided to release a 10″ instead of a 7″ – and therefor the production costs increase… since i realy like both bands pretty much i took me not too long until i said yes! it’s great to be a part of this southgerman inferno!

this record turned out to be a real must have for everyone into fast music!
both bands blurr out a massive hurricane of musical destruction…

what you get is a total grindcore / powerviolence worship!

6 new tracks from germanys thrashcore nerds CORROSIVE. mostly fucking fast hardcore mixed with some slower, crawling heavy stuff. unbelievable that they already existed back in the 90ies and were on hiatus for some years… these old man sound so angry, so fresh – a lot of new bands with young people did not manage to sound as intense as they do! i always have to think of “traditional” SLAP-A-HAM records bands like CROSSED OUT, INFEST or MITB while listening to CORROSIVE but there could be recognized a massive DEUTSCHPUNK and also a slighty CELTIC FROST influences…

LIFE ENDS is power-violence styled grindcore with nihilistic lyrics !!! germanys answer to INFEST. loud and aggressive. if you dig the power-violence parts of IRON LUNG and like german stop-and-go grindcore you can’t be wrong here. LIFE ENDS deliever 9 songs that made me hungry for more – so i will contribute my help for the up coming 7″ that should be released later this year… in the meantime – try to get their demotape that is also rereleased now.

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