Hanging Rotten / Verge On Reason – split 7″EP

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use110))) | 2004 | available

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released in cooperation with:
M.S.S.C. rec / germany

1000 copies made on white vinyl



1.) at odds
2.) staggered
3.) new car smell
4.) no rebuttal (live)
5.) glass eye (live)


1.) notschlachtung? hinrichtung!
2.) braun hat heute viele farben
3.) where’s your problem
4.) gays just want to have fun

while working out the details for the EYEHATELUCY / HARTSOEKER split ep bert / M.S.S.C. rec. told me about his plans for this seven inch and asked me if we should release this 7″ together…

- well if heard the demo of germanys own VERGE ON REASON about two years ago and also have seen them live on some german festival near the border to poland, on which we also have played with BLINDSPOT AD and VERGE ON REASON impressed me with their rough grindcore and reminds me a lot on grindcore classics like i.e. RIGHTEOUS PIGS, DEFECATION or REPULSION…

yes, i think this could be realy called a traditional grindcore band geting their main influences from the late 80ies, early 90ies pre-death metal grindcore wave…

it´s great to listen to political grind without all these “modern” metal influences you can hear in nearly every extrem hardcore/grindcore band in these days…

- on the flipside of this seven inch you´ll find HANGING ROTTEN from north carolina, who have already released a lp on PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY (sweden) and a mcd on some malaysian label…

HANGING ROTTEN offer 5 songs in total – 3 studio recordings and 2 live takes…

HANGING ROTTEN create a great bastard between grind and sludge – it´s some kind of a mixture of the slow and gloomy parts of bands like i.e. EYEHATEGOD, FLOOR, GRIEF and bursted out grind like AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, PIG DESTROYER, CATHETER…

at some point their kind of musick is comperable to SOILENT GREEN, but i would say it´s more rough – read: b.r.u.t.a.l.!

all copies are done on pretty white vinyl and as the packaging includes a fold-out cover + lyric sheet…

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use109))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use111)))

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