Hartsoeker – “dealing with the sense of catastrophe” 7″EP

Von useless, 2011/01/17 9:29 PM

use104))) | 1997 | sold out

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950 copies | black vinyl
cover and inlet printed on hemp paper


a1.) TV Out, Mind On
a2.) Potemkin Thead
a3.) Admit Your Error
a4.) Trapped In Hate
a5.) Jeff Kickhole

b6.) Illegal Timber Cutting
b7.) What Nature Gives Me
b8.) Supposed To Be Senescent
b9.) Tear-jerker

the second HARTSOEKER release on USELESS records – like mentioned before there was a real strong relationship between both of this extreme core institutions – not only that HARTSOEKER and USELESS represents the south-end – we also share the same ideals of diy and both grown with the helping hand of each other…

- HARTSOEKER entered southgermanys most frequented studio in this times which also have done recordings for hardcore bands like 2BAD, SPERMBIRDS and THE NOTWIST, but also have worked for such bands like LUZIFERS MOB!!!
it was a such an amazing expirience to listen the first time to the recordings – it combines a sheer intense power – that leaves me with my mouth wide opened…
HARTSOEKER got mostly enthusiastic reviews for that release and was named with bands like UNSEEN TERROR, PROTEST BENGT and INTENSE DEGREE with a more modern sound…

by the way, with this release i have learned to ask in front ´bout the printing coast for the cover, haha… that idea to print the cover on hemp paper broke my neck – i never have thought that it will be such an expensive shit – i would gave a million for a picture of me at the moment i dreadful watched the bill…

edit 01 / 20 / 2011:
stefan hartsoeker sended me a mail a few days ago and passed me a link to a blogspot site from the philippines called “brave new world”. on this site you will find a download link to this 7″EP. great! fun fact of the download post was the descritption:

Hartsoeker were a small German band playing intricate, intense and pissed grinding fastcore between 1996 and 2004. Along the lines of german bands like Luzifers Mob or earlier stuff from Yacopsae. Strange fact is such a brilliant band had been quite overlooked by their peers from the Euro “crust-punk scene”. Thing is the Hartsoeker guys didn’t have dreadlocks, piercings or nice tatoos, they rather kept a low profile, being peaceful, quiet pot-smoking university students.

well – go and download this great record there!

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use103))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use105))) v.b

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