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…aaargh – it took me way more time than i expected to rework my old homepage to get a more functional php/wordpress based homepage. well, the new homepage is launched for a couple of weeks and the mailorder section was still left. it took me so much time, because i want to make sure, that all items that are listed are realy available and so i spend hours crawling through the boxes that are stacked in my catacombs… a section is still missed – all the tapes and zines are not listed yet – that might also took me some more time. i now hope you all find some records your are interested in and wait to receive your mail!


Schmand / Geezers – split 7″EP out now!!!

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yeah – it took us some time to realize this release – but the waiting is over now… this release turned out to be a real special one – it’s a cooperation with Ecocentric Records and since it’s ltd to 300 copies in total, i only got 150 copies – about 50 are already gone within the firts couple of days… please hurry up to get your copy!

Corrosive / Life Ends – split 10″EP

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use123))) | march 2011 | available

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LIFE ENDS – “harmlos”:

CORROSIVE – “selbstkorrektur”:

cooperation with:
FUCKING KILL and KINK –  both from germany

520 copies made / 4 different versions – all handnumbered:

Version 1:
# 001 – 030 – Fucking Kill Records Edition – White vinyl, Fucking Kill Records T-Shirt / packed in a pizza box with glued on cover

Version 2:
# 031 – 100 – White vinyl packed in a pizza box with glued on cover

Version 3:
# 101 – 200 – White vinyl

Version 4:
# 201 – 520 – Black vinyl

Useless paid for 72 copies



01.) #14 aka Der Übergang
02.) Selbstkorrektur
03.) Inklusion
04.) Krise
05.) Amnesie
06.) Immer an diesen Tagen


01.) Fuck
02.) Armes Würstchen
03.) Harmlos
04.) Schlecht
05.) Lebender Toter
06.) Letzte Konsequenz
07.) Bad Habits
08.) Im Bettle there is no law
09.) Waste

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well – i was asked if i did like to spend some money for this release, when the CORROSIVE and LIFE ENDS dudes decided to release a 10″ instead of a 7″ – and therefor the production costs increase… since i realy like both bands pretty much i took me not too long until i said yes! it’s great to be a part of this southgerman inferno!

this record turned out to be a real must have for everyone into fast music!
both bands blurr out a massive hurricane of musical destruction…

what you get is a total grindcore / powerviolence worship!

6 new tracks from germanys thrashcore nerds CORROSIVE. mostly fucking fast hardcore mixed with some slower, crawling heavy stuff. unbelievable that they already existed back in the 90ies and were on hiatus for some years… these old man sound so angry, so fresh – a lot of new bands with young people did not manage to sound as intense as they do! i always have to think of “traditional” SLAP-A-HAM records bands like CROSSED OUT, INFEST or MITB while listening to CORROSIVE but there could be recognized a massive DEUTSCHPUNK and also a slighty CELTIC FROST influences…

LIFE ENDS is power-violence styled grindcore with nihilistic lyrics !!! germanys answer to INFEST. loud and aggressive. if you dig the power-violence parts of IRON LUNG and like german stop-and-go grindcore you can’t be wrong here. LIFE ENDS deliever 9 songs that made me hungry for more – so i will contribute my help for the up coming 7″ that should be released later this year… in the meantime – try to get their demotape that is also rereleased now.

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use122))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<

Corrosive / Life Ends – out soooon!

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yeah – the test press of the split 10″ is arrived and sounds fucking great.

the release date should be around middle of march.

pressing info:
500 copies in total
300 black vinyl
150 white vinyl / housed in a printed pizza box
50 white vinyl /  housed in a printed pizza box + fucking kill records t-shirt.

i only spend a little amount of money for this release – just to get it out a little earlier. so please support chris from fucking kill records who had all the word with this release and get your preorder pizza box here:  killchris70 AT

chris did a little clip to promote this release:

web waif of today: Hartsoeker – “dealing…” download

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check this site to download the 7″EP from Hartsoeker at a good quality!

make sure to read the quite funny description!!!

Agathocles / Kingterror – split 10″EP

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released july 2010 – check the releases section for more info

Slaktrens – “Ur balans” 7″EP

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released april 2010 – check the releases section for more info

Agathocles / Tinner – split 7″EP

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released november 2009 – check the releases section for more info

Yacøpsae – “Tanz. Grosny. Tanz…” LP

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released may 2009 – check the releases section for more info

Schmand / Geezers – split 7″EP

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use122))) | may 2011 | available

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SCHMAND – “instant society”:

GEEZERS – “forever lost”:

released in cooperation with ECOCENTRIC rec.

300 copies made – pressed on 7 different colors:

18 – translucent / clear – with a little shade of rose
28 – solid turquoise / with a little shade of grey
41 – translucent dark blue
42 – marbled – slightly translucent – dark brown / with a little shade of grey
50 – translucent “meat red”
52 – marbled solid grey / turquoise / purple
69 – marbled – slightly translucent – violet / rose / with a little shade of gold



1.) L’Enfer
2.) Grave Dancer
3.) Tunnel
4.) Forever Lost


1.) Begegnung mit mir
2.) Instant Society

use121))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<           |          >>> use123)))

4x straight forward rockish hardcore from the GEEZERS dudes – this is what i used to call “schweinerock”! fast hardcore, lots of melodies and a great sludge feeling – nevertheless no stops all go. this dudes know how to rock – hm – they also have a hudge list of ex- or current bands they played in, like elision, shokei, gotz george – just to name a few of them… but GEEZERS is realy different to all their other bands – this sounds much more like zeke or genocide ss. a friend called it motorheadpunk – yep – i think that is it…

SCHMAND once more with progressive hardcore/punk. track one is a rerecorded version of “Begegnung mit mir” – a song that already could be heard on the 2nd demo. this version is a little faster and also got some new parts – i like this one! song #2 is a fast forward hardcorepunk song with a great “melodical” chorus. sadly fossy don’t want to play this one live…

this record is a ltd edition of 300 copies and comes with a full coloured cover / inlay, coloured labels and coloured vinyl… to be exact on 7 different coloured vinyls… on top of it you will get a download code of the songs to listen this songs on your i-pod.

well – i’mn realy happy that we managed to release this record. for me it’s something special. all the people that were involved to the production process are friends of mine… zistl of GEEZERS is a long time friend, who also did the first show for schmand we ever played on a festival. mike the dude who plays guitar for LOSING ALL did the recording. markus – former bassplayer for BLINDSPOT AD – did the mastering. fonsy – who runned HOMBRE LOBO reocords – did the printing and the record is released in cooperation with matt / ECOCENTRIC rec. – who is a friend of mine for more than 20 years…

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Agathocles / Kingterror – split 10″EP

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use121))) | july 2010 | available

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cooperation with:
SHOVE rec. (Italy)

820 copies made – all black vinyl
(useless paid for 102 copies)



1.) Fashion victim
2.)  This generation is yours
3.)  The thruth about black metal: grind re-mix
4.)  Macho man
5.)  Voice your fucking opinion
6.)  Some people are gay
7.)  What will you do?!?
8.)  We have records and shirts in the back
9.)  Kingterror anthem: grind re-mix
10.)  War is shit and we love crusties
11.)  I am not a racist, but…
12.)  Your system sucks


1.)  Hypocritical aid
2.)  No importance
3.)  Blue jokes
4.)  News on/off
5.)  Distorted portraits
6.)  Blow their fucking ears
7.)  Financial cris-ass
8.)  Computerized slavery

more info soon!

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Slaktrens – “ur balans” 7″EP

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use120))) | april 2010 | available

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cooperation with:
RAWBY rec. / FIGHT BACK rec. / ANARKOPUNK rec. – all from sweden

505 copies made:
500 copies on transparent red vinyl
5 test presses on solid black vinyl packed in alternate cover
(useless paid for 101 copies)


a1.) Mot undergång
a2.) Lurad från ruta ett
a3.) Köphets
a4.) Kappvändare
a5.) Lägg ner
a6.) Vidrig industri
a7.) Girigheten styr
a8.) Krigsrester

b1.) Ur balans
b2.) Bandklippande parasiter
b3.) Full av skit
b4.) Taggtrådsidyll
b5.) Toppstyrd
b6.) Slut på det roliga
b7.) Skitprat

a couple of years ago i got in touch with the guys of FROM THE ASHES – a swedish grindcore band.
back then we traded some of their self released 7“EP and from that point on i was watching this band.
well i’m really a big worshiper of swedish grindcore and so also all of this bands releases satisfied my need for noise…

after FROM THE ASHES broke up i was very curious about the things to come.
will there be another grind assault that made my ears bleed?

well, at some point i noticed a new project – a one man band – in person johan doing everything for his own – playing guitar / drums and doing vocals. so i downloaded the demo of which i got passed by a link and yes – this was not what i expected to hear.
this is so much different to FROM THE ASHES.

when i talked to johan he told me that from now on stefan did guitars and vocals and he does drums and vocals – so this band consists now of 2 former members of FROM THE ASHES – but like noticed before – you really won’t will get the hit on it that this could be a follow up band of FROM THE ASHES…
he also told me that they want to release a 7” and already have some swedish dudes helping out, but he did like to have this release more international – so i offered my help in releasing this record…

what do you need to know about SLAKTRENS?

SLAKTRENS way more sound like it’s a classic swedish hardcore-punk band.
SLAKTRENS sounds absolutely not like a band from the 2k – this sounds like it’s from late 1980ies.
SLAKTRENS is no bullshit, straight to the point hardcore-punk.

if you did like that wave of thrashing hardcore-punk bands from sweden like early filthy christians, mob 47, rövsvett, totalitär or protest bengt – well – my friend be sure you will like this!

what you can hear on this 7” are 15 short hardcore-punk outbursts.
no metal, no grind – just fast to the point hardcore-punk.

i did not know what else to write about this release – it’s simply offers everything i like at this bands i named a few lines before – straight forward hardcore tunes, played with passion!

to me it’s a big fun to read the swedish lyrics and figure out what they supposed to mean…
at some point it’s really helpful to have a few lines written in english to prove if i’m on the right path.
as far as my swedish knowledge is sufficient, the lyrics are written in a pissed of, social aware type but also delivers a great sense of humour!

also the cover art leads to suspect the sense of humour i talked about.
it shows polar bears balancing on a high wire to avoid to run into their own species that turn into cannibalism.
that’s also the main phrase of the title song “Ur balans” what means something like “out off balance”, a song about climate changes and the results of that – for example polar bears going cannibal on each other.

this 15 songs were recorded in february 2010 at the rehearsal room of SLAKTRENS.
the 7” got pressed 500 times on transparent red vinyl.
it got a cover printed with black and red ink and a 5 inch sized lyric-sheet.
each copy is numbered.
there were also made 5 test presses packed in a numbered cover printed with black and green ink.

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use119))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use121)))

Unholy Grave / Tinner – split 7″EP

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use119))) | not released yet
(image does not show the final artwork)

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Schmand – “Demo 2007″ 3″ Mini-CD-R

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use118))) | january 2008 | last copies available for mailorder

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400 copies made


1.) Millions Passed By, Millions Will Come

2.) Born To Win – Live To Lose

3.) Begegnung Mit Mir (Reloaded)

this is the first release for SCHMAND i was involved to the band and writing about the band i’m the vocalist for is not so easy…

in my opinion SCHMAND is the most exciting band that ever popped out of the hardcorepunk universe and sometime in the near future we will be known as the band that changed everything – but eh – the goals you set to yourself and how others perceive you… – …well sometimes these opinions differ.
so you might should try to form your own view on this release instead of believing my writ.

well this songs – basically the instrumental tracks – were recorded in january 2007 at mike mullers place in tuttlingen / black forest area, that later became the daya-studio. at this point i was pretty new to the band and haven’t ever “sung” to this new songs before they got recorded – so it took me some time, to get into the songs, to write lyrics for them and to rehearse them… so – a couple of months after the instrumental tracks were recorded i recorded the vocals for this songs and andreas did some additional guitar-recordings – both took place at our rehearsal room. after that it took us some time until simon gone through the mix- and mastering process… 

this songs were supposed for a split lp with mike muellers band lsgnl – but unfortunately they split up before we were able to fulfil this release. but to be honest – i anyway thought that it was a to early point in time to do a vinyl release…

we gave this songs / recordings some month of hiatus, to make a decision what to do with them…
since i always think it’s the best thing to do a demo release for a quite young band instead of releasing a ep or something else right after a couple of rehearsals, i had the idea to release this as a demo again and talked to the other boys what they did think about it…
well – yes – the band already existed for about 6 years at that time, but this marked some kind of a new chapter: it’s the very first recording with schmand for both of us – bjorn on bass and me on vocals.
so – yes – this is our first real demo as “schmand the band”.

the three songs that can be heard on this recording for sure all have the same kind of sound, but musical wise they are very diverse.

track one – “Millions Passed By, Millions Will Come” – is some kind of a slowed down song that have some “bremen hardcore” (think of acme, systral and stuff) feeling to me. beginning with a playful, emotional undistorted beginning the song is mutating into a very massive wall of sound – deep bass waves, harsh buzzing but simultaneously sawing guitar sounds and heavy druming, screamed out desperate vocals… most of the time when we play this song live it gives me goose bumps…
for some reasons the other three don’t like the song to much – so it became a song we sadly do play very rarely… btw. the lyrics to this song were the last ones i originally did for my former band BLINDSPOT AD and the BLINDSPOT AD musicians also created a song i wanted to use this words for, but this never happens… to me using this lyrics for the first song of this release is some kind of coming to terms with the past.

track two – “Born To Win – Live To Lose” – this is one of the couple of songs, that we – the schmando diao four – did call our hardcore songs. it’s a compact, fast and to the point, driving song – the drumming sounds like a to hasty played d-beat. i also like the refrain of this song – it got a real catchy melody… well it would not be a SCHMAND song if it did not have at least one discordant and tricky part – so this song also offers this aspect.

track three – “Begegnung Mit Mir (Reloaded)” – this is my favourite song for this release and at the moment we also did re-arranged this song a bit and re-recorded it for our 1st lp. this one is a real intricate, complex song. fast druming, great sharp riffs got blasted by more heavy oriented sounds morphing into emotional parts. while beeing diverse on the other side – once you are into it – it got a recognizable structure.

i used for this demo little 3”cdr’s with a printed surface and the cdr is housed in a nice looking 3” miniature “dvd-box”. the printed inlays are pro-done digital prints following a art concept created by oliver hummel of niklolaushaus-design in cooperation with me giving him some input for coloursetting and how i did wish to have the art look like… it took us a few e-mails and finally he showed me the result and i was impressed – yes i really love what oliver created!

i ordered 300 cdr’s and 300 boxes – also i told the printing plant to deliver 300 covers / inlays.
but when i went throught the burning-process of the first 300 cd’s i recognized there are way more covers and inlays printed – so i ordered another 100 cd’s when the first 300 seemed to be sold…
so – in total there were 400 copies made of this cd.

well, for the fact that this is a demo-release i think we can be satisfied with the quantity we sold and passed by of this releases…

i also like the format of the 3”cd – and maybe, we – SCHMAND – will sometimes do a release like this again! 
at this point i would like to point out that i owe andreas, bjorn, and simon a debt of gratitude for giving me the chance to join this band. it means a lot to me!

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use117))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use119)))

Agathocles / Tinner – split 7″EP

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use117))) | nobember 2009 | last copies available for mailorder

use116))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use118)))

350 copies were made:
50 red copies / agathocles (belgium)
100 transparent copies / rest of noise records (slovakia)
100 white copies – tinner (finland) and up yours records (sweden)
100 gold copies – useless records

the useless edition is handnumbered and includes a flyer that also is handnumbered

WARNING: This is raw – read R.A.W. stuff!

belgium versus finland / mincecore versus d-takt.



1.) necessity
2.) big flat cages
3.) hear more
4.) until it bleeds
5.) religious fucking dope
6.) chronic death
7.) arbeit macht krank

(previously unreleased rehearsal versions recorded 07/07 2007 in geel)

TINNER side:

1.) dom kallar oss tinner
2.) far man ta crusthunden med sig in i himlen
3.) hotell, offentlig toalett
4.) vi ar inte pk
5.) krig ar vansinne (disclose cover)

(taken from rare demorecordings only released in japan on cd-r)

so – this record is some kind of a compensation for cat.-# use-102.

use-102 was supposed as a AGATHOCLES split 7”ep that should have been released way back in 1993/04 and never have been released for different circumstances. and i’m realy worry about it after all the years…

for many reasons i’m realy happy that i was able to contribute my help in releasing this split 7”ep, but the main reason is:

it proves once again that diy is the perfect way to release underground music!!!

there were so many great persons involved in this project – subben from TINNER, jan from AGATHOCELS, benny from UP YOURS…

at least the great communication to the involved lead to new projects with TINNER and UP YOURS and hopefully i’m able in the future to work on another AGATHOCLES release!?!

ok – lets talk about the actual record:

- belgium’s AGATHOCLES is absolutely one of the most prolific bands i can think about.

it was around 1990 when i ordered the “if this is cruel” 7”ep at nuclear blast records.

way back than nuclear blast records have had xeroxed mailorder lists layouted in cut and paste design and also was one of the most important resources for brutal underground music here in germany – but this is a other story…

anyway – like i’ve said before – i bought this record and wow – this one was a blast…

the raw / rough sound, the distorted guitars, the fast drumming, the screamed and growled vocals – the over all unpolished brutal sound blow me away!

ok – even if i not have had a record collection like today, i already was familiar with underground music and already owned records from eg. napalm death and fear of god, but AGATHOCLES offered some kind of unheard roughness – yet to my ears…

after all the years i’m still buying / collecting records from AGATHOCLES and even if my “morgue” is far from complete i have something like 80 (!) 7”ep’s / lp’s / cd’s and most of them are split ep’s of many bands i got introduced to because of that splits…

to be honest – there are a few records i’m not that much into.

especially the assumed more professional / studio recordings miss that rough brutality for what i love this band so much!

ok – to get to the point:

the songs on this split ep remind me a lot to the early recordings of AGATHOCLES like the “if this is cruel” ep i babbled about before. respectively it offers the sound of how AGATHOCLES have to sound like to fit my mood if i’m going to hear a AGATHOCLES record…

the songs were recorded on a 4track and have a great sound – the drumming, the guitarsound, the vocals – it’s so much the same feeling like the one i have listening to my favourite AGATHOCLES records…

it is great to see that jan and his comrades in arms are able to reproduce this sound for so many years without being boring.

AGATHOCLES still going strong with their mission to be inspirational, lyrically the same way as musical wise!

the concept of mincecore work out after all the years – the band was formed something like 1985 – and hopefully will continue many more years!!!

- TINNER from finland was unknown to me, unless we was invited to play with SCHMAND at the 1st BLUTSVENTE festival. i already knowed a lot of the bands that were going to play, but when rico announced all the bands that were going to play, i recogniced some so far to me unknown bands.

the first of them were TINNER which catched my attention with their BEHERIT rip-off logo that was shown on the blutsvente flyer and well that’s a good point to mark the start of a communication with me… endless likewise senseless babbling about black metal and it’s influence/impact of the 80ies and 90ies underground metal and punk scene and how i got the first time a corpsepainting (he is calling it the “ugly animal”) of my 5 year old son louis – the master of disaster – is one of my favourite areas of expertise, haha…

i still can rember while starring on their myspace-profile and waiting until the player has loaded i thought about what kind of music they might play and guessed it realy could be a harsh black metal band – at least not the badest choice.

then the player started of with the first song and to my surprise unleashed a hell of d-beat song…

rough guitars / harsh sreams / fast rumbling drums this is what d-beat / crustpunk have to sound like… there are also this great underlying metal solos i love scandinavian d-beat for!

don’t get me wrong – i really love his hero is gone / tragedy / from ashes rise – but the legions of soundalikes are disgusting and are nothing else but a trend that i can’t take serious – it has no enrichment to the musical progress… and if there is no need for a progress within crust/d-beat – it simply has to sound like TINNER – no weepy dumpishness – just a fast forward / aggressive wall of sound!

yes – this catched my attention!

when subben – the drummer of TINNER – searched for persons who did like to contribute their help in co-releasing a TINNER / AGATHOCLES record i immediately offered the support from USELESS.

it took us nearly a year to fulfil this project, but it was worth waiting for!

subben is not only a great person and good drummer – he also did a great artwork job for this record…
it delivers some kind of dark feelings that perfect match to the sounds the record offer!

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Yacøpsae – “Tanz. Grosny. Tanz…” LP

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use116))) | may 2009 | available

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cooperation with:

Vulgar Rec. / germany

705 copies made:
500 solid grey marbled vinyl
200 handnumbered transparent “amber” vinyl (sold out)
50 of the transparent “amber” vinyl housed in a silk-screened cotton-bag (sold out)
5 test presses on solid black vinyl (not for sale)

a1.) tanz, grosny, tanz…

a2.) bedeutungslos

a3.) drama

a4.) verbrannt

a5.) eiland

a6.) faulnis

a7.) a.(r)sch

a8.) profilneurotiker

a9.) themenabend

a10.) drahtseilakt

a11.) deutschnazional

a12.) adenauer

a13.) frost

b1.) narrenkappe

b2.) antagonismus

b3.) maranatha

b4.) kreislaufkollaps

b5.) erkenntnistheorie

b6.) herz

b7.) nebenraum

b8.) hassbatzen

b9.) metapysik

b10.) sch(w)ein

b11.) skalpiert

b12.) vogelfrei

i realy love it if someone is true to himself and that’s also what could be said about the long-lasting YACOPSAE.
YACOPSAE are a band that is true to itself. musical wise, band wise, also as individuals – and that is a fact that is missing at so many bands:
YACOPSAE are individuals!

yes – YACOPSAE are true!
and no – there is no band like YACOPSAE!

i’m not really sure about what to call the music style of YACOPSAE – some might call it powerviolence / fastcore – i prefer to call it hardcorepunk. at least YACOPSAE offer me what i did expect from a hardcorepunk band: fast music, brutal sound, political awareness without being strikingly. well musicalwise they might be a little faster, than your ordinary hardcorepunk-band…

…and now that i have your attention i have to admit in order to guard against misunderstandings: the absolute trueness of the musical work of YACOPSAE don’t mean that they remain in continuance of a position without a progress.
YACOPSAE constantly developed their musical abilities, always explore the boundaries of fast music. YACOPSAE are not only one of the fastest bands that have their roots within the hardcorepunk community – no YACOPSAE are also one of the few bands that managed to be fast as hell and also create rememberable songs!
yes they are even able to create catchy melodies while breacking through the sonic barrier… and no- this is not weak – this is one of the most brutal things you can try within the compaign for musical destruction!

you might have noticed my affinity to release records of bands that mean a lot to me.
well – sure this is what diy is all about, but diy in my opinion is also about friendship and that is what i truly (oh – we are back to the leitmotif of trueness!) feel about those guys in YACOPSAE!
i got in touch with stoffel for the first time in 1991, asking for tapetrading / buying the first rehearsal tapes and the split demo with NOISESLAUGHTER that YACOPSAE made back than… i think, also still own a tape of VOMITING CANCELLORS BELLY – that – if i can remember exactly – also features stoffel on guitar and vocals – i got search for this in my catacomb someday, to check if i’m right…
i also did a interview with stoffel for my fanzine SUPERFLUOUS and was constantly – sometimes more, sometimes less – in touch with him over all the years… if i can remember accurately we also talked back than about releasing a split ep on USELESS records back in 93/94 – don’t know why this never happens? it might be my fault…
another fact of the connection between YACOPSAE and myself is that i played the first concert of my former band BLINDSPOT with them back in 1995 and this night will keep in my mind for different reasons – but this is a story i might will tell in my autobiography, haha…

during the years we – BLINDSPOT – respectively BLINDSPOT AD played a couple of shows with YACOPSAE. 
in 2003 sille / VULGAR RECORDS used his good connections to the ddr-punks once again and thanks to him BLINDSPOT AD was supposed to play a show together with YACOPSAE and DAS OATH in bischofswerda (ddr) november of 2003, but BLINDSPOT AD already throwed the towel a month before…
since i thought this would be a great chance to meet YACOPSAE once again sille / VULGAR RECORDS and i decided to drove this 800 kilometer distance (one way!) to have once again a rememberable night with our favorite hamburg citiziens…
one thing i can rember of that night is that we talked to stoffel, emu and frank about releasing the next full-length record of YACOPSAE…
they were not sure about when this record should be released, also they did not know at this moment which label is going to release the cd version – but one thing that we all were sure about was: VULGAR vs USELESS will unleash the vinyl!

for different reasons the cd version saw a sooner release date / let’s call it way earlier…
but the vinyl truly (again – leitmotif!) was worth waiting for…

the recordings sounded so great on vinyl, the artwork of gunnar / blutbagger art look fantastic on the bigger size than on the cd booklet and at least the first press comes in cool looking vinyl-colorways.
YACOPSAE offer on this record everything i love them for… the ultrafast drumming, the typical hm2 guitar sound, the screamed out vocals – everything fits… 
also they manage to throw in some unusual slower songs/parts without losing any intensity – exactly the opposite happens – after the slower parts it seems even more brutal when the three come up with another blastbeat-part! also the germany vocals sound so great to the music – i wish i could imagine what it sounds like, if someone can’t understand german…

don’t know if we – VULGAR and USELESS – will do a repress of this sometimes, but speaking about the first press i have to point out that the record comes along with a great packaging – beside the regular cover it has a innersleeve that is as thick as a cover – you might know it by the term discobag. also the vinyl looks great. we did a regular press of 500 copies in grey marbled vinyl + another 200 in transparent “amber” colored vinyl – i realy love this colorway – it look unique! the 200 “amber” vinyl records are also handnumbered on the cover!

as some kind of a excause for the long time the YACOPSAE-dudes have to wait for the record we also did a special band and friends edition:
50 records out of the 200 “amber” vinyls are housed in a silkscreened / handcrafted fleece bag… the 50 fleece bags were split up between the three involved parties: YACOPSAE – 20 copies / VULGAR and USELESS – 15 copies each. thanx to matze / our world records for the screenprint job and my nerves for for standing the pain a.k.a. the nahmaschine.

beside the “einstweilige vernichtung” lp this is my favorite YACOPSAE release until now and hopefully i got the chance to work on a release with YACOPSAE again…

well if you ever got the chance to catch them on the road you should not miss the chance to see their impressive live-performance!
you might think the exactly stop and go parts are based on the fact of digital editing in the studio, but go and eyewitness for yourself – YACOPSAE are one of the tightest bands you can imagine!!!

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use115))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use117)))

Schmand – “Demo 2004″ CD-R (re-release)

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use115))) | september 2007 | last copies available for mailorder

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500 copies made


1.) The Dead Ones Ball-Room Dance
2.) Higher Levels
3.) Slavering Creeps
4.) Gewissen Haben
5.) Gewissen Kaufen
6.) Niemand Lacht

well – how to start my essay about this release?

first of all – the original version of this demo was the first sign of life of SCHMAND, the band band i later got involved by doing vocals for…

at someday in 2005 a friend of mine – florian wild – a southgerman hardcorepunk-dinosaur and guitarist in bands like regret, come closer and many others – talked to me about this two person project that he knows called SCHMAND. he told me that the two boys do “pat-music”, which was a term he used to catch my interest, haha – he also told me that he already told them that he was the opinion i should do vocals for them…

i knew simon and andreas – the two guys behind SCHMAND – for quite a long time.
their former band called LAST ORDER and my former band BLINDSPOT AD shared a rehearsal room for some month and also BLINDSPOT AD did a show with a project of them called SUBSONIC PSYCHOPANT.
LAST ORDER, SUBSONIC PSYCHOPANT, SCHMAND – yes – this dudes have a good taste for disgusting band names!

both simon and andreas were in my mind as real good musicians, also i did know that at least andreas was a big EYEHATEGOD worshiper back when we shared this rehearsal room – so i thought – maybe florian wild is right and this dudes do decent music now…

well, it was something like a year later, when i found a cd with the demo 2004 tracks on it in my letterbox.
there was not a single personal word written. just the demo-cd. i still had in my mind that this is the band that florian wild told me about. so – i was curious about to finally hear what is “pat-music”…

listening for the first time to this record i could not belief that this is a band from my hood…

bands coming out of the lake constance area that impressed me within the last decade can be counted on the fingers of one hand and so this was really a big surprise to me!

what can be heard on this cd is pretty much unique – it could be called progressive hardcore and if you want to there can be named a few bands that create a kind of similiar music – KEELHAUL, AMERICAN HERITAGE, BOTCH, CONVERGE, DISCORDANCE AXIS – yep this are the bands that i have to think of while listening to this demo-cd…

but – dammed – they have there very on style – it’s such an mad mixture of beautiful silent parts turning into discordant noise – yeah this is “pat-music”!
i was really a fan of what can be heard on this demo cd!

it takes a couple of months until i meet the SCHMAND boys in person and in the meantime they grew up to a three piece. at someday i got the chance to see them live – at least i came out to late this evening and only have seen the end of the last song, but that was impressing enough. at this evening they asked me if i could imagine to do vocals for them – and shit yeah – i need to be in a band again – and yes – this is exactly what i was waiting for after the end of BLINDSPOT AD. a few weeks later we start to rehearsal as a four piece, they did one more show without me and in january 2007 we did the first show as SCHMAND with simon on drums / andreas on guitar / bjorn on bass and me – pat – on vocals.

well – like you can recognize from the headline, this is a re-release of the originally made demo cd, that was only available in an edition of something like 50 copies and was passed away to friends of the band…

we already played a couple of shows when we was invited to play the TRAINSPOTING FESTIVAL in schweinfurt, that was organised from a couple of friends of mine – among them zistl of the GEEZERS – and since it’s always good to have some music to pass away on shows i did this new edition of the 2004 demo just a day before we went to the festival – without asking the other three of the SCHMAND four…

haha – in fact of not asking them, this is some kind of a bootleg release of “my own” band – possibly this can be handle as the reason that this release did not include a indicator, that this is a useless records release. to be honest – when doing the cover and stuff i was in a kind of hastiness, to get all things done until we leave for the festival and i simple forgot to include useless records infos like contact or cat.-#.

i changed a bit the packaging. the original version was packed in a cd-tray – while i used for this re-release a black plastic bag and put a logo sticker on it. also i included a new “designed” inlay using the original cover-art but included some more infos, like lyrics and stuff.

until now – february 2010 – useless and SCHMAND sold and passed away to friends 400 copies of this version and recently i made another 100 copies and decided that this will be the final ones – so 500 copies in total were made of this re-release.

last week on the way to a show in freiburg, were we played with our friends in GEEZERS, bjorn and i talked about the idea to do a vinyl edition of this sometime…

not a too bad idea, since i’m still a fan of this recordings!

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See You In Hell / Mass Genocide Process – split 7″EP

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use114))) | 2005 | available

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released in cooperation with:
Impregnate Noise Laboratories, Insane Society, Phobia (all from the czech republic) / Undislessed (from france) / Suburban HC, Thrown Into Disorder, Tower Violence (all from germany) / Hrydjuverk (from iceland) / Too Circle (from japan) / Cryptas (from mexico) / Lazy Bastard, Timeless Wounds (both from the netherlands) / Svart Hav (Norway) / Tanky Panky Panzerplatter (sweden) / Not Very Nice, Selfish Satan (both from the united states)

2000 copies made:
1500 on black vinyl / 500 on two coloured (clear orange/solid orange) vinyl
(useless paid for 149 copies)


1.) Eternal Winter

1.) Sběratelé Jizev (Scar Collectors)
2. ) Minuta Ticha (Minute Of Silence)
3. ) Hesla A Slogany (Slogans And Banners)

yeah – furious japanese hardcore-punk team up with metallic d-beat hardcore from sweden…

ups – both bands hail from the czech republic – but i could swear they hail from japan and sweden, haha…

SEE YOU IN HELL released a couple of records until now and continue where they stopped with there brilliant lp:
in your face hardcorethrash with massive influences from japanese hardcore bands like DAMNABLE EXCITE ZOMBIES; GAUZE, BASTARD etc…
the three trax on their side brings nothing but angry hardcorethrash with massive driving punkrock roots!
i think you can imagine what to expect…

MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS play d-beat crust in the best swedish tradition…

until now they released split 7″ep´s w/ COMA, DRESCHFLEGEL and ALAMOGORDO and a split lp w/ VISIONS OF WAR – and getting better with each record…
they put more and more metal influences into there musick and and getting even more heavy than before…
on this split 7″ you got one long lasting, fucking ugly, dark emotional hardcore song that beats you down with no consideration…
if you are into WOLFPACK, SKITSYSTEM, VICTIMS and also dig BOLT THROWER – i´m sure you will love this song!

definitely two of the most promising bands from eastern europe in these days…

while most of the cooperation i took part until now always took some time – this release have seen really fast the light of day…

i agreed to contribute my help in january 2005 and already got my hands on the record in early may 2005…

altogether 17 labels from all over the world cooperate on this release and i think it should be not a big deal to get a copy of this record at one of your favourite record dealer…

this slab of vinyl comes along in a nice full coloured drawn cover including a nice designed inlay + poster… i can offer a few coloured copies for mailorder, but i think you have to be fast since they run out fast…

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use113))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use115)))

Bizarre X / Pretty Little Flower – split 12″EP

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use113))) | 2005 | available

use112))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use114)))

cooperation with:
M.S.S.C. rec., TOWERVIOLENCE rec. & VULGAR rec. – all from germany

508 copies on yellow / red coloured splatter vinyl
(useless paid for 125 copies)



1.) Smalltalk Dilemma
2.) My Chucks In Your Face
3.) Sorry
4.) Death And Destruction
5.) Summer Of Love
6.) Youth Of Today
7.) Bleifuss
8.) Träumer
9.) In The Army Now
10.) Dismissed
11.) Brainwashed


1.) Chosen Few
2.) Righteous Thumper
3.) Propaganda By Deed
4.) Men Behind The Sun
5.) Imaginary Invasion
6.) Sink Or Swim
7.) Dissollution Of Rights
8.) Untitled
9.) Satiate Of Oil
10.) Fuck Your Patriotic Pride
11.) Masskontrol (No Security)

did someone already recognized that i’m a huge BIZARRE X supporter???

when my buddy bert told me 2004 that he is looking for someone who could handle the pressing of a split 12″ with the texas based grindcore unit PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER i offered my help immedatly… since i was realy out of money at this time i searched for some labels that could contribute their help in finaciating and at least distributing this record… i was happy about to work on this with befriended labels like M.S.S.C., TOWERVIOLENCE and VULGAR, even if VULGAR is still owing me the money for this release, haha…

to be honest it took a long time to get this f*cker ready to send to the pressing plant – it’s not that easy to handle the communication to all involved parties if there are so many different wishes / ideas to fullfill – but at least in my opinion this turned out a great record… both bands offer great songs with powerfull recordings, that my friend markus from burnt-out studio toped with a brutal mastering; the artwork of both bands looks great; the vinyl color turned out beautifull – and at least both bands got great lyrics! it’s not that normal these days that harsh and fast bands have something more to say than just bleauuurrghh!!!

this is grindcore!!!

no fun – no mosh – no trends – just core!!!

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use112))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use114)))

Unholy Grave / Kadaverf*cker – split 7″EP

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use112))) | 2004 | last copies available for mailorder

use111))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use113)))

released in cooperation with:
N:C:U rec. & POWER-IT-UP rec. – both from germany

1000 copies made on black vinyl
(useless paid for 220 copies)



1.) By Any Reason
2.) Kurdistan
3.) Never Repeat
4.) Our Common Slogan
5.) Life After Death


1.) The Great Conquerer Worm
2.) Shattered Human Debris
3.) Kaputtmaschine
4.) The Demon Who Makes Trophys Of Men

beeing in touch with olaf from KADAVERF*CKER for some time & already done a BLINDSPOT AD split ep with UNHOLY GRAVE on VULGAR rec., the time has come to unleash a UNHOLY GRAVE platter via USELESS…

what could i write about japan´s grindcore unit number one – UNHOLY GRAVE?
- that they are one of the madest bands of the whole universe?
- that i own about 50 records / cd´s of this grindcore outlet until today and won´t stop to order new ones?
- that they still smashing shit up after all the years?
- that they fucking rule and i totally worship them?

…well – UNHOLY GRAVE still sound like UNHOLY GRAVE on this record?

five songs from different sessions, recorded between 1997 and 2003 – so the sound is also a little different from session to session and it ranges from good (the older ones) to excellent (the newer ones), but all deliever us what we expect while listening to a UNHOLY GRAVE record:
a ultra fast, relentless, fully raging grindcore assault – only a little amount of bands can offer you such a raw and dark sounding grind like UNHOLY GRAVE do!

KADAVERF*CKER are active in the german underground for over a decade right now, but within the last couple of months the reached much more attention then in the first couple of years – maybe it´s because of their “nekrokore theater” 7″, the 4-way split 7″ with EMBALMING THEATRE, JIGSORE and DYSMORFIC and the split 7″ with AGATHOCLES – all released within the last year – or simple because of the fact that the kind of music(k), KADAVERF*CKER is playing, is getting more rare in these days…

KADAVERF*CKER celebrate four new songs on their side of this shiny, little fucker and deliever us a new definition of dark gloomy gore – nekrokore!
this band is pretty original, since i can not compare them to any band i´ve ever heard – and well i´m listening to a shit lot of rad noise, haha…
these dudes walk the the gore/grind/sludge path and i even recognized some dark black metal influences – i totaly love the cold & dark atmosphere they spread with their music, that is interupted with cool evil sounding movie samples…

if gore – then they way KADAVERF*CKER spreads the horror!

on top of the cool as fuck sounds of both bands there´s also a well done layout that completes this great record!

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use111))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use113)))

Hartsoeker / Eyehatelucy – split 7″EP

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use111))) | 2004 | available

use110))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use112)))

released in cooperation with:
M.S.S.C. rec / germany
1000 copies made on black vinyl



1.) Culture Beat
2.) Eat Humans For Breakfast
3.) Todeszelle
4.) Cut The Ties
5.) Christian Puke


1.) Zer(ge)störtes Selbstbild

puh – this one was about 3 years in the making of status and the final result was worth waiting for…

- the HARTSOEKER team deliever 5 trax from their final recordings back in 1996 / remixed and mastered in 2002.
HARTSOEKER have found during the years a very unique style based somewhere in between those powerviolence hype with a hudge 80ies uk hardcore hint!
it could be named a mix of bands like SPAZZ, CROSSED OUT or LACK OF INTEREST on the one side and UNSEEN TERROR, INTENSE DEGREE or HERESY on the other…

like said before – i think this is a fucking unique mixture and nobody into fast thrash should miss HARTSOEKER…
these recordings originaly were supoused to be a part of a seven inch on some label in the usa which never came out…
since i´m realy into everything HARTSOEKER ever have made i asked them to take some trax of this recording to do a farewell split 7″.

- after searching for a band for the flipside i recognized EYEHATELUCY, for which my buddy bert from BIZARRE X / M.S.S.C. rec. is doing the bass job…
i have already heard their demo recording, but after seeing them live – i was sure that i have to do some release with them!

EYEHATELUCY call their musick “selfhatecore” and – shit yes – they are right:
it sounds so dark and depressiv, i think some boys and girls will run away crying while listening to this about 7 minutes lasting song!
slow and atmospheric, depressed and angry – i don´t now how to describe this – there is just one word: awesome!

after a seven inch with CLANGOR on ABSURD rec. (brasil) and a split ten inch with IDIOT SAVANT on WI.FA.GE.NA. records (germany) this one is there third vinyl release and as far as i can say – it´s there most monotonous & overwhelming output so far…

friends of CORRUPTED, IRON MONKEY, NOOTHGRUSH, DOT[.] and guess what – EYEHATEGOD – should love EYEHATELUCY!

we´ve made 1000 copies all on extraordinary black vinyl (can you remember your last black vinyl record? haha), dressed in a luxurious packaging, printed in gold and black, including a hudge (14 x 14 inch) fold out poster and an obi- value for money!

use110))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use112)))

use110))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use112)))

Hanging Rotten / Verge On Reason – split 7″EP

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use110))) | 2004 | available

use109))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use111)))

released in cooperation with:
M.S.S.C. rec / germany

1000 copies made on white vinyl



1.) at odds
2.) staggered
3.) new car smell
4.) no rebuttal (live)
5.) glass eye (live)


1.) notschlachtung? hinrichtung!
2.) braun hat heute viele farben
3.) where’s your problem
4.) gays just want to have fun

while working out the details for the EYEHATELUCY / HARTSOEKER split ep bert / M.S.S.C. rec. told me about his plans for this seven inch and asked me if we should release this 7″ together…

- well if heard the demo of germanys own VERGE ON REASON about two years ago and also have seen them live on some german festival near the border to poland, on which we also have played with BLINDSPOT AD and VERGE ON REASON impressed me with their rough grindcore and reminds me a lot on grindcore classics like i.e. RIGHTEOUS PIGS, DEFECATION or REPULSION…

yes, i think this could be realy called a traditional grindcore band geting their main influences from the late 80ies, early 90ies pre-death metal grindcore wave…

it´s great to listen to political grind without all these “modern” metal influences you can hear in nearly every extrem hardcore/grindcore band in these days…

- on the flipside of this seven inch you´ll find HANGING ROTTEN from north carolina, who have already released a lp on PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY (sweden) and a mcd on some malaysian label…

HANGING ROTTEN offer 5 songs in total – 3 studio recordings and 2 live takes…

HANGING ROTTEN create a great bastard between grind and sludge – it´s some kind of a mixture of the slow and gloomy parts of bands like i.e. EYEHATEGOD, FLOOR, GRIEF and bursted out grind like AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, PIG DESTROYER, CATHETER…

at some point their kind of musick is comperable to SOILENT GREEN, but i would say it´s more rough – read: b.r.u.t.a.l.!

all copies are done on pretty white vinyl and as the packaging includes a fold-out cover + lyric sheet…

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use109))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use111)))

NAB – “collage di un delirio” 7″EP

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use109))) | 2005 | very last copies available for mailorder

use108))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use110)))

released in cooperation with:
ZAS rec., TETANUS rec., COAGULATED rec., THE FLOOD rec. (all from italy), SHOGUN rec., UNDISSLESSED rec. (both from france)

1000 copies made on transparent red vinyl
(useless paid for 174 copies)


a1.) Vision Of A Nearest Apocalypse
a2.) Nature Of Begging
a3.) Expo Of Hate
a4.) Complaisant Servant

b1.) In The Sludge
b2.) Spring
b3.) Drug Zone
b4.) The Agent Orange
b5.) Sick Family

when marco from the great hardcore band OHUZARU, healing from italy, told me in 2003 about his new band -NAB- and calling it a intense grindcore band i was very interested to hear some recordings of them…
so he sent me a cd-r with the songs for this seven inch and after the first few minutes of listening to them i was sure about contributing my help to relase this record…

like said before i was very interested to hear -NAB- but never expected such a great grindcore mayhem…
the first thing poping up in my mind was something like “is this the new band of jesse pintado???” – there are so many things about -NAB-´s musick that remind me on TERRORIZER, mid 90ies NAPALM DEATH and LOCK UP!
beside this unstopable grindcore rage they spread some great melodies over their ultrafast grindparts and also include some cool atmospheric, more slowed down elemtents – this is exactly my cup of tea >>> while listening to this recordings i constantly have to bang my head and smile like a little child playing with his favourite toy…
also the whole artwork complete my idea how a grindcore grindcore record have to have to come along – black and red ink on white paper filled all over with skulls – this release for sure offers enough skulls on the front cover to become a classic…

saddly -NAB- disbanded in 2004 and so this little vinyl will be the only musical document of this grind-force…
why aren´t there more bands like -NAB- in these days???

when marco from the great hardcore band OHUZARU, healing from italy, told me in 2003 about his new band -NAB- and calling it a intense grindcore band i was very interested to hear some recordings of them…
so he sent me a cd-r with the songs for this seven inch and after the first few minutes of listening to them i was sure about contributing my help to relase this record…like said before i was very interested to hear -NAB- but never expected such a great grindcore mayhem…
the first thing poping up in my mind was something like “is this the new band of jesse pintado???” – there are so many things about -NAB-´s musick that remind me on TERRORIZER, mid 90ies NAPALM DEATH and LOCK UP!
beside this unstopable grindcore rage they spread some great melodies over their ultrafast grindparts and also include some cool atmospheric, more slowed down elemtents – this is exactly my cup of tea >>> while listening to this recordings i constantly have to bang my head and smile like a little child playing with his favourite toy…
also the whole artwork complete my idea how a grindcore grindcore record have to have to come along – black and red ink on white paper filled all over with skulls – this release for sure offers enough skulls on the front cover to become a classic…

saddly -NAB- broke up in 2004 and so this little vinyl will be the only musical document of this grind-force…
why aren´t there more bands like -NAB- in these days???

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use108))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use110)))

Bizarre X / Kent Brockman – “no sleep ´till circlepit” split 7″EP

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use108))) | 2003 | last copies available

use107))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use109)))

released in cooperation with:
HOMBRE LOBO rec., SCROTUM rec. and M.S.S.C. rec – all from germany

1000 copies made | two coloured (green/black) splatter-vinyl
(useless paid for 300 copies)



1.) Positive Vibrations
2.) Go – Go – Go
3.) Grindcore Rules Your Mind
4.) Immer Schön Sauber Bleiben!


1.) We Can’t Walk Back
2.) Morning View
3.) Seek Refuge In Attack
4.) I’m Sorry…

i’m in love with the BIZARRE X guys since we’ve meet us for the first time, when we played a few gigs with BLINDSPOT AD together with BIZARRE X and YACØPSAE back in 1999…

we were talking about working out a release together for a couple of years and so i spontanously agreed when fonsy / HOMBRE LOBO records asked me if useless would like to be a part of this release – and hell yes – this one turns into a real great record…

i realy like everything about this piece of vinyl. it comes along with a nice artwork, it delievers good quality recordings of both bands and best of all it’s everything but not trendy!!!
for sure you can call this a thrashcore release – but KENT BROCKMAN and BIZARRE X both go their own path without being a lame copy of the late 80ies / early 90ies thrashbands like so many bands poping up in the last couple of years…

both bands team up with ultrafast hardcore!

- KENT BROCKMAN thrash throug 4 songs in the vein of their 7″ or split lp with EDORA but for my taste it sounds more unique like e.g. the split lp which reminds me a lot on SPAZZ…
- BIZARRE X again with fast to the max hardcore using only bass, drums and vocals without missing a single guitar-tone…

hm, it’s hard to coplain this two bands to any other, but i’m sure if you are into SPAZZ, GODSTOMPER, LACK OF INTEREST, W.H.N.? – you should try to get this release!

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use107))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use109)))

Blindspot A.D. – “pain is not the cleanser” 7″EP

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use107))) | first press 2001 / second press 2002 | available

use106))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use108)))

1st press 600 copies: 500 black 70g vinyl / 100 clear 70g vinyl (sealed in black sleeves)
2nd press 500 copies on two coloured (red/blue) vinyl
heavy cardboard cover


a1.) Your Natural Order Of Things
a2.) Never Ever
a3.) Don´t Forget
a4.) Ignore Me
a5.) Dear Stick Society

b1.) Leave It Behind
b2.) Things I Hate A.K..A. Know Your Enemy
b3.) I Hate The Sun
b4.) Pain Is Not The Cleanser

like mentioned before BLINDSPOT have recorded twice to release a 7″ on USELESS and cancelled twice, because of different reasons – main reason: they were not realy satisfied with the recorded stuff…

so they recorded a third time for this release and hey – this one was for sure the best recording BLINDSPOT they have done until then!

- BLINDSPOT A.D. have found an awesome raw and heavy sound hardly comparable to any other band…
it rages from slow and spasitc elements to fast breakdowns. atmosphere & emotions – anger & frustration creates this mindblasting 7″ep!
take the best from chaoscore & grindcore, add some death-metal & some new schoolish elements and you got an idea what BLINDSPOT A.D. is all about…
9 trax in about 14 minutes…

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use106))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use108)))

Hartsoeker – 1sided 7″EP

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use106))) | 1998 | last copies available

use105))) v.a <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use107)))

released in cooperation with:
Transfixional Releases / germany

204 copies made | black vinyl
handmade cover
(useless paid for 102 copies)


1.) the wiser ones
2.) opress yourself
3.) he was the ukelele player… (intense degree)
4.) ur-protozoon
5.) satori unload (anemone tube remix)

this slab of vinyl delievers five more HARTSOEKER songs from the same marquee-studio session like the “dealing with…” 7″ep, including a INTESE DEGREE cover-version.

song number 6 is a weird ANEMONE TUBE remix.
ANEMONE TUBE is a southgerman industrial-noise projekt feat. HARTSOEKER´s guitarist stefan. the remix was created by using the sounds of HARTSOEKER´s “dealing with the sense…” 7″ep. no computer, no sampler used!

because of the real few copies i got of this record (it was a cooperation with TRANSFIXIONAL RELEASES – i got only 102 copies of it!!!) i decided to give them not away for trade – and that´s why you can still order it at USELESS…

oh what a pity – like you can see on the pictures below, the cardboard i used to create this custom made covers bleach out offer the years… but the tunes on vinyl still rock!

use105))) v.a <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use107)))

use105))) v.a <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use107)))

Blindspot A.D. – “stumme gesichter” CD-R

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use105))) version a | 2000 | sold out

use105))) v.b <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use106)))

ltd. & hand-# edition of 30 copies

handmade cover/booklet with glueed  in  pictures


1.) chaos menschlicher unvernunft
2.) geisel meiner selbst
3.) sterben für schönheit
4.) schöne neue welt
5.) tiefschlafsyndrom
6.) stumme gesichter
7.) lifestyle paranoia
8.) begegnung mit mir
9.) der autist
10.) hirnfräsmaschine
11.) phobie leben
12.) tagtraum flucht
14.) dieser spielplatz
15.) tod dem grünen mann

the cat.# [use-105] orignaly was saved for a 7″ of BLINDSPOT which never came out… BLINDSPOT have recorded two times for this ep, but decided twice not to release the recordings as a full length 7″… the first recording session was used for various compilations and some trax of the second one was used for the split 7″ w/ PACKRATTEN that our friend sille at VULGAR rec. has released…

this cd-r is a kind of a uncompleted overview with some brandnew trax and various trax BLINDSPOT have recorded during the years and never was released and now is used to fill those 105…

the new trax present the new name BLINDSPOT A.D., which was the new name of the new founded line-up. BLINDSPOT A.D. changed the sound of BLINDSPOT into a more modern sound, with heavy hardcore influences…

BLINDSPOT A.D. received a lot of good reviews for this release (eg. the version.b which got a bigger circulation) and was mostly compared to bands like ACRID, ACME, UNRUH and stuff like that…

use105))) v.b <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use106)))

use105))) v.b <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use106)))

Blindspot A.D. – “stumme gesichter” CD-R

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use105))) version b | 2000 | sold out

use104))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use105))) v.a

250 copies made
with special cardbord packaging and a  booklet w/ coloured cover

same release like version a, also pretty as hell - just with another packaging…

i don´t realy searched for people to distribute this, it was just available at some mailorders, BLINDSPOT A.D. and for sure at USELESS…

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Hartsoeker – “dealing with the sense of catastrophe” 7″EP

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use104))) | 1997 | sold out

use103))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use105))) v.b

950 copies | black vinyl
cover and inlet printed on hemp paper


a1.) TV Out, Mind On
a2.) Potemkin Thead
a3.) Admit Your Error
a4.) Trapped In Hate
a5.) Jeff Kickhole

b6.) Illegal Timber Cutting
b7.) What Nature Gives Me
b8.) Supposed To Be Senescent
b9.) Tear-jerker

the second HARTSOEKER release on USELESS records – like mentioned before there was a real strong relationship between both of this extreme core institutions – not only that HARTSOEKER and USELESS represents the south-end – we also share the same ideals of diy and both grown with the helping hand of each other…

- HARTSOEKER entered southgermanys most frequented studio in this times which also have done recordings for hardcore bands like 2BAD, SPERMBIRDS and THE NOTWIST, but also have worked for such bands like LUZIFERS MOB!!!
it was a such an amazing expirience to listen the first time to the recordings – it combines a sheer intense power – that leaves me with my mouth wide opened…
HARTSOEKER got mostly enthusiastic reviews for that release and was named with bands like UNSEEN TERROR, PROTEST BENGT and INTENSE DEGREE with a more modern sound…

by the way, with this release i have learned to ask in front ´bout the printing coast for the cover, haha… that idea to print the cover on hemp paper broke my neck – i never have thought that it will be such an expensive shit – i would gave a million for a picture of me at the moment i dreadful watched the bill…

edit 01 / 20 / 2011:
stefan hartsoeker sended me a mail a few days ago and passed me a link to a blogspot site from the philippines called “brave new world”. on this site you will find a download link to this 7″EP. great! fun fact of the download post was the descritption:

Hartsoeker were a small German band playing intricate, intense and pissed grinding fastcore between 1996 and 2004. Along the lines of german bands like Luzifers Mob or earlier stuff from Yacopsae. Strange fact is such a brilliant band had been quite overlooked by their peers from the Euro “crust-punk scene”. Thing is the Hartsoeker guys didn’t have dreadlocks, piercings or nice tatoos, they rather kept a low profile, being peaceful, quiet pot-smoking university students.

well – go and download this great record there!

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use103))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use105))) v.b

Blindspot / Hartsoeker – split Tape

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use103))) | 1995 | sold out

use101))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use104)))

300 copies made | 200 green tapes / 100 black tapes
handmade cover, 28-sided printed din a5 booklet



1.) rein-ro / alles wird wut
2.) angstschweiss
3.) g/d/h
4.) der autist
5.) gedanken
6.) lay off me (agathocles)
7.) kampf um gerechtigkeit
8.) eiszeit
9.) ghetoisierung?
10.) rechts-staat
11.) nichts ist wahr hier
12.) ohnmacht deines selbsts
13.) die totale realität
14.) menschsein
15.) rio ’92 (pink flamingos)
16.) kranke ideale
17.) kalte zeiten
18.) nutztier mensch
19.) ausgesaugt!
20.) der zyniker


1.) real as it experience
2.) tv out mind on
3.) meat & two veg
4.) trapped in hate
5.) toots
6.) opress yourself
7.) turned off (intense degree)
8.) potemkin thead
9.) white sugar insanity
10.) ur-protozon
11.) out of the norm
12.) who are you?
13.) jeff kickhole
14.) when the ice age returns
15.) encircled
16.) bella donna
17.) sipposed to be senescent
18.) gumboil
19.) my mate john peel (satanic malfunctions)
20.) ponderosa ranch

the HARTSOEKER / BLINDSPOT split tape, was something like a document of friendship between these south-german fullspeedahead bands and USELESS. after beeing real friends, doing a couple of shows together, spending a lot of time in trading stuff and also have one member playing in both bands this tape was the first release for both bands…

- HARTSOEKER who formaly was known as VIVISECTION – which have released 3 demo tapes – have changed their name into HARTSOEKER in 1994, also their music have changed from grinding noisecore more into this fastcore thing… they combined old uk-hardcore melodies with ultra-fast grindparts – they managed to create a real unique sound and got a real good feedback from the international diy scene…

- BLINDSPOT were founded in 1994 from members of DREADED INSTINCT, HARTSOEKER, POH & FESTERED INARDS, which were some of the first grindcore / intense hardcore bands out of the lake constance area… BLINDSPOT blurred out a noisy grindcore / crust thing at these days main influences were pink flamingos and agathocles, which both were covered on this tape…

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use101))) <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use104)))

Cripple Bastards / W.B.I. – split 7″EP

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use101))) | 1993 | sold out

s t+r 01 <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use103)))

520 copies made – all black vinyl
(500 with printed cover, 20 with xeroxed cover)



1.) Paranoiac
2.) Without Shadow Of Justice
3.) Round Table
4.) T.L.O.H.
5.) War Spoils
6.) Bane
7.) Frightened, Neglected
8.) What I Thought

WBI side:

1.) Tim (A.C.)
2.) 2 Maniacs
3.) Schimmelfuss
4.) Suchst Du Klee ?!
5.) Schnauf “Solo”
6.) Das Schwein Matthias
7.) Dirty Harmonies
8.) Breaking His Tail

after releasing some fanzines and a split tape under the name of SUPERFLUOUS  i – pat – decided in 1992 to cooperate with ollie, who also got the idea of doing a mailorder and releasing stuff for his own… so USELESS was born. we started to collect records and tapes, friends have released, to make our first mailorder-list. while starting that mailorder thing the first plans to release some records was made and two bands we were in contact with  was asked to do a split 7″ on the new-founded diy label.
after some month of doing this shit together ollie was bored of the work with the label / mailorder and i continue doing the shit for my own and the CRIPPLE BASTARDS / W.B.I. split got the cat.# [use-101]…
by the way – this stupid idea to start with # 101 was stolen from ECOCENTRIC rec. – a real amazing noise/blurrrr label from koblenz… i don´t know realy if they are still around, but this thing with the number seems very funny to me… (edit – february 2011: yep, after a short hiatus ecocentric records is still alive and released a couple of great records within the last years – this year there will be a cooperation between ecocentric and useless records: the schmand / geezers – split 7″ep)
- W.B.I. from northgermany was one of the most exciting live bands i have seen in the begining of the nineties and i asked for some live-recordings of a show i have seen on a big noise/grind festival in leipzig.
the sound quality of their side is realy awesome – if i should be honest: it´s horrible insane noise, haha – but i dig that shit and after listening to the split after all that years, i´ve got that picture in my brain of all that crazy W.B.I. shows i´ve seen in this days…

- italians CRIPPLE BASTARDS at this time was a awefull intense grindcore band which sold hundreds of tapes and was one of the best known new grind/noise/hardcore bands out of europe…
if i could manage to release this shit only four or five weeks earlier it would be the first vinyl appereance for CRIPPLE BASTARDS, who nowadays have released some dozen of ep´s, split ep´s, 10″s, lp´s – whatever…
psyomania records out of scottland was a little bit faster and released the CRIPPLE BASTARDS / VIOLENT HEADACHE split 7″ep and i got place two at the race of releasing the first BASTARDS vinyl…
the CRIPPLE BASTARDS side is still one of our favorite BASTARDS stuff – it got´s a intense raw sound, which delivers pure rage grindcore energy…

i can’t tell where i did read it – maybe on the cripple bastards homepage – but this split seems to be the hardest to find cripple bastards release… hm – if i only saved some copies, i could sell now on ebay, haha. i only got one single copy left for my own collection and my wife gived her copy away as a birthday gift to a very close friend of ourselfs…

btw – after all the years, i lost contact to the bandmembers of cripple bastards or wbi.
wbi members later played in flachenbrand and have some disgusting song titles and covers, that are meant to provoke, but simply are stupid. also giulio of cripple bastards spread some thoughts i can’t share…

s t+r 01 <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use103)))

s t+r 01 <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use103)))

preUSELESS: Pasztørøzøtt / Dreaded Instinct – split Tape

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superfluous tapes and records | # s t+r 01 | nov 1992 | sold out

superfluous ‘zine # 0-3 <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use101)))

200 copies made



1.) Incredulous
2.) Bones Of Christ
3.) The Pope
4.) Temple Of Deafness
5.) E. R. T.
6.) What’s Religion
7.) Injustice
8.) In The Catacombs
9.) Died On The Cross
10.) Pure Virgin
11.) Song Of Silence
12.) Rise Of Terror
13.) Stigmata
14.) Metal Death
15.) Disease
16.) Your Life
17.) Last Lord’s Dinner
18.) Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror)
19.) World Under My Fingernail (Fear Of God)
20.) An*lgeknüppel
21.) An*lgeprügel
22.) Metallica


1.) Der Nilles
2.) Infetzt
3.) Light My Fire (Doors By Gerogerigegege)
4.) Bayrischer Blaskrug
5.) Ultrasatanicbrutalanaloralvaginalterrorstenchdeathnoisemassacker
6.) Hinten in meinem Innen (Pt. 1)
7.) 2000 Jahre Scheisse Koblenz
8.) Pathetic Poetic Pasztø Salad
9.) Møøøp!
10.) Bulgeblaster
11.) Lieber’n Bauch Als’n Buckel!
12.) Extreme Stire Stench
13.) Csütötökön
14.) Impressionen Von Der Schlachtbank
15.) Ungarn Leberwurst Fuck Off!!!
16.) Pasztø Power
17.) Mordens In Der Kevag
18.) Abends im Kebab
19.) Der Frischobstmörder
20.) Suck My Sock
21.) Extreme Nose Terror (Für Alex)
22.) Sick, Sick Hooray
23.) An*l Fatal
24.) Irischer Frühling
25.) Dildof*ck
26.) Bock Auf Amok
27.) Satisfaction (Stones By Gerogerigegege)
28.) Schiwodnawanawudanitschits (Gerogerigegege)
29.) Grisang Nasenbär
30.) Uklub Uklub (Steinzeit)
31.) Hinten in meinem Aussen (Pt. 2)
32.) Story Of Fischer
33.) Bei Henschels Unterm Sofa
34.) Kotzterror
35.) F. S. U. (Pt. 2)
36.) Schitan Mais – Warum so stark?
37.) Grmblfjx
38.) For Klinikal Music
39.) Purple Haze (J. Hendrix)
40.) Philodendron Mit Knackarsch
41.) Only Sheep (Electro Hippies)
42.) Pizza-Blitz 2x
43.) Gurke In Aspik
44.) Session In Dexenhausen
45.) taorhT eroS <-
46.) Murks Im Neubau
47.) Mach’ Omabischbisch
48.) Just Kids
49.) Block Out
50.) Joghurt Kulturen
51.) Lord Of Abomination
52.) Public Bitch Control
53.) Aromasitott
54.) Knüppel Bastards
55.) Triebtäter Pät
56.) Sensless Aggression
57.) Haltestelle Im Brexbachtal
58.) No Hass In Conzert
59.) Pasztöozoot
60.) Dreamswichser Überall
61.) Heinzelburger
62.) Licht Im Face
63.) Michi Der Grinsekönig
64.) 2 Looser Auf Im Sofa
65.) Küppelgeknüppel
66.) Übelgeprügel
67.) Organizer Of Bit
68.) Biothop Für Bekloppte
69.) Finger Fuck
70.) Eia Weia Pfannekuchen
71.) Meet The Pasztö
72.) Besoffen In The Snow (7 M.O.N.)
73.) Mach Mich Fromm
74.) Elefanten Im Urwald
75.) Die Bratwurst (Geest)
76.) N. B. B. (Nases Blähblues)
77.) N. B. B. Teil 2
78.) A. C. Unknow Song
79.) Noise Only
80.) It’s… Pasztörözött
81.) Feat: P.B.C.: (Natural Noise)
82.) Jasper Special
83.) Feat: P.B.C.: Gring Of Silence
84.) Ein Jäger Aus Kupfals (Blubberversion)

superfluous ‘zine # 0-3 <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use101)))

superfluous ‘zine # 0-3 <<<          |          >>> back to releases <<<          |          >>> use101)))

preUSELESS: Superfluous Fanzine

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issues # 0 – 3 | july 1992 – aug 1993 | sold out

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promo issue – july 1992 | 12 copies made
issue #1 –  sept 1992 | 200 copies made
issue # 2 – dez 1992 | 200 copies made
issue # 3 – aug 1993 | 300 copies made

all written in german! (go and buy a dictionary)

…so this is where it all started.
i’ve been writing letters to bands and started tape trading for a few years, also i’ve been collecting many fanzines from all over the world. this fanzines had a major impact of what i did know from this world outside of this town called shitcity in the middle of nowhere. this fanzines teached me, that everyone – even myself – has the ability to be a part of this compaign for musical destruction.

one day the great idea pop up in my mind, that i need to do something. i need to be a active part of this community. i was bored of consuming and want to do something. the same day i started to write to the bands i already was in touch with, but also the search for adresses of all the bands i get know through tapetrading started…

after starting the work for issue #1 two friends of mine, kai who lived next to me and micha who was involved in some bands eg. the amazing noisecore band pasztørøzøtt, offered there help. it took us some time to complete issue # 1, so i made a couple of promo copies, to prove  that we are working on it…

issue # 2 was made in just 2 months, since there were a couple of interviews that were supposed to be releases in # 1.
also there was a new editor. his name was falk, he was involved in a noise band called brb and also did (still do) the label perverted taste records.

issue #3 took us some more time. kai who did a lot of work for # 1 and 2 has left the building, but ollie – drumer for dreaded instinct and later blindspot / stefan – vocalist for dreaded instinct and drumer for social genocide / and goran – a art-fanziner from shitcity – joined the team.
with the new people, the whole zine growed into something that has more variety. so, it was the only issue that have some more to offer than just only music.

we started the work on issue # 4, but sadly we never finished it. i think it was my fault. to bad!

i would like to mention that kai died a few years ago.
it made me sad all the time when i remember that we had some beef about stupid little things back then and never got the chance to get the record straight…
all i did know about him is that he travelled all over asia after he left shitcity. he must have had a great time there. being back in germany he started to study in bremen. thats where he died, having a truck chrashed into his bike. rest in peace my friend!

here is a short summary what was included in the zines:

issue # 1:
interviews with: *n*l massaker / dreaded instinct / wimp records / end of silence / acoustic grinder / v.a.m. / gruft / b.r.b. / w.b.i. / barcass / noiseslaughter / feedback recycling / tumor / g-hørsturz / alboth / or*l noise / hiatus / zoster / herbert mullin / størspatzen of des / public collapse / arse / unseen noise death / pasztørøzøtt / meat shits.
the zine also included some reviews, playlists and a great poster drawn by micha.

issue # 2:
interviews with: extreme smoke / vomiting chancellors belly / tuchulcha / mutilus / necrophiliacs / exulceration / seven minutes of nausea / v*gin*lmassaker / extreme nose terror / yacøpsae / ultra grinding beards / giblets / poserslaughter records / leucemie /  hideous mangleus / cripple bastards / bondage harvest / lucius / sensless aggression / harmony dies / audiostench / smegma / bowlecrust / sterbehilfe / kriminal sound grinder / impetigo.
again the zine included some reviews and playlists. there also were great drawings on the fron cover – again made by micha – and on the backcover – made by steven from smegma

issue # 3:
interviews with: s.o. war / social genocide / confusion / just kids / o.p.f. / psychopharmaka / w.b.i. / goregasm / tuomiopäivan lapset / psychotic noise / rot / dirsupt / selfish.
this issue also included the playlist section and reviews. there were also a lot of colums. that beside music this issue covered a lot of  other topics like religion, vegetarianism, politics in general. plus a lot of drawings from micha and goran.

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