Schmand / Geezers – split 7″EP

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use122))) | may 2011 | available

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SCHMAND – “instant society”:

GEEZERS – “forever lost”:

released in cooperation with ECOCENTRIC rec.

300 copies made – pressed on 7 different colors:

18 – translucent / clear – with a little shade of rose
28 – solid turquoise / with a little shade of grey
41 – translucent dark blue
42 – marbled – slightly translucent – dark brown / with a little shade of grey
50 – translucent “meat red”
52 – marbled solid grey / turquoise / purple
69 – marbled – slightly translucent – violet / rose / with a little shade of gold



1.) L’Enfer
2.) Grave Dancer
3.) Tunnel
4.) Forever Lost


1.) Begegnung mit mir
2.) Instant Society

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4x straight forward rockish hardcore from the GEEZERS dudes – this is what i used to call “schweinerock”! fast hardcore, lots of melodies and a great sludge feeling – nevertheless no stops all go. this dudes know how to rock – hm – they also have a hudge list of ex- or current bands they played in, like elision, shokei, gotz george – just to name a few of them… but GEEZERS is realy different to all their other bands – this sounds much more like zeke or genocide ss. a friend called it motorheadpunk – yep – i think that is it…

SCHMAND once more with progressive hardcore/punk. track one is a rerecorded version of “Begegnung mit mir” – a song that already could be heard on the 2nd demo. this version is a little faster and also got some new parts – i like this one! song #2 is a fast forward hardcorepunk song with a great “melodical” chorus. sadly fossy don’t want to play this one live…

this record is a ltd edition of 300 copies and comes with a full coloured cover / inlay, coloured labels and coloured vinyl… to be exact on 7 different coloured vinyls… on top of it you will get a download code of the songs to listen this songs on your i-pod.

well – i’mn realy happy that we managed to release this record. for me it’s something special. all the people that were involved to the production process are friends of mine… zistl of GEEZERS is a long time friend, who also did the first show for schmand we ever played on a festival. mike the dude who plays guitar for LOSING ALL did the recording. markus – former bassplayer for BLINDSPOT AD – did the mastering. fonsy – who runned HOMBRE LOBO reocords – did the printing and the record is released in cooperation with matt / ECOCENTRIC rec. – who is a friend of mine for more than 20 years…

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