Blindspot A.D. – “stumme gesichter” CD-R

Von useless, 2011/01/17 9:33 PM

use105))) version a | 2000 | sold out

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ltd. & hand-# edition of 30 copies

handmade cover/booklet with glueed  in  pictures


1.) chaos menschlicher unvernunft
2.) geisel meiner selbst
3.) sterben für schönheit
4.) schöne neue welt
5.) tiefschlafsyndrom
6.) stumme gesichter
7.) lifestyle paranoia
8.) begegnung mit mir
9.) der autist
10.) hirnfräsmaschine
11.) phobie leben
12.) tagtraum flucht
14.) dieser spielplatz
15.) tod dem grünen mann

the cat.# [use-105] orignaly was saved for a 7″ of BLINDSPOT which never came out… BLINDSPOT have recorded two times for this ep, but decided twice not to release the recordings as a full length 7″… the first recording session was used for various compilations and some trax of the second one was used for the split 7″ w/ PACKRATTEN that our friend sille at VULGAR rec. has released…

this cd-r is a kind of a uncompleted overview with some brandnew trax and various trax BLINDSPOT have recorded during the years and never was released and now is used to fill those 105…

the new trax present the new name BLINDSPOT A.D., which was the new name of the new founded line-up. BLINDSPOT A.D. changed the sound of BLINDSPOT into a more modern sound, with heavy hardcore influences…

BLINDSPOT A.D. received a lot of good reviews for this release (eg. the version.b which got a bigger circulation) and was mostly compared to bands like ACRID, ACME, UNRUH and stuff like that…

use105))) v.b <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use106)))

use105))) v.b <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use106)))

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