Unholy Grave / Kadaverf*cker – split 7″EP

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use112))) | 2004 | last copies available for mailorder

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released in cooperation with:
N:C:U rec. & POWER-IT-UP rec. – both from germany

1000 copies made on black vinyl
(useless paid for 220 copies)



1.) By Any Reason
2.) Kurdistan
3.) Never Repeat
4.) Our Common Slogan
5.) Life After Death


1.) The Great Conquerer Worm
2.) Shattered Human Debris
3.) Kaputtmaschine
4.) The Demon Who Makes Trophys Of Men

beeing in touch with olaf from KADAVERF*CKER for some time & already done a BLINDSPOT AD split ep with UNHOLY GRAVE on VULGAR rec., the time has come to unleash a UNHOLY GRAVE platter via USELESS…

what could i write about japan´s grindcore unit number one – UNHOLY GRAVE?
- that they are one of the madest bands of the whole universe?
- that i own about 50 records / cd´s of this grindcore outlet until today and won´t stop to order new ones?
- that they still smashing shit up after all the years?
- that they fucking rule and i totally worship them?

…well – UNHOLY GRAVE still sound like UNHOLY GRAVE on this record?

five songs from different sessions, recorded between 1997 and 2003 – so the sound is also a little different from session to session and it ranges from good (the older ones) to excellent (the newer ones), but all deliever us what we expect while listening to a UNHOLY GRAVE record:
a ultra fast, relentless, fully raging grindcore assault – only a little amount of bands can offer you such a raw and dark sounding grind like UNHOLY GRAVE do!

KADAVERF*CKER are active in the german underground for over a decade right now, but within the last couple of months the reached much more attention then in the first couple of years – maybe it´s because of their “nekrokore theater” 7″, the 4-way split 7″ with EMBALMING THEATRE, JIGSORE and DYSMORFIC and the split 7″ with AGATHOCLES – all released within the last year – or simple because of the fact that the kind of music(k), KADAVERF*CKER is playing, is getting more rare in these days…

KADAVERF*CKER celebrate four new songs on their side of this shiny, little fucker and deliever us a new definition of dark gloomy gore – nekrokore!
this band is pretty original, since i can not compare them to any band i´ve ever heard – and well i´m listening to a shit lot of rad noise, haha…
these dudes walk the the gore/grind/sludge path and i even recognized some dark black metal influences – i totaly love the cold & dark atmosphere they spread with their music, that is interupted with cool evil sounding movie samples…

if gore – then they way KADAVERF*CKER spreads the horror!

on top of the cool as fuck sounds of both bands there´s also a well done layout that completes this great record!

use111))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use113)))

use111))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use113)))

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