Slaktrens – “ur balans” 7″EP

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use120))) | april 2010 | available

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cooperation with:
RAWBY rec. / FIGHT BACK rec. / ANARKOPUNK rec. – all from sweden

505 copies made:
500 copies on transparent red vinyl
5 test presses on solid black vinyl packed in alternate cover
(useless paid for 101 copies)


a1.) Mot undergång
a2.) Lurad från ruta ett
a3.) Köphets
a4.) Kappvändare
a5.) Lägg ner
a6.) Vidrig industri
a7.) Girigheten styr
a8.) Krigsrester

b1.) Ur balans
b2.) Bandklippande parasiter
b3.) Full av skit
b4.) Taggtrådsidyll
b5.) Toppstyrd
b6.) Slut på det roliga
b7.) Skitprat

a couple of years ago i got in touch with the guys of FROM THE ASHES – a swedish grindcore band.
back then we traded some of their self released 7“EP and from that point on i was watching this band.
well i’m really a big worshiper of swedish grindcore and so also all of this bands releases satisfied my need for noise…

after FROM THE ASHES broke up i was very curious about the things to come.
will there be another grind assault that made my ears bleed?

well, at some point i noticed a new project – a one man band – in person johan doing everything for his own – playing guitar / drums and doing vocals. so i downloaded the demo of which i got passed by a link and yes – this was not what i expected to hear.
this is so much different to FROM THE ASHES.

when i talked to johan he told me that from now on stefan did guitars and vocals and he does drums and vocals – so this band consists now of 2 former members of FROM THE ASHES – but like noticed before – you really won’t will get the hit on it that this could be a follow up band of FROM THE ASHES…
he also told me that they want to release a 7” and already have some swedish dudes helping out, but he did like to have this release more international – so i offered my help in releasing this record…

what do you need to know about SLAKTRENS?

SLAKTRENS way more sound like it’s a classic swedish hardcore-punk band.
SLAKTRENS sounds absolutely not like a band from the 2k – this sounds like it’s from late 1980ies.
SLAKTRENS is no bullshit, straight to the point hardcore-punk.

if you did like that wave of thrashing hardcore-punk bands from sweden like early filthy christians, mob 47, rövsvett, totalitär or protest bengt – well – my friend be sure you will like this!

what you can hear on this 7” are 15 short hardcore-punk outbursts.
no metal, no grind – just fast to the point hardcore-punk.

i did not know what else to write about this release – it’s simply offers everything i like at this bands i named a few lines before – straight forward hardcore tunes, played with passion!

to me it’s a big fun to read the swedish lyrics and figure out what they supposed to mean…
at some point it’s really helpful to have a few lines written in english to prove if i’m on the right path.
as far as my swedish knowledge is sufficient, the lyrics are written in a pissed of, social aware type but also delivers a great sense of humour!

also the cover art leads to suspect the sense of humour i talked about.
it shows polar bears balancing on a high wire to avoid to run into their own species that turn into cannibalism.
that’s also the main phrase of the title song “Ur balans” what means something like “out off balance”, a song about climate changes and the results of that – for example polar bears going cannibal on each other.

this 15 songs were recorded in february 2010 at the rehearsal room of SLAKTRENS.
the 7” got pressed 500 times on transparent red vinyl.
it got a cover printed with black and red ink and a 5 inch sized lyric-sheet.
each copy is numbered.
there were also made 5 test presses packed in a numbered cover printed with black and green ink.

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use119))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use121)))

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