Cripple Bastards / W.B.I. – split 7″EP

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use101))) | 1993 | sold out

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520 copies made – all black vinyl
(500 with printed cover, 20 with xeroxed cover)



1.) Paranoiac
2.) Without Shadow Of Justice
3.) Round Table
4.) T.L.O.H.
5.) War Spoils
6.) Bane
7.) Frightened, Neglected
8.) What I Thought

WBI side:

1.) Tim (A.C.)
2.) 2 Maniacs
3.) Schimmelfuss
4.) Suchst Du Klee ?!
5.) Schnauf “Solo”
6.) Das Schwein Matthias
7.) Dirty Harmonies
8.) Breaking His Tail

after releasing some fanzines and a split tape under the name of SUPERFLUOUS  i – pat – decided in 1992 to cooperate with ollie, who also got the idea of doing a mailorder and releasing stuff for his own… so USELESS was born. we started to collect records and tapes, friends have released, to make our first mailorder-list. while starting that mailorder thing the first plans to release some records was made and two bands we were in contact with  was asked to do a split 7″ on the new-founded diy label.
after some month of doing this shit together ollie was bored of the work with the label / mailorder and i continue doing the shit for my own and the CRIPPLE BASTARDS / W.B.I. split got the cat.# [use-101]…
by the way – this stupid idea to start with # 101 was stolen from ECOCENTRIC rec. – a real amazing noise/blurrrr label from koblenz… i don´t know realy if they are still around, but this thing with the number seems very funny to me… (edit – february 2011: yep, after a short hiatus ecocentric records is still alive and released a couple of great records within the last years – this year there will be a cooperation between ecocentric and useless records: the schmand / geezers – split 7″ep)
- W.B.I. from northgermany was one of the most exciting live bands i have seen in the begining of the nineties and i asked for some live-recordings of a show i have seen on a big noise/grind festival in leipzig.
the sound quality of their side is realy awesome – if i should be honest: it´s horrible insane noise, haha – but i dig that shit and after listening to the split after all that years, i´ve got that picture in my brain of all that crazy W.B.I. shows i´ve seen in this days…

- italians CRIPPLE BASTARDS at this time was a awefull intense grindcore band which sold hundreds of tapes and was one of the best known new grind/noise/hardcore bands out of europe…
if i could manage to release this shit only four or five weeks earlier it would be the first vinyl appereance for CRIPPLE BASTARDS, who nowadays have released some dozen of ep´s, split ep´s, 10″s, lp´s – whatever…
psyomania records out of scottland was a little bit faster and released the CRIPPLE BASTARDS / VIOLENT HEADACHE split 7″ep and i got place two at the race of releasing the first BASTARDS vinyl…
the CRIPPLE BASTARDS side is still one of our favorite BASTARDS stuff – it got´s a intense raw sound, which delivers pure rage grindcore energy…

i can’t tell where i did read it – maybe on the cripple bastards homepage – but this split seems to be the hardest to find cripple bastards release… hm – if i only saved some copies, i could sell now on ebay, haha. i only got one single copy left for my own collection and my wife gived her copy away as a birthday gift to a very close friend of ourselfs…

btw – after all the years, i lost contact to the bandmembers of cripple bastards or wbi.
wbi members later played in flachenbrand and have some disgusting song titles and covers, that are meant to provoke, but simply are stupid. also giulio of cripple bastards spread some thoughts i can’t share…

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