Blindspot A.D. – “pain is not the cleanser” 7″EP

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use107))) | first press 2001 / second press 2002 | available

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1st press 600 copies: 500 black 70g vinyl / 100 clear 70g vinyl (sealed in black sleeves)
2nd press 500 copies on two coloured (red/blue) vinyl
heavy cardboard cover


a1.) Your Natural Order Of Things
a2.) Never Ever
a3.) Don´t Forget
a4.) Ignore Me
a5.) Dear Stick Society

b1.) Leave It Behind
b2.) Things I Hate A.K..A. Know Your Enemy
b3.) I Hate The Sun
b4.) Pain Is Not The Cleanser

like mentioned before BLINDSPOT have recorded twice to release a 7″ on USELESS and cancelled twice, because of different reasons – main reason: they were not realy satisfied with the recorded stuff…

so they recorded a third time for this release and hey – this one was for sure the best recording BLINDSPOT they have done until then!

- BLINDSPOT A.D. have found an awesome raw and heavy sound hardly comparable to any other band…
it rages from slow and spasitc elements to fast breakdowns. atmosphere & emotions – anger & frustration creates this mindblasting 7″ep!
take the best from chaoscore & grindcore, add some death-metal & some new schoolish elements and you got an idea what BLINDSPOT A.D. is all about…
9 trax in about 14 minutes…

use106))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use108)))

use106))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use108)))

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