Schmand – “Demo 2007″ 3″ Mini-CD-R

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use118))) | january 2008 | last copies available for mailorder

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400 copies made


1.) Millions Passed By, Millions Will Come

2.) Born To Win – Live To Lose

3.) Begegnung Mit Mir (Reloaded)

this is the first release for SCHMAND i was involved to the band and writing about the band i’m the vocalist for is not so easy…

in my opinion SCHMAND is the most exciting band that ever popped out of the hardcorepunk universe and sometime in the near future we will be known as the band that changed everything – but eh – the goals you set to yourself and how others perceive you… – …well sometimes these opinions differ.
so you might should try to form your own view on this release instead of believing my writ.

well this songs – basically the instrumental tracks – were recorded in january 2007 at mike mullers place in tuttlingen / black forest area, that later became the daya-studio. at this point i was pretty new to the band and haven’t ever “sung” to this new songs before they got recorded – so it took me some time, to get into the songs, to write lyrics for them and to rehearse them… so – a couple of months after the instrumental tracks were recorded i recorded the vocals for this songs and andreas did some additional guitar-recordings – both took place at our rehearsal room. after that it took us some time until simon gone through the mix- and mastering process… 

this songs were supposed for a split lp with mike muellers band lsgnl – but unfortunately they split up before we were able to fulfil this release. but to be honest – i anyway thought that it was a to early point in time to do a vinyl release…

we gave this songs / recordings some month of hiatus, to make a decision what to do with them…
since i always think it’s the best thing to do a demo release for a quite young band instead of releasing a ep or something else right after a couple of rehearsals, i had the idea to release this as a demo again and talked to the other boys what they did think about it…
well – yes – the band already existed for about 6 years at that time, but this marked some kind of a new chapter: it’s the very first recording with schmand for both of us – bjorn on bass and me on vocals.
so – yes – this is our first real demo as “schmand the band”.

the three songs that can be heard on this recording for sure all have the same kind of sound, but musical wise they are very diverse.

track one – “Millions Passed By, Millions Will Come” – is some kind of a slowed down song that have some “bremen hardcore” (think of acme, systral and stuff) feeling to me. beginning with a playful, emotional undistorted beginning the song is mutating into a very massive wall of sound – deep bass waves, harsh buzzing but simultaneously sawing guitar sounds and heavy druming, screamed out desperate vocals… most of the time when we play this song live it gives me goose bumps…
for some reasons the other three don’t like the song to much – so it became a song we sadly do play very rarely… btw. the lyrics to this song were the last ones i originally did for my former band BLINDSPOT AD and the BLINDSPOT AD musicians also created a song i wanted to use this words for, but this never happens… to me using this lyrics for the first song of this release is some kind of coming to terms with the past.

track two – “Born To Win – Live To Lose” – this is one of the couple of songs, that we – the schmando diao four – did call our hardcore songs. it’s a compact, fast and to the point, driving song – the drumming sounds like a to hasty played d-beat. i also like the refrain of this song – it got a real catchy melody… well it would not be a SCHMAND song if it did not have at least one discordant and tricky part – so this song also offers this aspect.

track three – “Begegnung Mit Mir (Reloaded)” – this is my favourite song for this release and at the moment we also did re-arranged this song a bit and re-recorded it for our 1st lp. this one is a real intricate, complex song. fast druming, great sharp riffs got blasted by more heavy oriented sounds morphing into emotional parts. while beeing diverse on the other side – once you are into it – it got a recognizable structure.

i used for this demo little 3”cdr’s with a printed surface and the cdr is housed in a nice looking 3” miniature “dvd-box”. the printed inlays are pro-done digital prints following a art concept created by oliver hummel of niklolaushaus-design in cooperation with me giving him some input for coloursetting and how i did wish to have the art look like… it took us a few e-mails and finally he showed me the result and i was impressed – yes i really love what oliver created!

i ordered 300 cdr’s and 300 boxes – also i told the printing plant to deliver 300 covers / inlays.
but when i went throught the burning-process of the first 300 cd’s i recognized there are way more covers and inlays printed – so i ordered another 100 cd’s when the first 300 seemed to be sold…
so – in total there were 400 copies made of this cd.

well, for the fact that this is a demo-release i think we can be satisfied with the quantity we sold and passed by of this releases…

i also like the format of the 3”cd – and maybe, we – SCHMAND – will sometimes do a release like this again! 
at this point i would like to point out that i owe andreas, bjorn, and simon a debt of gratitude for giving me the chance to join this band. it means a lot to me!

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