Bizarre X / Kent Brockman – “no sleep ´till circlepit” split 7″EP

Von useless, 2011/01/17 9:38 PM

use108))) | 2003 | last copies available

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released in cooperation with:
HOMBRE LOBO rec., SCROTUM rec. and M.S.S.C. rec – all from germany

1000 copies made | two coloured (green/black) splatter-vinyl
(useless paid for 300 copies)



1.) Positive Vibrations
2.) Go – Go – Go
3.) Grindcore Rules Your Mind
4.) Immer Schön Sauber Bleiben!


1.) We Can’t Walk Back
2.) Morning View
3.) Seek Refuge In Attack
4.) I’m Sorry…

i’m in love with the BIZARRE X guys since we’ve meet us for the first time, when we played a few gigs with BLINDSPOT AD together with BIZARRE X and YACØPSAE back in 1999…

we were talking about working out a release together for a couple of years and so i spontanously agreed when fonsy / HOMBRE LOBO records asked me if useless would like to be a part of this release – and hell yes – this one turns into a real great record…

i realy like everything about this piece of vinyl. it comes along with a nice artwork, it delievers good quality recordings of both bands and best of all it’s everything but not trendy!!!
for sure you can call this a thrashcore release – but KENT BROCKMAN and BIZARRE X both go their own path without being a lame copy of the late 80ies / early 90ies thrashbands like so many bands poping up in the last couple of years…

both bands team up with ultrafast hardcore!

- KENT BROCKMAN thrash throug 4 songs in the vein of their 7″ or split lp with EDORA but for my taste it sounds more unique like e.g. the split lp which reminds me a lot on SPAZZ…
- BIZARRE X again with fast to the max hardcore using only bass, drums and vocals without missing a single guitar-tone…

hm, it’s hard to coplain this two bands to any other, but i’m sure if you are into SPAZZ, GODSTOMPER, LACK OF INTEREST, W.H.N.? – you should try to get this release!

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use107))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use109)))

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