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USELESS RECORDS is a small diy label.
USELESS RECORDS also is a small mailorder for stuff i’ve traded for and some 2nd hand / rare stuff.
USELESS RECORDS is just another force of the worldwide diy conspiracy called COMPAIGN FOR MUSICAL DESTRUCTION!

USELESS RECORDS is a one man army – operated by me – pat – and to be honest – this is more a hobby than big business… i’m doing this for some years right now and the time i’m able to spend to keep this runing differ to a greater or lesser extent. so please be patient if it sometimes took a few days until you get an answer!

USELESS RECORDS started back in 1992 as a mailorder / local distro for underground releases and the first own record was released in 1993.

i love to release bands i’m friends with.
i love to cooperate with labels i’m friends with.
i love to be a part of this!

like every other project of the HELLPUNK ANTITAINMENT, USELESS RECORDS follows the DIY-spirit. that means that i try to have as much control about the distribution of my releases as possible…

i distribute my releases through the helping hand of some friends (e.g. VULGAR rec. …) and try to give them away as cheap as possible! the releases i have done have traveled all around the world and it should be no problem to get the available once. but – for sure – you are always welcome to order any useless record you need direct from the USELESS RECORDS headquarter…

hm – i don’t know if there is any need to spell it again – this is DIY – no big business… just my labor of love!

yep – i also run a mailorder with a lot of grind/noise/hc records i’ve traded for…
also, this is a one man army and i’m always run out of time – so sometimes you got to waaaiiit until i get of my ass!

check out the mailorder section for more informations about ordering and shit…

do i already mention: this is DIY.
so – absolutely YES – i love to trade.
trading is the best way to me to get my records distributed all over the world, also it’s great to get new music and new ideas all the time!

if you have a label  feel free to write, but:
- i don’t want to trade my vinyl releases for cd’s
- i’m not interested in trading for selfburned cd’s
- i’m very picky in trading for cd’s in general
- i’m not interested to trade for all kinds of music (eg. no interest in porngrind)
- the trading deal should not be too small because of the damn high postage rates

if this sounds ok to you – don’t hestitate and send me a mail to get my actual tradelist.

ok – this site will be under permanent construction, since i want to include more and more stuff and information about USELESS RECORDS and all the bands i’ve released… so come back and see whats new!

it would be great if you leave some feedback on this – so please use the comment areas to let me know about your thoughts!

pat useless

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