Agathocles / Tinner – split 7″EP

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use117))) | nobember 2009 | last copies available for mailorder

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350 copies were made:
50 red copies / agathocles (belgium)
100 transparent copies / rest of noise records (slovakia)
100 white copies – tinner (finland) and up yours records (sweden)
100 gold copies – useless records

the useless edition is handnumbered and includes a flyer that also is handnumbered

WARNING: This is raw – read R.A.W. stuff!

belgium versus finland / mincecore versus d-takt.



1.) necessity
2.) big flat cages
3.) hear more
4.) until it bleeds
5.) religious fucking dope
6.) chronic death
7.) arbeit macht krank

(previously unreleased rehearsal versions recorded 07/07 2007 in geel)

TINNER side:

1.) dom kallar oss tinner
2.) far man ta crusthunden med sig in i himlen
3.) hotell, offentlig toalett
4.) vi ar inte pk
5.) krig ar vansinne (disclose cover)

(taken from rare demorecordings only released in japan on cd-r)

so – this record is some kind of a compensation for cat.-# use-102.

use-102 was supposed as a AGATHOCLES split 7”ep that should have been released way back in 1993/04 and never have been released for different circumstances. and i’m realy worry about it after all the years…

for many reasons i’m realy happy that i was able to contribute my help in releasing this split 7”ep, but the main reason is:

it proves once again that diy is the perfect way to release underground music!!!

there were so many great persons involved in this project – subben from TINNER, jan from AGATHOCELS, benny from UP YOURS…

at least the great communication to the involved lead to new projects with TINNER and UP YOURS and hopefully i’m able in the future to work on another AGATHOCLES release!?!

ok – lets talk about the actual record:

- belgium’s AGATHOCLES is absolutely one of the most prolific bands i can think about.

it was around 1990 when i ordered the “if this is cruel” 7”ep at nuclear blast records.

way back than nuclear blast records have had xeroxed mailorder lists layouted in cut and paste design and also was one of the most important resources for brutal underground music here in germany – but this is a other story…

anyway – like i’ve said before – i bought this record and wow – this one was a blast…

the raw / rough sound, the distorted guitars, the fast drumming, the screamed and growled vocals – the over all unpolished brutal sound blow me away!

ok – even if i not have had a record collection like today, i already was familiar with underground music and already owned records from eg. napalm death and fear of god, but AGATHOCLES offered some kind of unheard roughness – yet to my ears…

after all the years i’m still buying / collecting records from AGATHOCLES and even if my “morgue” is far from complete i have something like 80 (!) 7”ep’s / lp’s / cd’s and most of them are split ep’s of many bands i got introduced to because of that splits…

to be honest – there are a few records i’m not that much into.

especially the assumed more professional / studio recordings miss that rough brutality for what i love this band so much!

ok – to get to the point:

the songs on this split ep remind me a lot to the early recordings of AGATHOCLES like the “if this is cruel” ep i babbled about before. respectively it offers the sound of how AGATHOCLES have to sound like to fit my mood if i’m going to hear a AGATHOCLES record…

the songs were recorded on a 4track and have a great sound – the drumming, the guitarsound, the vocals – it’s so much the same feeling like the one i have listening to my favourite AGATHOCLES records…

it is great to see that jan and his comrades in arms are able to reproduce this sound for so many years without being boring.

AGATHOCLES still going strong with their mission to be inspirational, lyrically the same way as musical wise!

the concept of mincecore work out after all the years – the band was formed something like 1985 – and hopefully will continue many more years!!!

- TINNER from finland was unknown to me, unless we was invited to play with SCHMAND at the 1st BLUTSVENTE festival. i already knowed a lot of the bands that were going to play, but when rico announced all the bands that were going to play, i recogniced some so far to me unknown bands.

the first of them were TINNER which catched my attention with their BEHERIT rip-off logo that was shown on the blutsvente flyer and well that’s a good point to mark the start of a communication with me… endless likewise senseless babbling about black metal and it’s influence/impact of the 80ies and 90ies underground metal and punk scene and how i got the first time a corpsepainting (he is calling it the “ugly animal”) of my 5 year old son louis – the master of disaster – is one of my favourite areas of expertise, haha…

i still can rember while starring on their myspace-profile and waiting until the player has loaded i thought about what kind of music they might play and guessed it realy could be a harsh black metal band – at least not the badest choice.

then the player started of with the first song and to my surprise unleashed a hell of d-beat song…

rough guitars / harsh sreams / fast rumbling drums this is what d-beat / crustpunk have to sound like… there are also this great underlying metal solos i love scandinavian d-beat for!

don’t get me wrong – i really love his hero is gone / tragedy / from ashes rise – but the legions of soundalikes are disgusting and are nothing else but a trend that i can’t take serious – it has no enrichment to the musical progress… and if there is no need for a progress within crust/d-beat – it simply has to sound like TINNER – no weepy dumpishness – just a fast forward / aggressive wall of sound!

yes – this catched my attention!

when subben – the drummer of TINNER – searched for persons who did like to contribute their help in co-releasing a TINNER / AGATHOCLES record i immediately offered the support from USELESS.

it took us nearly a year to fulfil this project, but it was worth waiting for!

subben is not only a great person and good drummer – he also did a great artwork job for this record…
it delivers some kind of dark feelings that perfect match to the sounds the record offer!

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