Hartsoeker / Eyehatelucy – split 7″EP

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use111))) | 2004 | available

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released in cooperation with:
M.S.S.C. rec / germany
1000 copies made on black vinyl



1.) Culture Beat
2.) Eat Humans For Breakfast
3.) Todeszelle
4.) Cut The Ties
5.) Christian Puke


1.) Zer(ge)störtes Selbstbild

puh – this one was about 3 years in the making of status and the final result was worth waiting for…

- the HARTSOEKER team deliever 5 trax from their final recordings back in 1996 / remixed and mastered in 2002.
HARTSOEKER have found during the years a very unique style based somewhere in between those powerviolence hype with a hudge 80ies uk hardcore hint!
it could be named a mix of bands like SPAZZ, CROSSED OUT or LACK OF INTEREST on the one side and UNSEEN TERROR, INTENSE DEGREE or HERESY on the other…

like said before – i think this is a fucking unique mixture and nobody into fast thrash should miss HARTSOEKER…
these recordings originaly were supoused to be a part of a seven inch on some label in the usa which never came out…
since i´m realy into everything HARTSOEKER ever have made i asked them to take some trax of this recording to do a farewell split 7″.

- after searching for a band for the flipside i recognized EYEHATELUCY, for which my buddy bert from BIZARRE X / M.S.S.C. rec. is doing the bass job…
i have already heard their demo recording, but after seeing them live – i was sure that i have to do some release with them!

EYEHATELUCY call their musick “selfhatecore” and – shit yes – they are right:
it sounds so dark and depressiv, i think some boys and girls will run away crying while listening to this about 7 minutes lasting song!
slow and atmospheric, depressed and angry – i don´t now how to describe this – there is just one word: awesome!

after a seven inch with CLANGOR on ABSURD rec. (brasil) and a split ten inch with IDIOT SAVANT on WI.FA.GE.NA. records (germany) this one is there third vinyl release and as far as i can say – it´s there most monotonous & overwhelming output so far…

friends of CORRUPTED, IRON MONKEY, NOOTHGRUSH, DOT[.] and guess what – EYEHATEGOD – should love EYEHATELUCY!

we´ve made 1000 copies all on extraordinary black vinyl (can you remember your last black vinyl record? haha), dressed in a luxurious packaging, printed in gold and black, including a hudge (14 x 14 inch) fold out poster and an obi- value for money!

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use110))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use112)))

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