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Mailorder-Section for new Homepage is open now!!!

Von useless, 2011/05/15 6:18 PM

…aaargh – it took me way more time than i expected to rework my old homepage to get a more functional php/wordpress based homepage. well, the new homepage is launched for a couple of weeks and the mailorder section was still left. it took me so much time, because i want to make sure, that all items that are listed are realy available and so i spend hours crawling through the boxes that are stacked in my catacombs… a section is still missed – all the tapes and zines are not listed yet – that might also took me some more time. i now hope you all find some records your are interested in and wait to receive your mail!


Schmand / Geezers – split 7″EP out now!!!

Von useless, 2011/05/15 6:12 PM

yeah – it took us some time to realize this release – but the waiting is over now… this release turned out to be a real special one – it’s a cooperation with Ecocentric Records and since it’s ltd to 300 copies in total, i only got 150 copies – about 50 are already gone within the firts couple of days… please hurry up to get your copy!

Corrosive / Life Ends – out soooon!

Von useless, 2011/02/20 11:00 AM

yeah – the test press of the split 10″ is arrived and sounds fucking great.

the release date should be around middle of march.

pressing info:
500 copies in total
300 black vinyl
150 white vinyl / housed in a printed pizza box
50 white vinyl /  housed in a printed pizza box + fucking kill records t-shirt.

i only spend a little amount of money for this release – just to get it out a little earlier. so please support chris from fucking kill records who had all the word with this release and get your preorder pizza box here:  killchris70 AT

chris did a little clip to promote this release:

listen to useless music…

Von Pat Useless, 2011/02/13 3:32 PM

please check the media section for music taken from USELESS releases…

feel free to leave a comment!

web waif of today: Hartsoeker – “dealing…” download

Von useless, 2011/02/13 10:50 AM

check this site to download the 7″EP from Hartsoeker at a good quality!

make sure to read the quite funny description!!!

the compaign for musical destruction continues…

Von Pat Useless, 2011/02/12 5:55 PM

these nice records should be out next:

>>> UNHOLY GRAVE / TINNER- split 7″EP | use-119)))
>>> SCHMAND / GEEZERS – split 7″EP | use-122)))
>>> CORROSIVE / LIFE ENDS – split 10″EP | use-123)))


>>> KEITZER – vinyl version of “suicide anthology” | use-???)))
>>> BIZARRE X / CORROSIVE – split 7″EP | use-???)))
>>> MESRINE / SAKATAT – split 7″EP | use-???)))
>>> LIFE ENDS – 7″EP | use-???)))
>>> RED FORMAN DEATH EXPERIENCE – tape |  use-???)))

you see i got so much more plans for the upcoming months/years and this are only the releases i’m sure about – there are a few more other projects in discussion…  USELESS for sure ‘ll be active in the near future and there will be a lot of releases apes would not ignore…

Agathocles / Kingterror – split 10″EP

Von useless, 2011/02/12 5:44 PM

released july 2010 – check the releases section for more info

Slaktrens – “Ur balans” 7″EP

Von useless, 2011/02/12 5:42 PM

released april 2010 – check the releases section for more info

Agathocles / Tinner – split 7″EP

Von useless, 2011/02/12 5:40 PM

released november 2009 – check the releases section for more info

Yacøpsae – “Tanz. Grosny. Tanz…” LP

Von useless, 2011/02/12 5:37 PM

released may 2009 – check the releases section for more info

new homepage

Von Pat Useless, 2011/02/12 5:20 PM

here it is.
a little bit of it.
still unfinished.

since turn of the year there is no more NOISEBRIGADE mailorder and so there was a need for a new mailorder section on the USELESS RECORDS website.

while thinking about it i decided to overdwork the whole website and switched to a content management system.
i hope with this tool i’m able to update this website more frequently.

right now im still in  the “heavy editing mode” and hope this is done soon.

the main stuff concerning the label is online.
there will be some more stuff aded like reviews and soundfiles.
also the mailorder section is the “hot phase” and i think it’s done something like end of february.

to shorten the time until this page is done – please check this out:

Schmand – “Begegnung mit mir” from the upcoming Schmand / Geezers split 7″EP
to be released end  in march on Ecocentric Records / Useless Records