Hartsoeker – 1sided 7″EP

Von useless, 2011/01/17 9:34 PM

use106))) | 1998 | last copies available

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released in cooperation with:
Transfixional Releases / germany

204 copies made | black vinyl
handmade cover
(useless paid for 102 copies)


1.) the wiser ones
2.) opress yourself
3.) he was the ukelele player… (intense degree)
4.) ur-protozoon
5.) satori unload (anemone tube remix)

this slab of vinyl delievers five more HARTSOEKER songs from the same marquee-studio session like the “dealing with…” 7″ep, including a INTESE DEGREE cover-version.

song number 6 is a weird ANEMONE TUBE remix.
ANEMONE TUBE is a southgerman industrial-noise projekt feat. HARTSOEKER´s guitarist stefan. the remix was created by using the sounds of HARTSOEKER´s “dealing with the sense…” 7″ep. no computer, no sampler used!

because of the real few copies i got of this record (it was a cooperation with TRANSFIXIONAL RELEASES – i got only 102 copies of it!!!) i decided to give them not away for trade – and that´s why you can still order it at USELESS…

oh what a pity – like you can see on the pictures below, the cardboard i used to create this custom made covers bleach out offer the years… but the tunes on vinyl still rock!

use105))) v.a <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use107)))

use105))) v.a <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use107)))

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