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issues # 0 – 3 | july 1992 – aug 1993 | sold out

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promo issue – july 1992 | 12 copies made
issue #1 –  sept 1992 | 200 copies made
issue # 2 – dez 1992 | 200 copies made
issue # 3 – aug 1993 | 300 copies made

all written in german! (go and buy a dictionary)

…so this is where it all started.
i’ve been writing letters to bands and started tape trading for a few years, also i’ve been collecting many fanzines from all over the world. this fanzines had a major impact of what i did know from this world outside of this town called shitcity in the middle of nowhere. this fanzines teached me, that everyone – even myself – has the ability to be a part of this compaign for musical destruction.

one day the great idea pop up in my mind, that i need to do something. i need to be a active part of this community. i was bored of consuming and want to do something. the same day i started to write to the bands i already was in touch with, but also the search for adresses of all the bands i get know through tapetrading started…

after starting the work for issue #1 two friends of mine, kai who lived next to me and micha who was involved in some bands eg. the amazing noisecore band pasztørøzøtt, offered there help. it took us some time to complete issue # 1, so i made a couple of promo copies, to prove  that we are working on it…

issue # 2 was made in just 2 months, since there were a couple of interviews that were supposed to be releases in # 1.
also there was a new editor. his name was falk, he was involved in a noise band called brb and also did (still do) the label perverted taste records.

issue #3 took us some more time. kai who did a lot of work for # 1 and 2 has left the building, but ollie – drumer for dreaded instinct and later blindspot / stefan – vocalist for dreaded instinct and drumer for social genocide / and goran – a art-fanziner from shitcity – joined the team.
with the new people, the whole zine growed into something that has more variety. so, it was the only issue that have some more to offer than just only music.

we started the work on issue # 4, but sadly we never finished it. i think it was my fault. to bad!

i would like to mention that kai died a few years ago.
it made me sad all the time when i remember that we had some beef about stupid little things back then and never got the chance to get the record straight…
all i did know about him is that he travelled all over asia after he left shitcity. he must have had a great time there. being back in germany he started to study in bremen. thats where he died, having a truck chrashed into his bike. rest in peace my friend!

here is a short summary what was included in the zines:

issue # 1:
interviews with: *n*l massaker / dreaded instinct / wimp records / end of silence / acoustic grinder / v.a.m. / gruft / b.r.b. / w.b.i. / barcass / noiseslaughter / feedback recycling / tumor / g-hørsturz / alboth / or*l noise / hiatus / zoster / herbert mullin / størspatzen of des / public collapse / arse / unseen noise death / pasztørøzøtt / meat shits.
the zine also included some reviews, playlists and a great poster drawn by micha.

issue # 2:
interviews with: extreme smoke / vomiting chancellors belly / tuchulcha / mutilus / necrophiliacs / exulceration / seven minutes of nausea / v*gin*lmassaker / extreme nose terror / yacøpsae / ultra grinding beards / giblets / poserslaughter records / leucemie /  hideous mangleus / cripple bastards / bondage harvest / lucius / sensless aggression / harmony dies / audiostench / smegma / bowlecrust / sterbehilfe / kriminal sound grinder / impetigo.
again the zine included some reviews and playlists. there also were great drawings on the fron cover – again made by micha – and on the backcover – made by steven from smegma

issue # 3:
interviews with: s.o. war / social genocide / confusion / just kids / o.p.f. / psychopharmaka / w.b.i. / goregasm / tuomiopäivan lapset / psychotic noise / rot / dirsupt / selfish.
this issue also included the playlist section and reviews. there were also a lot of colums. that beside music this issue covered a lot of  other topics like religion, vegetarianism, politics in general. plus a lot of drawings from micha and goran.

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